Autumn Term 1 (2019-2020)

To welcome the children back to school, St Joseph’s took the whole school out to Noah’s Ark farm zoo in Bristol. The children were all treated to a workshop where they were able to up close and personal with a few of the farms animals! Throughout the day we saw animals such as crocodiles, rhinos, lions and elephants.

Throughout our first Literacy journey we are going to be looking at repetitive tales. This week we have looked at identifying the key features of our stories. We have identified the tile, the setting, the good and bad characters and the repetitive feature. Towards the end of the week we began our retell, where the children have been creating actions to help them remember their tale.

This week in outdoor learning we took a nature walk around our school field. We discussed as a class all the things we could senses that let us know summer was ending and it was becoming autumn. We looked a colours, patterns, sounds we could hear, temperature and the fullness of the trees.

Fridays are our enrichment day. The children are emerged in amazing activities to keep them active and engaged in topics outside of the curriculum. For our reach activity this term we are making our own books. We started by recognising the key people involved in developing a book before we began designing own front cover and generating our story.

In God Matters we have begun by looking at creation, this has been woven into all of our topic work and how we can look after our planet. In our outdoor learning lessons we were on the hunt for some of God’s smaller creations, looking high and low and seeing the variety of mini beast just outside our door. We have planted beans to watch them grow, written letters to Mrs D’Arcy explaining what we have been doing and what we think we can do to help our planet, and then this week we went around Nympsfield on our litter pick as we also spotted some key human and physical features.