Home Learning (Year 6)

Have a go at my challenge below! 
Welcome to our Year 6 home learning page! I have been missing all the children this past week but hope everyone is settling in to their new routines at home, whilst staying safe and healthy.
It is has been great for all the staff to see what so many of you are up to on Twitter, keeping busy with some exciting and hands on activities! If you haven't yet tweeted with what you are up to, here is the school twitter handle - @St_Josephs_Glos
During this time, it will be important that your day is balanced. I therefore recommend regular breaks from activities and a balance of screen-based and non-screen-based activities. We spoke in class about the importance of ensuring our days had routine and variety. As the children are now Year 6, they understand the importance of completing their school work but are also mature enough to know that they need fun, creative and independent activities too. We discussed activities that were 'good' for our brain (school work and independent research projects), our body (Busy Brain Breaks, Joe Wick's workouts, walks, ball games) our hands (Art, crafts, LEGO) and our heart (any hobbies that your child enjoys for example reading, baking, dancing, drama, woodwork). 
In class, we also spoke about limiting our phone time - especially when completing school work. I appreciate that the children will be feeling restless and will be missing their friends, but I would respectfully suggest that phones are best used in the evening for the children to catch up with each other, rather than throughout the day... easier said than done, I know!
A sense of routine that we usually have at school may help your child and yourself at home, and because of this, I have outlined a possible timetable to support you. 

Resources for Home Learning

As a school, we have a variety of online learning platforms we subscribe to. These will prove invaluable to all pupils during this period of time away from education. In order to ensure all children can gain access to the platforms, all pupils have been sent home with their login details to these sites to ensure they can access them at home. 

  • SPAG.com –  Pupils will have SPAG questions set within SPAG.com and we can see how they perform to guide which tasks we then set next.  
  • BugClub - Children can access a variety of books (appropriate to their reading level) and complete multiple reading comprehensions.

There is also a wealth of additional resources available online that would also aid home learning. The details of these sites are listed below: 

If your child has a smart phone or tablet with the Kindle App on, or a Kindle itself, and would like some recommendations for reading material, the following website has 50 recommended reads for each year group – www.booksfortopics.com. 

Fortunately, we now also have access (via YouTube) to our 'Busy Brain Break' 5 minute sessions online. These will be fantastic to get the children up and moving - great for parents and siblings too!  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMVDIgXkSHq0s4PzUNr9ZhA

Guitar lessons
Rich has made a selection of songs for the children who have lessons with him to learn and play. They are arranged in order of difficulty with easiest ones at the top.