Home Learning (Year 1)

Welcome to our Year 1 home learning page! 
I hope everyone is settling in to their new routines at home, whilst staying safe and healthy. It is so great to see what so many of you are up to on Twitter, keeping busy with some exciting and hands on activities! If you haven't yet tweeted me with what you are up to, here is the school twitter handle - @St_Josephs_Glos. 
Now during this time, it will be important that your day is balanced. I therefore recommend regular breaks from activities and a balance of screen-based and non-screen-based activities.  It is important to keep a sense of routine that we usually have at school and because of this, I have outlined a possible timetable to support you with this.
Guided reading
During our regular school day, guided reading consists of the children reading a book or text as independently as possible. This is then followed up by some follow up questions where all answers should be support the text. If unsure of any answers, re-read the text to make sure you are confident in your answer.
Below is a wide range of different activities where your child can test and consolidate the skills we have learnt in literacy.
Reading activity cards run along side working with a text. During our Literacy journeys we focus on one particular style of genre at a time. These range from fact file and non-chronological reports to repetitive tales and poems. There is no set amount of activities per text/book but by looking a few your child will explore the text/book in greater depth.
Writing activities do not require a text/book to be completed but any exposure to written material to support their learning will be beneficial. These activities will reinforce leaning from the classroom and at times how their creativity can shine through. 
Your child should continue to use their capital letters and full stops when writing sentences and where possible to explore a wider rage of adjectives to support their nouns and pronouns, as well as openers to increase the level of writing. 
Below are some maths workouts which looks at all of the objective we have covered since September. These can be worked on one, two or three pages at a time with no rush to feel it all needs to be completed in one sitting!
Any practical resources that can support your child's learning are welcomed and the more grand and engaging it is for them, will help with being inside a lot lately. This may be through creating large scale versions, using objects from around the house or even creating a game or rhyme to help them remember.
Answer sheets have been provided so you can look through and discuss corrections and see where any mistakes may have come from.
ArithmaDo answer sheets are from page 28 onwards. :)
Arithmetic Sheets
Below are addition and subtraction sheets up to 20, 50 & 100. These are sheets your children should work on independently and for only 15 minutes a day to keep their brains ticking over while inside.
I have attached a 100 square which you can print off to support your child's learning. If you child has completed the sheets with support, Start looking at their number bonds and then completing them without resources to support.
If you would like more arithmetic sheets, you can go to the link below and explore the wider rage of options.
Other Activities
Learning does not always mean being sat down at the table and writing. Below I have attached a wide range of activities aimed to have your child use the creativity and imagination as you create, up cycle and explore a familiar setting in a different way.
Phonics/ Spellings/ Handwriting
The activities below are to consolidate previous learning in year 1. There is Bug Club where not only can your child read e-books but there are phonics revisions and games which will help your child apply their sound knowledge to common words.