Summer 2 (2022)

Week beginning 4th July 2022
This week has been Health Week! We have had so many exciting activities to enjoy every day- all designed to help us keep active and healthy!
We started Health Week off with a bang with our Flash Mob dance. We had 20 minutes to learn the choreography, and then we did a whole school rehearsal. Finally, we performed our dance to the parents as they picked us up from school!
SPORTS DAY! We spent the morning doing a variety of little activities to earn points for our house teams. We all couldn't stop smiling with each of the activities- they were so creative! From bunny hopping on benches, sack races, skipping races and yoga- there was SO much to enjoy!
After lunch, the parents joined us to cheer us all on! It was so wonderful to see them all and their support helped us with all our races! 
Wednesday was a day full of surprises! We started off the day with a "Grand National" where all of the school had to "ride" hobby horses over a series of obstacles for points for our house. Even the teachers had a go! 
Next, we planned our Wrap Faces, before then learning about keeping healthy. We finished the day with a dance class! 
On Thursday we created our Wrap faces. We washed, chopped, grated and designed really cool faces out of vegetables to go on tortilla wraps. We then got to eat them outside as a picnic lunch! All afternoon we played a variety of games with Mrs Carr. We had Shh, Shh, Goose; silent laughing and animal tag (this was our particular favourite!)
To finish our amazing Health Week we started with Mrs Carr cooking us a stir fry with left over veg from the day before. Then we had such an interesting session about how our body shows us we need more water! In the afternoon, we learned some cool football skills and had a PE lesson about cricket.
It has been an absolutely wonderful week and we have had so much fun! We are all very tired now!!
Week beginning 27th June 2022
This week we have been continuing our work on narrative poetry. We have really enjoyed learning about rhyming words and ambitious vocabulary, and we will be using that in our writing soon! 
In Maths, we have been looking at area and perimeter with much success. We have really understood this topic and all of us are tackling the Deepen it style questions with so much confidence and resilience.
The weather has cooled enough to let us do PE and gardening. We had great fun with both these things and it was so nice to be growing things again.
Speaking of growing things, we are preparing for Health week by growing our own cress in class! We know we have red onions from the school garden, and we also shared what we are growing at home. Such variety!
Next week is Health week and we can be in our PE kits every single day. There are SO many exciting activities for us to experience in that week but Mrs Carr is keeping most of it a surprise for us! Mrs Carr isn't setting spellings this week because there is SO much to do, but she has set a fun Health week homework activity for us still. Finally, please remember to bring in £1.50 on Monday to help us buy the resources for our Wrap faces. If you are bringing in vegetables from home, these will need to be in on Thursday (which is when we are making the wraps).
We CANNOT wait to share all our news from Health week!
Week beginning 20th June 2022
What a busy fortnight we have had!
Over the last two weeks:
  • Some of us represented our school at District Sports,
  • We made sure we looked our best for our class photos,
  • We created our own portraits with natural resources in the style of Arcimboldo,
  • We watched an Internet safety video (as our trip was cancelled),
  • We survived a super hot couple of days!
  • We enjoyed writing Myths about how cities were created,
  • We started learning a really funny narrative poem,
  • We completed our times table check,
  • We had so much fun!
We have got SO much to look forward to, we can't WAIT to tell you all about it!
Week Beginning: 6Th June 2022
Welcome back!
We have had a busy week with three new children starting in our class! We have been getting to know them, and it feels like they have always been a part of the Year 4 classroom. 
We have just started our new topic of Healthy me! We have started looking at the digestive system in Science, and we have started a mysterious unit in art...Mrs Carr wanted us to draw a portrait but all the features had to be fruit and vegetables...I wonder which artist we are going to be studying?!
On Thursday, we watched some of our class perform in a music lesson concert. We were blown away with how good they were- they must practice lots at home! Some of us have been inspired to take up an instrument too in the new academic year!
We can't wait to see what we will get up to next week!