Autumn 1 2022

Friday 23rd September

A great week in St David’s Class. Many of the children are REACHing in all areas now and are showing me that they are great models for the younger children.

In Maths we have moved on to decimals and the children have worked hard to understand multiplying decimal numbers. The have explored existing knowledge and recapped learning from previous years. Many children are making links between learning and having high expectations of themselves meaning that they are getting on to the deepen it section and even some challenges too.

Meanwhile, in English the children used their knowledge of relative clauses and expanded noun phrases to write their own non-chronological reports based on an animal of their choice. We are now going on the write our final piece for this unit linked to sci-fi animals, based on the imaginary planet – Pandora.

The children have been enjoying their new art unit based on Making our voice heard linking to graffiti. They have been exploring pieces of work by Banksy, and how we can use artwork to send a message to others. We now have our eco reps, school council reps (these will be officially announced next week!) as well as our house captains, so all of these groups will start to work together to develop and improve our school making sure that we are being the best that we can be.

Enjoy looking at a selection of images from our PE and gardening session on Friday - a big thank you to Mrs Gwyer for coming to help with the gardening. 

Friday 16th September

Another week has flown by and the children have once again been working their socks off! We have been busy getting to know our buddies a bit more on the playground and the Year 6 children have been truly kind and loving showing empathy for their reception buddies. They have also shared their hopes and wishes for the year in which many of them mentioned their buddies and enjoying all the exciting things that Year 6 has to offer.

In Maths, our place value work has continued and they have worked hard to be able to order and compare 7 digit numbers. The children are getting much better at explaining their thoughts and reasoning relating to questions thinking of the moto that the answer is only the beginning. We are going to be moving on to decimals next week.

In English we have started our non-chronological report writing which the children have really enjoyed. Our main focus is on expanded noun phrases and relative clauses. The children have been working hard to show me that they can recognise and use both of these.

In outdoor learning the children used their orienteering and map skills to complete an activity with a partner. They enjoyed working together and cracking clues to solve the anagram 'we are mammals'. 

A big focus this week has been the house captain elections. The results were tight and many children were disappointed but gracious in their defeat. I want to congratulate everyone that stood up and gave a speech showing what it means to REACH in Faith, Hope and Love. Well done to all our knew captains – I can’t wait to see you in action.

Friday 9th September 2022

My first blog post for our new Year 6 class. I will be asking the children to write this in the coming weeks.

What can I say – it has been an amazing first week! They have come back ready to work hard and rise to what is expected of them as our role model Year 6’s. There have been many moments where lots of them are showing REACH and they have massively impressed me with their empathy, especially when we were considering Queen Elizabeth’s passing on Friday.

We have had a circus take over week so most of our activities have linked to this. They have explore how animals are used in the circus which links to our science topic this term as we explored animal adaptations and how certain animals are best suited to different habitats.

Our Maths has been linked to place value – the children are exploring numbers into the millions. By the end of the week, lots of them were flying with the Deepen It questions – well done St David’s class for having such high expectations of yourselves.

Friday’s are always fun filled in our room. A spot of Outdoor Learning creating our ‘closeness circles’ with different objects representing different people that they are close to. Gardening with Mrs Daly where they got to sample lots of produce and a circus skills linked PE lesson – they were busy!

I am looking forward to week two!