Spring Term 1 (2021-2022)

Monday 7th February 2022
This week we started our new topic in maths which was measurement. The children had a go at ordering different objects from shortest to longest. They have also been comparing objects and working out which one is longer/ shorter or taller/ shorter. The children have also been measuring objects with finger steps and cubes. We will be continuing with measurement next week too. 
Wednesday 2nd February 2022
The children made their own sliders today. I modelled how to make a slider and then let the children have a go. They created great backgrounds for the owl baby slider. They were all very excited to take them home.
Wednesday 26th January 2022
The children had DT again today. Firstly they practised their cutting skills by cutting along the dotted lines. Once they felt confident in cutting they made their own sliders. I showed them how to make a slider step by step and they made their own gingerman story sliders with different characters chasing the gingerbread man.
Monday 24th January 2022
The children started their DT unit today on levers and sliders. For the first lesson year 1 started by investigating and evaluating existing products. I put some books, cards, and homemade levers and sliders on their tables. The children were allowed to look at them and discuss them with their table. I put question prompts on the board and on their tables for them to answer.
Friday 21st January 2022
We had music today with Mrs Loveridge. The children had so much fun and learnt so much. She even played her violin at the end!
Wednesday 19th January 2022
Today we looked at deepen it in maths altogether. We had to join dominoes together so that they made 13. But it had to work all the way around the square. We took turns to put dominoes together and helped our friends.
Tuesday 18th January 2022
The children had RSHE today. I read them the story of the prodigal son. We discussed the key messages behind the story. Then the children took turns acting out different parts of the story.
Monday 10th and Tuesday 11th January 2022
This week we have been learning to retell our owl babies story. The children helped me come up with some actions and then we practised the story until we knew it well. On Tuesday the children retold the story to their partner.
Friday 7th January 2022
Today year 1 had their first music lesson with Mrs Loveridge. They played some games like funky chicken and also practiced saying hello by singing. They did some singing and movements. Then they listened to some bells and examined how they got higher as they went along. At the end of the lesson Mrs Loveridge played her violin for the children which they loved!