Autumn Term 1 2021

Week commencing 6th September
We had a brilliant first week in St David's class. The class have shown me what REACH means to them and continue to grow into the Year 6 role. 
We have been beginning to explore our new topic - Planet Earth, in a variety of ways. 
In English we have considered non-chronological reports and created our own insect 'hexapods'.
In Maths we have been focused on place value up to 10,000,000 - we have compared, ordered and represented different numbers in different ways. The children have really impressed me with their determination to push themselves to get on to the deepen it activities. 
During REACH Friday the children considered themselves and how they perceive themselves through creating self portraits with natural resources. Next we thought about us a a team and a class, and played a selection of games - there was a lot of laughing! Finally, we started thinking about our 'Increasing Wildlife' project, and to begin we created maps of the school grounds. 
Week commencing 13th September
We have had a very busy second week and have produced some excellent work again.
In Maths, we have continued with our theme of place value and everyone is working hard to get on to the 'Deepen it' part of their worksheets. 
We had great fun learning our text map in English!
We enjoyed gardening and orienteering this week during our REACH sessions on Friday - the children found a whole host of wildlife and named many of them!
Week commencing 20th September
This week has been all about the House Captain speeches. They all did an amazing job during our assemblies this week and they showed the meaning of REACH. The posters and campaigning around school was fantastic and there was a real buzz surrounding it all. Well done to everyone who stood for House Captain and congratulations to our 8 selected people. I know that they will do a fabulous job leading their houses. 
During our Reach Friday some of the class did more gardening with Mrs Daly - we now have two clear beds. We thought about the continents and created maps of the world using natural resources. The children thought hard about what to make the continents out of e.g. rock for Africa as it's a hot, dry country. We also began designing our ideas for our 'Increase Wildlife' project and some of them look incredibly detailed and well thought out. 
Week commencing 27th September
This week St David's class have been starting to practice their Harvest Festival ready for next week. We can't wait to do this with all of Key Stage 2 and record it for everyone to enjoy. We have linked it to the 'Eyes of the World' CAFOD campaign which has interested everyone. 
We have earnt whole class reach points this week for Mass and Gardening. We had our first whole school Mass this year and the class were excellent role models for the younger children - they made me proud. They also earned reach points from Mrs Daly for their brilliant progress with the gardening over the last few weeks. Keep up the great work.
In English they blew me away with their non-chronological reports linked to Pandora - their use of expanded noun phrases and relative clauses was excellent. 
This weeks photos show some of the class gardening no matter what the weather is doing - true resilience, and our PE session. We have been doing rugby with the sports coaches and everyone has been pushing themselves to be the best that they can be. 
Week commencing 4th October
It has been a great week in Year 6. We learnt a new text map linked to suspense writing in English - our Zelda Claw impressions were great! In Maths, we are looking at multiplication and division, focusing understanding the longer forms of calculation - lots of children are already feeling more confident with it. 
The whole of KS2 showed resilience and patience whilst we recorded our Harvest Festival 2021 - go and have a watch. The Year 6's shared some very detailed facts about Harvest around the world. 
The Year 6 attended Mass on Thursday and two children were alter servers - Michael and Harvey O did a great job. Four others are waiting for their turn over the coming weeks. 
On Friday we took part in the Mini Marathon - we ran, jogged or walked for 2.6 miles and all the children received a certificate at the end of the day. We gardened - 3 beds are now clear and 2 large potatoes were found. We also did some outdoor Maths challenges - angle hunting, shape gallery work and estimating. Although, the highlight of our day was definitely Jonathan's Jungle.  The children got to meet a wide variety of creatures and even hold a snake if they wanted to - take a look at our pictures...
Week commencing 11th October
The Year 6's have impressed me with their ability to tackle different things this week.
We have completed our first set of SATS practice papers and all of the class tried to be the best that they could be - well done Year 6.
The children have been stepping up into the role of servers for Mass in church. Last week Harvey and Michael fulfilled these roles, and this week it was Amelia and Benedict's turn - all of them have done an excellent job. It has been great to be back in the church!
They were enthusiastic to take part in French and Music lessons. In Music we moved in time with pulse beats, learnt and sang the song 'Happy' and played along using a rhythmic pattern on xylophones and glockenspiels. Mrs Hamlin thought that they sounded great.
In PE they are developing their rugby skills continuously, and took part in a range of tasks - they really put in a good amount of effort today. One of the class (who couldn't take part) was busy taking the photos too - well done! 
The class have started making their homes as part of our 'Increase Wildlife Project'. The children have been really independent with this task which is a great skill to develop to get them secondary ready. The houses already look amazing!