Spring Term 2 2022

Week commencing 28.3.22
My apologies that there wasn't a blog post last week - Covid finally caught up with me after 2 years of dodging it!
Blog post written by Jack and Sam

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 This week we all enjoyed learning about algebra and how numbers can be replaced with letters or symbols. We really relished the opportunity to go to the mock trial in Berkeley - we won, and Charlie Foster (Harvey O) was found not guilty!

Unfortunately, we had our last music lesson where we made our final masterpieces.

We had lots of fun in literacy as well, where we learnt about formal and informal writing. It was really fun correcting these people who made really posh and formal letters to their friends talking about ‘exquisite cuisines’ which was really funny to read. We also wrote letters in literacy during a ‘big write’.

Finally, we loved doing dancing in PE where we danced to Weller man and we had Ollie and Stef – a different Stef who is a professional dancer!

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Week commencing 14.3.22
Another busy week in St David's Class! The children were all very keen to go out and enjoy the sunshine on Friday so I said that I would write the blog this week.
In English, we have been thinking about flashback stories and I was blown away by their Big Writes towards the end of the week. They are taking onboard all of the skills that we are learning and trying to apply them to their writing; they had great fun basing their writing on a short clip called Monkey Symphony (it reminded them and me of Sing!). 
During our Maths lessons, we have been considering area and perimeter. They have been learning about finding the area of a variety of different shapes including rectangles/squares, triangles and parallelograms. We have been resilient as there have been different formulas to learn. 
This week was British Science Week linked to the theme of growing. During our Science lesson this week, the children thought about food miles and creating an eco friendly burger - there were some very tasty looking designs! They also planted lots during their REACH Friday gardening session which linked in very nicely with the theme. 
Our REACH Friday sessions have been great as the children are back gardening again which they love. They are also working on their final musical pieces using the Garage Band App with the Music Tech people. Their pieces are brilliant and they are applying all the skills that they have learnt over the last two terms with real confidence. Linking with the theme of confidence, they had a dance session in PE this week and impressed Mrs Daly, Ollie and me with their coordination and passion!
Week commencing 7th March 2022
Blog written by Jack and Ollie

This week we enjoyed learning about ratios, and understanding them at another level in Year 6. We also enjoyed swapping our old books that we didn’t want to read anymore. Another brilliant thing we did was writing our flashbacks in literacy. Today (Friday) we have been problem solving with ratios. We really liked computing which consisted of making virtual sprites. It was great to learn different animals’ names en francais (in French). Finally, we researched different healthy snacks so that in a few weeks, we will be creating one of the ones that we have researched for our first set of snacks.        


There are some pictures of our retell in English.                                                                                      

Week commencing 28/2/22
Blog written by Daisy and Anabel

Tuesday Topic Lesson

On Tuesday afternoon, Year 6 class enjoyed an interesting topic lesson experimenting their knowledge on Trading and Economics! We started off by completing a sheet, organising a table chart of the different items/resources that are imported and exported from countries around the world. After that, we used our findings to create a bar chart. Last but not least, we played a fun game. We were all allowed to spread into groups of 2-4 and then collect a plastic wallet, holding our given supplies. The aim of the game was to trade between the groups, receiving (fake) money!

Friday Skill Zone

On Friday morning, we were super lucky to visit Skill Zone! When we arrived at school, Mrs. Knight asked us to get on with Guided Reading, after a short period of time we got our coats on a headed out side to get on the coach! We all picked our seats and sang Encanto songs! Once we arrived at the warehouse, we were given a guide and walked through the model village. We learnt so much about staying safe and had so much fun!

World Book Day

On Thursday last week, Year 6 had to dress up in something pink for World Book Day! It was really funny seeing everybody dressed up in the same colour. Mrs Knight came into school in a unicorn headband, a pink T-shirt and a frilly skirt! There was a competition across the school (book in a jar) that many students took part in. Some of the jars that were brought in were outstanding! On Friday, Mrs Howells announced the winners in assembly.