Autumn Term 1 and 2 2021

Week commencing 6th September
We had a brilliant first week in St David's class. The class have shown me what REACH means to them and continue to grow into the Year 6 role. 
We have been beginning to explore our new topic - Planet Earth, in a variety of ways. 
In English we have considered non-chronological reports and created our own insect 'hexapods'.
In Maths we have been focused on place value up to 10,000,000 - we have compared, ordered and represented different numbers in different ways. The children have really impressed me with their determination to push themselves to get on to the deepen it activities. 
During REACH Friday the children considered themselves and how they perceive themselves through creating self portraits with natural resources. Next we thought about us a a team and a class, and played a selection of games - there was a lot of laughing! Finally, we started thinking about our 'Increasing Wildlife' project, and to begin we created maps of the school grounds. 
Week commencing 13th September
We have had a very busy second week and have produced some excellent work again.
In Maths, we have continued with our theme of place value and everyone is working hard to get on to the 'Deepen it' part of their worksheets. 
We had great fun learning our text map in English!
We enjoyed gardening and orienteering this week during our REACH sessions on Friday - the children found a whole host of wildlife and named many of them!
Week commencing 20th September
This week has been all about the House Captain speeches. They all did an amazing job during our assemblies this week and they showed the meaning of REACH. The posters and campaigning around school was fantastic and there was a real buzz surrounding it all. Well done to everyone who stood for House Captain and congratulations to our 8 selected people. I know that they will do a fabulous job leading their houses. 
During our Reach Friday some of the class did more gardening with Mrs Daly - we now have two clear beds. We thought about the continents and created maps of the world using natural resources. The children thought hard about what to make the continents out of e.g. rock for Africa as it's a hot, dry country. We also began designing our ideas for our 'Increase Wildlife' project and some of them look incredibly detailed and well thought out. 
Week commencing 27th September
This week St David's class have been starting to practice their Harvest Festival ready for next week. We can't wait to do this with all of Key Stage 2 and record it for everyone to enjoy. We have linked it to the 'Eyes of the World' CAFOD campaign which has interested everyone. 
We have earnt whole class reach points this week for Mass and Gardening. We had our first whole school Mass this year and the class were excellent role models for the younger children - they made me proud. They also earned reach points from Mrs Daly for their brilliant progress with the gardening over the last few weeks. Keep up the great work.
In English they blew me away with their non-chronological reports linked to Pandora - their use of expanded noun phrases and relative clauses was excellent. 
This weeks photos show some of the class gardening no matter what the weather is doing - true resilience, and our PE session. We have been doing rugby with the sports coaches and everyone has been pushing themselves to be the best that they can be. 
Week commencing 4th October
It has been a great week in Year 6. We learnt a new text map linked to suspense writing in English - our Zelda Claw impressions were great! In Maths, we are looking at multiplication and division, focusing understanding the longer forms of calculation - lots of children are already feeling more confident with it. 
The whole of KS2 showed resilience and patience whilst we recorded our Harvest Festival 2021 - go and have a watch. The Year 6's shared some very detailed facts about Harvest around the world. 
The Year 6 attended Mass on Thursday and two children were alter servers - Michael and Harvey O did a great job. Four others are waiting for their turn over the coming weeks. 
On Friday we took part in the Mini Marathon - we ran, jogged or walked for 2.6 miles and all the children received a certificate at the end of the day. We gardened - 3 beds are now clear and 2 large potatoes were found. We also did some outdoor Maths challenges - angle hunting, shape gallery work and estimating. Although, the highlight of our day was definitely Jonathan's Jungle.  The children got to meet a wide variety of creatures and even hold a snake if they wanted to - take a look at our pictures...
Week commencing 11th October
The Year 6's have impressed me with their ability to tackle different things this week.
We have completed our first set of SATS practice papers and all of the class tried to be the best that they could be - well done Year 6.
The children have been stepping up into the role of servers for Mass in church. Last week Harvey and Michael fulfilled these roles, and this week it was Amelia and Benedict's turn - all of them have done an excellent job. It has been great to be back in the church!
