Spring Term 1 (2019-2020)

Tuesday 4th February
This afternoon we had PE. This half term we have been practising and learning different types of jumps, these included, tuck jump, pencil jump, star jump, half turn jump and many more. We have also been learning and practising different types of rolls. Take a look at our pencil roll, dish roll, egg roll and roll on back below.
Thursday 30th January
This afternoon we complete a little taste test. We were lucky enough to try different Chinese foods. As you can see from the pictures, some of us enjoyed all of the foods whereas others of us were not very impressed with the foods! We tried prawn crackers, noodles and rice. Take a look at the photos below.
Wednesday 29th January
Happy (Chinese) New Year! This afternoon we made our own Chinese lanterns. We explored pictures of different lanterns and watched a Chinese New Year celebration. We then got to work on our own lanterns. Take a look at our fantastic pieces of work below.
Monday 27th January 
Today we spent the morning exploring capacity and using the language of 'full' and 'empty'. We explored all of the outdoor area, filling up bottles with pasta, sand, water, bubbles and of course mud!
Olive, whilst using the pasta, "mine is half full".
Friday 17th January
Today we had our second woodwork session and learnt how to attach two pieces of wood together with a screw. We made some very exciting models. We had transformers, planes, ramps and people. Our hard work is up on display in school, come and take a look!
Thursday 16th January
WATCH OUT!! This afternoon we made our own volcanoes, which we were SO excited about. We then took them outside and made the volcanoes explode. Some of us were a little bit scared about what was going to happen but we were also all very excited.
Mrs Hill worked with a team and Miss McCarthy worked with a team. We mixed vinegar, food colouring, washing up liquid, water and bicarbonate of soda together and what a reaction we had! Take a look below at our fantastic volcanoes.
Wednesday 15th January
We have been busy learning all about dinosaurs and made our own dinosaur fossils. So this afternoon Mrs Hill very kindly brought in some fossils that she found and we had a discussion about what animals we think they could be from and where Mrs Hill may have found the fossils.
Monday 13th January
This afternoon we read the story 'Sharing a shell'. We then explored different ways of moving like sea creatures and had so much fun pretending to be sharks, whales, octopus, etc. We were then split into teams where we had the challenge of working together to make a boat that could float. Take a look at our exciting afternoon below!
Friday 10th January
This morning we had our first woodwork session and we worked beautifully! We were introduced to sand paper and shown how to correctly use it.
We were then given the opportunity to sand our own wood. We then talked about and discussed the safety rules when using the tools and how we have to always be concentrating to ensure we do not get hurt.
After that we were introduced to the screwdriver and were given the opportunity to practise use the screws and screwdriver. We worked carefully and slowly to ensure we did not get hurt. We enjoyed it and are looking forward to our next woodwork session already!
Thursday 9th January
Dinosaur, ROAR!!! This afternoon we made our own dinosaur fossils. We watched a video about how fossils are made and watched children go on a fossil hunt on a beach. We then got to work at making our look. Take a look at the pictures below. 
Wednesday 8th January
Happy New Year! Welcome back to the new school term, we hope you had a restful Christmas. PE will be on a Tuesday afternoon. The children will go home in their PE kits and will then need to wear them to school on a Friday.
Today we spent the afternoon making muddy soup. We explored our senses and talked about what we could see, hear, feel and smell. We then worked together to make muddy soup. But don't worry we didn't use our sense of taste to try them!