Spring term 1 2022

Week commencing 14th February
What a busy week! We have crammed a lot into the last week of term despite the fact that we are not going to be in tomorrow - which I have to say caught me by surprise! The children have once again been showing our REACH values. 
In English we have been looking at explanation texts and the specific punctuation features that we might find in them. Our focus has been on punctuating bullet points and using hyphens accurately. The children found the man eating shark and man-eating shark amusing! 
In Maths, we have had a key focus on multiplication and division and what these two operations look like in the arithmetic and reasoning SATS papers. The children have been very resilient persevering even when they found tasks a challenge. 
We completed our Science experiment focused on varying the lengths of wire in a circuit. The children attempted this in small groups coming up with their own individual experiments; there were a lot of buzzers and light bulbs involved! The children showed confidence using the equipment and when they were explaining their findings. 
Also, we finished off our sunset and silhouette art work and produced some super pieces which are on display in the classroom. Several people have come in and said how good our work looks. I think that we have many aspirational artists in our class. 
In our God Matters session today the children were focused on Sikhism and they found out about the Ten Gurus as well as the three duties that Sikhs adhere to - pray, work and give. We thought about how these link to Catholicism and we saw many similarities between the religions. 
We had the pleasure of having Gary Horscroft (a local magistrate) come in to talk to us about a Mock Trials competition that we are entering at the end of March - details will be coming after half term. I am very excited about taking the class to this!
Finally, I would like to wish everyone a very happy half term - rest up year 6 and stay safe :) 
Thursday 10th February - God Matters
Today some of the children wrote pieces of work in our God Matters session relating to the title - 'How people can reveal Jesus to others today'.
Over the course of this term our topic has been 'Revelation' and we have been looking at how people have spread Jesus's message (St Paul); how the disciples were asked to do this in the 'Great Commission' (taken from the Gospel of Matthew); how the Pope and Bishops do this (apostolic tradition) and how we can do it as we are, 'Following in the footsteps of Jesus'. The children worked hard on this, and I wanted to showcase some of their work on our blog - well done St David's class for having high expectations of yourselves. 

Week commencing 7.2.22

Blog post written by Lola and Maddie

This week we have had lots of fun activities including visitors, art, computing even music! A police man called Mark came over and told us about online safety. Also, on Friday we were doing music and recorded ourselves making funny noises and singing ‘Bruno’ from the new film Encanto.

Recently, it has been mental health week, and we’ve been enjoying fun things like: body breaks and making pieces of art work such as painting, cutting out pieces of card and tissue paper to make lilies. We have also taken part in some health breaks by: rubbing our fingers around our hand, closing our eyes and listening to relaxing music.

We have been making circuits and experimenting how power works. Our topic is light, which means we can find out how and where light travels. Making circuits means we can measure how fast light goes and how to make light come and go.

As we mentioned in the introduction, Mark is a police officer who goes round different schools talking about online safety. We need to learn that some people around the world can’t be trusted. We also need to know that cyber bulling is a thing and can hurt a lot of people mentally. But Mark can help us by reassuring our community and any other PCSOs can also reassure us.

Lately, we have enjoyed our spellings which we have been doing in a slightly different more interactive way.

We have had a busy week and we are all glad that it's nearly the end of term.

Week commencing 31/1/22

Blog written by Benedict and Toby

This has been a very good week in St David’s class and here are some of the fun things that we have been doing.

Firstly, we got our results for our second Maths SATs practice tests: one arithmetic paper and two on reasoning. A vast majority of us improved on our previous results from the Autumn Term and were really pleased with what we scored! 

In Science this week, we were learning about voltages and currents, experimenting with electric circuits. We looked at how different amounts of voltages would affect how a bulb lit / buzzer buzzed and found out that being given the perfect amount of volts resulted the best.

In Art, we continued our focus of making sunset backgrounds for our sky scape silhouettes, this time painting them. Some of the backgrounds were extremely well thought-out!

In our DEAR (Drop Everything And Read) time, we have started a new book as a class – Holes by Louis Sachar. There is also a recommended film version of it. 

Finally, we were writing our own scene descriptions of different types of woodland, some of them positive and some of them downright creepy! Anyway, we all put in superb effort into ours and Mrs. Knight was very impressed with them.

It has been a great week!   

