Spring Term 1

WB:Monday 14th February 2022
With a break in the weather, we were able to breathe in the fresh air whilst trying to identify different birds around the school. We couldn’t believe how many we managed to find. It was clear- very quickly -that we needed to change our tactics if we were to identify a variety of birds. That new tactic was stealth or put simply… be quiet!

It was also our Awe and Wonder Week, which we really enjoyed. The faith we looked deeper into was Sikhism. We were able to delve deeper into who Guru Nanak was and his key teachings. What we really enjoyed was getting creative through illustrations that reflect Guru Nanak’s teachings and key messages. At the end of of learning, we had the opportunity to reflect on each others creations. 
WB: Monday 7th February 2022
During Mental Health Week 2022, we have been completing activities to support us understand what it means and how we can take care of ourselves.  From artwork to dancing, we delved deeper to understand -what we think mental health is? What helps us to feel safe? What strategies can we use to help us when we are feeling sad or upset? What makes us happy? Take a look at some of the photos below. We really impressed Mrs Hathaway this week with our team work showing how we can be the best we can be across subject areas as well as working as a team considering our values when it comes to REACH!
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WB: Monday  31st January 2022
What haven’t we done this week!
We have managed to squeeze so much into our week, from consolidating and working on maths we have been learning this term and last; to applying our recent science learning in our literacy journey; to learning about the key events that triggered and happened during World War II;  to of course, finishing our week with cooking.  Each week we have built on previous skills and are starting to become more confident in follow instructions. This week we made Viking soda bread rolls with a twist(added rosemary and honey) to add some flavour to the rolls. We got creative with our rolls making uniformed shapes, turtles, frogs, pandas, hotdogs and even a plaited roll.
As you can see from our faces we were very impressed with our cooking achievements!
We hope you enjoy looking through our antics, as much as we have enjoyed our learning last week.
WB: Monday 24th January
We had a whale of a time this week in many areas of our learning, however, our weekly cooking session was amazing! It was delicious, except those of us who tried it with garamasala and wished we had opted for cumin seeds, rosemary or thyme to add to our Viking inspired snack. Mrs Hathaway would agree we showed confidence and high expectations during the cooking process. We have also been learning all about biographies in literacy and written multiplication and division methods in numeracy.  This week we have shown resilience thoughout areas of numeracy especially long multiplication.
Take a look at the joy on our faces, as we cook and devour our creations!
WB: Monday 17th January 2022
As always we have had a weekly full of new learning and new skills, that we in St.Teresa’s wish to develop further. The children have shown confidence in their maths learning where we have delved in to short division with remainders. Not only this but we have been looking closer at biography’s learning and beginning to develop our understanding of different punctuation features. 

On Friday, we had lots of fun learning how to make recipe inspired by the Anglo-Saxons. We turned the school hall into our very own St.Teresa’s kitchen, where we got started on a sticky recipe: honey oats, spiced cake…take a look at our creativity in our pictures below. 

We also dabbled in our campfire creations again and learnt what could happen when we don’t follow the instructions, where resilience is key. We have learnt for next time!
WB. Monday 10th January 2022
This week we have had so much fun learning a variety of new skills. From setting new year intentions, learning how to converse in French, mark making in art, to cooking on an open fire.  Take a look at our pictures which capture  week of new achievements where we REACHED across our learning to learn new skills as well as develop old ones. 

We have particularly enjoyed our literacy learning, where we have written lots of cinquain poems based on the war, Jesus circumstances at birth and refugees. 

As a class, we attended mass in church this week and took the opportunity to reflect the messages thread through the miracles performed by Jesus. Interestingly, we were able to make links between the stories shared in church to our God Matters lessons. 
We can’t wait to see what next week will bring. You can be sure to see much more cooking!