Spring term 2 2023

Skillzone Trip 28th March 2023
What a brilliant morning we had! Lots of interesting facts learnt, super listening and laughter throughout the morning! The children made me proud this morning - all the Skillzone staff said how polite, interested and well behaved they were. They were REACHing in all areas. Have a look at some of our pictures...

Week commencing 20.3.23

Blog written by Edith and Safia

On Friday, we had a double music lesson but it was the last lesson of music with Salo. Salo airdropped us some different music such as:

-        Cheerleaders

-        Halo

-        Sunflowers

It was EPIC and now we have ended that part of music we shall move on

In English this week, we wrote a flashback story on a video called Monkey Symphony. It was all about a monkey and his past. In Maths, we learnt to calculate the perimeter and area of different shapes.

On Thursday, we went to whole school mass to celebrate St Joseph’s Feast Day – the patron saint of our school.

Week commencing 13/3/23

Blog written by Jasmine and Mrs. Knight

This week in English, we have been looking at flashback stories. We have linked in our history from earlier on in the year and looked at two stories linked to WW2. The children were great and retelling them with a partner and then blew me away with their writing using lots of different techniques that we have explored recently.

We have really had to persevere in Maths this week, as we have been looking at a topic that many of us felt unsure about – area and perimeter. Everyone showed resilience and empathy towards others who were finding elements challenging – the class supported each other all the way through

This week we have been doing lots of fun things such as on Monday someone came in , who was called Mrs Shipton, for science to make brush monsters. They were made out of electrical circuits and brushes! They had a motor on them that made them vibrate and then they moved! We were able to have races with them and even shared these races with our Reception buddies.

Week commencing 6.3.23

Blog written by Ava, Isla and Autumn

This week we have been doing practice SATS which has truly tested us all! In music, we have been working towards our final songs and we have really enjoyed it. Some of the class went to a Mock Trial on Wednesday; even though we did not win, we still had a lot of fun and showed resilience. We have been working extremely hard and pushing ourselves to our full potential all week. In Maths, we have been working on ratio and proportion – it is quite tricky – so we worked really hard. This week has been challenging, but we are resilient and are enjoying our last few terms here.

Week commencing 27/2/23

Blog written by George and Alfie L

This week we have had lots of fun. In music, we enjoyed starting our final music compositions. Yesterday it was World Book Day and we wore our pyjamas to school (it made us have so much FUN), but it was all about pleasure for reading and we got two chances to read. We did our book report about our favourite book and Mrs Knight is going to rate them for the best book report. On Friday, we played inflatable football with Footy kids. There is a letter going home to do the Footy Kids on a Wednesday lunch time.

On Wednesday, we did our shared write with our teacher about our made up machines. This week in maths, we were learning percentages % and lots of us struggled, however, we have mastered it by the end of the week! On Monday, we did our Lent retreat in the afternoon when some parents came to walk round with us.