Summer Term 1 2022

Week commencing 16/5/22

Written by Benedict and Toby

This has been a very exciting week for Year 6!

Firstly, we have been doing art on Thursdays. We have been working on our Leaver’s Mass offering artwork. It reflects on worldly riches versus heavenly riches. Once it is completed, we are sure that it will look amazing!

We have also been working on our Year 6 Leavers production. We are very excited to announce that it is Disney’s Aladdin Jr.! With Sam playing Aladdin and Harvey O playing the Genie, it is sure to be an incredible and enjoyable performance!

Also in class, for our REACH project, we have been doing further preparation for our sales day and deciding what products we will make and sell. Do not forget to come to the sales day because all profits will help our school to buy new and fantastic equipment.

Last but not least is the new log trail! Last week, the builders did a brilliant job at completing our new and large log trail. All of the pupils are super excited to go on it at break and lunchtime – from the Receptions to the Year 6s! It is fabulous fun!

We at Year 6 have thoroughly enjoyed this week!

Week commencing 9/5/22
SATS week! We worked hard and we ate a lot! The children were really REACHing this week with so much confidence and resilience being shown. They all had high expectations and impressed all of the adults involved during the week - I couldn't be prouder of them! They all earned the REACH certificate this week
On Friday we had a whole class celebration day with a production reveal; film with snacks; an incredible picnic buffet (although the wind wasn't our friend!); and finally tennis games with the sports coaches. Thank you to all parents/carers for the amazing amount of food that we had, we were well and truly stuffed! It was a perfect end to a full on week!
Week commencing 2/5/22

Written by Bethany and Maya

This week we have been up to all sorts of fun and preparing for our SATs next week. We started of the week with a nice day of since it was a bank holiday Monday. On Tuesday we did a practice SATs test and marked it after to see what mistakes we made and what we can improve on. Also this week, we have been thinking a lot about food in preparation for our SATS breakfast next week. On Thursday, we had another art lesson talking and discussing about who is doing what for our leavers mass. On Friday we had fun playing capture the flag (with the winning team, blue) to finish the week we finished preparing for our SATs test.

Written by Mrs. Knight - The children are all geared up and ready to go for next week, and I am proud of how hard they have worked since returning from the Easter holidays. This weekend lots of rest and relaxation is needed. 

Week commencing 25th April 2022

Blog post written by Millie and Toby

We have had a lovely week this week. Everyone has been loving all the activities that Mrs knight has planned for us.

Cooking is one of the favourite things that we did because everyone made different things for their healthy food snack. Some snacks did not come out as they were supposed to, but some of them came out perfect. Mrs Hamlin helped the people to make their healthy snacks.

Capture the flag, the one that everyone loves to do, because everyone likes to chance each other around and catch the flag! The team colours are blue, pink and white.

SATS, the thing that we are not wanting to do but it is helping us get ready for our proper SATS week. Everyone is working their socks off. Also, have worn our leavers hoodies for the first time this Friday and everyone loves the colours that they chose.

On Monday, we all played a game called the Word Class game. Mrs Knight shouted a word out to the group and the group had to run to that correct spot.

Everyone reached for the stars in all that they did this week.