They were enthusiastic to take part in French and Music lessons. In Music we moved in time with pulse beats, learnt and sang the song 'Happy' and played along using a rhythmic pattern on xylophones and glockenspiels. Mrs Hamlin thought that they sounded great.
In PE they are developing their rugby skills continuously, and took part in a range of tasks - they really put in a good amount of effort today. One of the class (who couldn't take part) was busy taking the photos too - well done! 
The class have started making their homes as part of our 'Increase Wildlife Project'. The children have been really independent with this task which is a great skill to develop to get them secondary ready. The houses already look amazing!
Week commencing 18th October
What a last week we have had - we've been hard at work completing our various topics. In English the children worked hard to create final suspenseful stories using all the techniques that we have learnt and our grammar elements too. They based their stories on the short film clip Alma and some of them we very creepy to read! Well done Year 6.
In Maths they have shown great resilience with our current topic linked to division. We have been working on one of the more difficult mathematical objectives in Year 6 - dividing 4-digit numbers by 2-digit numbers with remainders represented as whole numbers, fractions and decimals. We have had a lot of true light bulb moments where children have finally understood the method. 
We have persevered with our gardening sessions this term and we have worked hard to clear all the beds with the help of Year 4 too and Mrs. Daly instructing us. They now look amazing and the class should be very proud of their determination to get the job done!
Finally, we finished off our wildlife projects - there are now several very grand homes down the end of the field for a variety of creatures to live in, and the best part of Friday for many children was that we found a hedgehog down there obviously looking to stay in one of our homes!!!! The children were fascinated by it and so eager to take care of it, even naming it Spike. We hope that Spike has a restful half term hopefully in one of our homes!
Week commencing 1st November 2021
This week has been a great first week back! We have started preparing for our Remembrance service and we've been learning about Nympsfield's local heroes nicknamed 'Tommys'. The children have looked at several war poems and performed them considering tone, expression and movement. 
In our History lessons we have looked at Anglo Saxon crime and punishment and played a game where we learnt about crimes, punishments and how people could be innocent - something which didn't happen very often! Most children died or had limbs cut off in the games!
The class really impressed Clare from STEMworks, Mrs Hamlin and me with their incredible models during our Knex challenge. It was so hard to choose a winner as everyone showed resilience, determination and teamwork. I couldn't be prouder of them. Congratulations to Inca and Daisy who won and will go on to the finals next year. 
Week commencing 8th November 2021
It has been another incredibly busy week in St David's Class! We have been focused on our Remembrance service (held on Thursday), which will be going live on the website soon! During our English lessons this week, the children have been writing poems relating to the war; their final poems and whole class poetry anthology is brilliant. They will all be bringing their poems home to share with you next week. I chose 6 children to read their poems during our Remembrance service, however, this was a difficult choice as so many of them were excellent!
As part of our preparation for our Remembrance service, we also got to spend a session with our reception buddies creating candle poppy jars. This was a really enjoyable activity and the bond between the Year 6 children and their buddies was lovely to see. 
The children have also had two arty afternoons with Ms Busby where they created work to be displayed during our Remembrance Service. Their pieces looked brilliant on display during our Remembrance Service. 
During our Reach Outdoor Learning session this week we created maps of Nympsfield using a variety of natural materials - our focus was to use resources to create sculptures and the class did a great job despite the rain! 
Next week the blog post will be written by two of the Year 6 class. 
Week Commencing 15th November 2021
Blog written by Emily and Francesca
This week has been very busy, as we have all been working hard and trying our best in lessons. In Maths, we have been learning about fractions, decimals and percentages. After the Deepen Its, which were very tricky, we had the opportunity to take part in challenges (including 'Barvember' which we did with Mrs Hamlin). Additionally, in our Literacy lessons we have been working on persuasive texts and discussing what we would put into Room 101! Emily - I would put toilets that don't have gaps and loud chewing. Francesca - I would put chocolates with nuts in them, and porta-loos!
