Spring Term 1 - 2020

Science fun!
The children have really enjoyed our science about forces this term - please see below some pictures of our 'scrapyard challenge' sorting lesson. We learnt which metals are magnetic and then investigated this learning through a sorting activity.
Year 3
We have had a busy time in year 3, learning lots about our topic and also using column addition and subtraction in maths. We have also been creating our own journey tales in our writing, which the children have really enjoyed.
The children have also really enjoyed some of the learning we have been doing in our outdoor learning sessions, we have focused on plastic pollution this term. We did a litter pick and found a large amount of plastic rubbish around the grounds. This shocked the children and directed our learning to think about what we could do. The children were great and decided to make posters highlighting the problem and we intend to take our posters around school to make others aware about the problem and also to suggest ways we can reduce the amount of plastic waste around our school. See the photos on our blog post below to see our litter pick and findings.
Science Fun!
We took the opportunity today to take our science learning outdoors into the fresh air! The children were learning about magnets, their different poles and how they can work as a compass.
All of the children were so enthused to see their theory learning in practise and the magnets worked brilliantly! We saw the North pole of the magnet pointing North on the compass bearing and learnt that this meant it was actually pointing to magnetic South, as opposite poles attract!
Take a look at our lovely pictures below, showing the children using their compasses in groups.
Our New Term!
The children have settled into their new term really well, following a well deserved break over Christmas!
We are learning all about forces this term and the children have already been scientists in testing gravity and friction in different ways. We will be moving on to look at magnetism as a force soon and will even be making our own classroom compasses!
Keep an eye out on here for some picture updates as the term progresses.