Autumn Term 1 (2022-2023)

Tuesday 6th September 2022
This week in topic the children learnt about the circus. The children talked about what you might find at a circus and looked at some images. Then I read a story about a boy that went to a circus. The children made their own clowns and animals out of paper plates. 
Tuesday 6th September 2022
Today the children practised partitioning the number 5 they used numicon and a part part whole model to show me how they had partitioned 5.
Wednesday 7th and Thursday 8th September 2022
The children started learning the story called "Brown Bear what do you see?". We came up with actions as a class and practised retelling it. Then the children used their storymaps to tell the story to their partners. At the end of the lesson some children came to the front and performed the story. They were amazing!!
Friday 9th September 2022
Today the children did outdoor learning. We looked at Andy Goldsworthy's art work online and then we tried to create similar pieces of art and sculptures outside. The children loved working as a team and being in nature.
Thursday 15th September 2022
Today we had a Religious Education lesson. We learnt about why it's important to be grateful to God for his creation. I passed the prayer bear around the circle and the children said something they are grateful that God created. I captured their ideas on the whiteboard.
Friday 23rd September 2022
In God Matters on Thursday the children learnt about how we can care for God's creation and demonstrate our Catholic Social Teaching Principle of stewardship. One of the things we talked about was picking up litter. On Friday during outdoor learning we did a litter pick on the school field. The children were amazing stewards and filled two bin bags full of litter!
Tuesday 27th September 2022
The children did RSHE on Tuesday. They learnt that we are created individually by God. They did a task where they had to move around the class, stopping at the claps to share with the person nearest, what they think is amazing about that individual. This linked to our Catholic Social Teaching principle human dignity which means we are all special and unique and made in God's image and likeness.
Friday 7th October 2022
Today we practised our harvest performance and we did our actions and retell. The children were great at remembering the actions.
Thursday 13th October 2022
This week in religious education the children got to work in tables or pairs to write their own psalm. They can up with actions too and got to perform them to the class.
Friday 14th October 2022
This Friday Year 1 took part in a mini marathon. They ran around the field for 15 minutes. They will be given a certificate for their perseverance and effort.