Week commencing 24.1.22
I am writing the blog piece this week as we've just been so busy with catching up after all of the class returned to school. It was fabulous to have everyone back in and I am so pleased that everyone is healthy again. The children have shown real empathy to those returning as well as to the staff in our class. 
We have been continuing our quest with fractions - we are now on to subtracting them, and the children have explored a variety of methods to help them with this. They have all shown resilience as we navigate the different questions. 
In English we have been looking at settings and thinking about how to bring a setting to life using figurative language (similes, metaphors, personification), show not tell phrases, powerful word choices, our senses, different sentence openers and a range of sentence types (simple, compound and complex). The children have also been exploring how to use the passive form. I have high expectations for their writing phase next week. 
The class are blowing me away with their amazing efforts during our music sessions with Salo on a Friday. Some of their pieces on garage band are good enough to be heard on a radio I think!! We are really aspiring in this sessions still and having the confidence to try different sounds and instruments together. As part of their REACH sessions (with Mrs Daly and Mrs Hamlin this week) they have been making posters on children's rights and then presenting these to the class. 
Week Commencing 17.1.22

This week we have been doing lot of fun and exciting activities such as: online programing (debugging and coding); making a giant paper airplane in Fridays REACH time; having loads and loads of practice SATs and so much more!

The down side of the week is that we had a COVID wildfire going around the class, at one point, we had 10 people in the class and most of the rest on teams! It was a living nightmare! Poor Hue (our visualizer) has been working over time trying not to crack up the internet and sharing our screen.

All the children who have been doing online learning, have definitely shown all of our REACH acronyms to the limit.

Overall, our week has just been amazing and we are all (gladly) surviving. Mrs Knight has worked her socks off trying to teach us even with the circumstances. We hope you all have had a good week and we wish to see everyone back into St. Josephs.





H=High Expectations

 From Millie and Maya


Note from Mrs Knight: Below are images of our God Matters work this week - they are showing the conversion of Saul to St Paul. Also a picture of the giant paper aeroplane made in REACH time as they were so proud of it!

I want to say a big thank you to my whole class for their resilience this week, whether they were at school or at home, and also a thank you to the parents/carers at home supporting and helping their children. I hope to see everyone back at school next week. 

Week commencing 10.1.22
Apologies that this is posted later than usual - it has been a busy few days!!!! We have all been REACHing and showing resilience. I have uploaded some pictures of our English retell, where everyone had high expectations, and our Science light lesson, where the children had grand aspirations and were scientists!
Blog written by Harvey, Bethany and Ollie
On Tuesday, in the afternoon, we were making sunsets; they were extremely fun to make and looked really amazing in the end. There was a range of different colours of beautiful sunsets. We used pitch black card while making our skyline templates, which ended up as a really nice style. For the sunsets themselves we used: red, orange, yellow, and many other vibrant colours. This is much harder than it seems. 
On Wednesday, we enjoyed controlling angry birds on the laptops (getting one of the angry birds to his friends by using coding); we managed to get him to his friend as this was the difficult challenge.
Another thing Year 6 enjoyed was on Friday the dribbling and football games which were challenging, but fun! 
On Friday we also did music in the morning which was very exciting since this is the chance for you to make your own brilliant music and to discover more wonderful sounds such as the bass, a kind of guitar; an electric piano; and tons of other musical instruments. 
Week commencing 3/1/22
It has been a fabulous first 3 days back at St Joseph's for Year 6 - we have really been showing REACH. Everyone has come back after a two week break and settled straight into working hard - I am very impressed with the whole class as they have set high expectations. 
From next week the children will be writing the blog posts again - it has been great to have lots of them involved in this. 
This week we have started our fractions work (which will cover most of the term) and the children have tried hard to apply known skills to help them - resilience has been shown all week. Many of the children this week have been pushing themselves to get on to the deepen it section - again the high expectations have been coming through. 
We were very lucky to be able to attend mass on Epiphany and it was lovely to share this with some of the local people too. 
We have started our Music technology sessions with Salo and the children were excited and confident to have a go with the iPads, many of them remembered when they had sessions in Year 4. The music they created using the app was excellent - I listened to several pairs: Jack and Charlie; Benedict and Hamish,  and was blown away with how good they were, as was Salo. They all have high aspirations about what they hope to achieve by the end of the sessions.