Autumn Term 1 (2021 - 2022)

Week 7
World changers! This term we have been researching, planning and creating our own sustainability project. The children have been learning about climate change and what we can do to act fast and cause change! I have been so proud of the children’s thoughtfulness, empathy for others impacted around the world and to see their aspirations to be world changers! Here are some of their recycle and reuse projects, where they turned waste into something reusable and beautiful! 
Week 6 
We are achievers! This week the children have been reflecting on everything they have learnt and achieved since being back to school this year after the summer holidays. They could all list lots of things they had accomplished independently and collaboratively. In outdoor learning this week, the children created their own achievement tree in groups, writing on leaves what they are proud of and standing back and admiring how far they have already come as a class in Year 3. I am really proud of every child, they really are REACHing to be the best they can be! 
Week 5 

What fun can be had with spaghetti and marshmallows? This term the children have been working hard in Maths learning about place value and shapes. This week our focus has been 3D shapes and the children have loved problem solving and practically making 3D shapes out of spaghetti and marshmallows. Some of the children were even making links to how knowledge of shapes and angles is crucial in architecture; it was brilliant to hear children talking about what they have learnt and wanting to use that for future aspirations! 
Week 4
Sports stars! We are so lucky to have Montagu Academy come in to teach PE on a Friday. This term the children are learning the skills to play tag rugby. They have been showing fantastic team work and communication. They are setting high expectations of themselves and demonstrating a real love for learning. It is brilliant to see the whole class involved and feeling a sense of achievement as they are becoming sports stars! 
Week 3
Bonjour! Year 3 are really enjoying French lessons on a Monday with Mrs Daly. Their confidence is soaring and their determination to learn and practise the language is fabulous to see! Mrs Daly is really proud of them for how resilient they are even when some phrases are really tricky. Well done Year 3! 
Week 2
What a fantastic week! Year 3 have been learning about Traditional Tales in Literacy. They begun looking at features of these texts and then created their own actions. Confidently, the children re-told the story of Jack and the Beanstalk with fantastic expression. Mrs Hobbs was so impressed by the quality of everyone's 'Big Write' as a follow on from their wonderful re-tell. The children are working really hard and really are being the best they can be! 
Week 1
What a brilliant start to the new year! Mrs Hobbs has been really impressed by how the children have settled into a new classroom, key stage and getting to know a new teacher. It has been lovely beginning to get to know everyone in the class; dreaming and planning over the year ahead together. We ventured outside this week and the children created their own self portraits out of natural materials in Outdoor Learning. They found out their topic this term is Planet Earth and as part of their REACH Activity the children will be carrying out a Sustainability project! We are all really excited for what's to come!