This week has also been 'One Kind Word Week' where we have taken part in different activities during the afternoons. For example, we made good deeds beads that we could count our acts of kindness on. Our new topic is Crime and Punishment and we have been doing work about the Anglo Saxons punishments - learning more about it, we realised that the Saxons weren't always fair!
On Friday, we took part in Netball for PE and we were learning how to do chest and overhead passes. In the afternoon we did capture the flag - where we met a hedgehog - and the class was split into three separate groups and came up with team plans and tactics to capture the other team's flags. To finish off an action packed REACH Friday, we had a debate as part of of special REACH activity - where we debated about whether we should wear school uniform or not. The only thing that we all agreed on was that we didn't want to stop!
Week Commencing 22nd November
Blog written by Jack and Sam
This week we had an extremely fun few days, starting with angles which lasted the whole week. In our angles sessions, we found missing angles at a point, and learnt how to find angles on an intersecting point. On Tuesday, we found missing angles on a straight line and learnt that 180 degrees is equal to a straight line. On Wednesday, we found vertically opposite missing angles and on Thursday and Friday (today), we found angles in triangles.             
This week we also pretended to be police officers (in our crime and punishment topic) and filled in a police form for a criminal (our partner). Then we took samples of their finger prints , our thumb, index, middle, ring and little finger. It was very interesting to see that everyone's was unique. It was also very fascinating to find out how police would fill in a 'Police Form'.
On Thursday, we had a very busy day. Firstly, we planned big writes based on what we would put in Room 101. Sam (people chewing loudly), and Jack (people talking endlessly) and we both decided to put stone angels as our fear in our plan. We wrote down something that annoys us (chewing loudly and endlessly talking) and something that terrifies us like petrifying stone angels. It was great to have an opportunity to share our fears and annoyances to our classmates. We also had our advent retreat which was unfortunately on teams this year because of Covid-19. In each part of the advent we had to do a special activity relating to that event. There were 5 activities ,which were: something we're sorry for; a time when we were courageous and what we did to get that courage; how you would feel if it felt like there was no place for you; a letter to someone to give peace to them this Christmas; and finally a gift we would give to baby Jesus. 
In PE, this Friday, we had a netball tournament. There were six teams and they each had a Christmas themed name. My team name (Sam) was the Brussel Sprouts and my team name (Jack) was Elfis Presently. It was really exciting playing all the games against other teams. The Brussel Sprouts came 4th and the Elfis Presently came 6th. We all tried our hardest though.
We are really excited to be having visitors this afternoon. We will be meeting the councillors of Nympsfeild, Dursley and Nailsworth.
Week commencing 29th November
Blog written by Amelia Trusilo and Harvey Odibendi
This week has been incredibly exciting and interesting, as we have learnt many new things and have luckily had a visitor to come in on Tuesday afternoon and talk to us about blood, the heart and the circulatory system.
In our Numeracy lessons, we have been learning about 2D and 3D shapes, which was very important knowledge that we enjoyed learning. The lesson in general was fun and added to our knowledge greatly. Additionally, in our Literacy lessons, we have been introduced to discursive texts which balance both sides of the argument.
In our Science lessons, we have had Lizzie the nurse come in to talk to us about how blood travels throughout our bodies, which was fascinating. Also, for our Friday REACH time we have been playing a game called 'Capture the Flag' which everyone has enjoyed greatly.
Week commencing 6th December 2021
Blog written by Daisy and Faith

This week we have enjoyed many fun activities including: carol concert practice, I’m sure the rest of the school would have heard our singing; learning about shapes in Maths, and lines of symmetry; writing persuasive texts, in English; creating Christmas cards (in art); and many more!

On Friday, we have participated in plenty of outdoor sessions like capture the flag, which we just recently started doing at the end of the week during reach time. Also we have played basketball in PE and completed a mini tournament- that was the last lesson for PE this term. As well as that, we have been so fortunate to have some visitors from the pantomime come in to school, and some people were even lucky enough to join in with the performance (sleeping beauty).

 We have had a very enjoyable week, the second to last one of term.