Spring Term 1 2023

Week commencing 30/1/23

We have had a busy week in St David’s class we have been inspiring others to REACH through Faith, Hope and Love during our class heats of the oracy competition. The class really impressed me with their topic choices from Rubik’s cubes to Ancient Egypt; there was a super range of interests and the children listened superbly to each other.

In Maths we have moved on to subtracting fractions and the children are getting used to the range of methods that can help them – one child said to me today that they now know the method so well and can do it accurately in their head which makes them feel confident that they are getting the right answer.

English lessons have been linked to exploring settings and the class have blown me away with some of their incredible descriptions and how they have been pushing themselves to be the best they can be. Many have chosen to describe an eerie forest setting and are using a wide variety of English skills such as: figurative language, different sentence types and the passive form.

During other curriculum subjects, we have explored: mountain climates and the weather that they have; participated in torch experiments; shown resilience in Great Dreams; used keyboards as well as iPads in music; having a tea party with our buddies; and generally REACHing in everything that we do.

Week commencing 23/1/23

Written by Theo and Gus

Yesterday in year 6, we did computing on the iPads; it is called code.org. Many people were struggling with it; we have been leaning about resilience so we used that to persevere with it.

In maths, we have been adding fractions and mixed number so we’ve needed to find the common denominators. In literacy we have done passive and active sentences; usually when it has a way or and in the sentence it is passive and if it does not it is active.

In art we have been planning are surreal art and creating our background for each week we are doing either foreground, middle ground or background.

In our science, we have been using torches and puppets to make shadows and we will be doing our experiment next week!

Week commencing 20.1.23

Written by Gus and Lorry

This week we have been doing art and in art, we have been creating ideas for a wonder full but weird piece of art (inspired by Salvador Dali’s art).   

We have also been writing about Saul’s conversion into St Paul. He was walking with his men when God appeared in front of him to convert him from killing Christians to then becoming a saint.

In RHE, we have been learning about how babies grow from an embryo, to a fetus to a baby. We enjoyed it very much.

We have been doing programming through coding and have been making sprites on this website called code.org; it was very fun we are all partnered up with each other.

Week commencing 9/1/23

Blog written by Emily, Flo and Sophia A

During this week, we have learnt about lots of different things. Such as mountains in Geography where we explored many mountain ranges. During Science, we have had lot of fun investigating how light travels. We learnt that light travels in a straight line and reflects off of an object and into our eyes so we can identify the object. On Friday, we got to play games with our buddies so we could spend more time with them. Also, we got to go on the I pads and learnt how to make music on the website Garage Band. We did a purple assessment write about ROOM 101 and write about two things that we strongly dislike and want to put into Room 101.

Week commencing 4/1/23

Blog written by Gus and Lorry


On Wednesday we did an art project linked to surrealism, which is art about a dream you might have, it was a lot of fun looking at the wonderful pictures by Salvador Dali. I do not know how he comes up with such odd-looking pictures.


In literacy, we have been doing a text map about if Zoos should be band, which we disagreed with.

Yesterday we retold and used actions to remember the story in pictures to then write this morning.

We came up with lots of different actions as a class and our personal favourite was the gorilla!


In Maths, we are drawing two-dimensional shapes and finding lines of symmetry on our first day back and in the past 2 days, we were measuring angles and length.  We learned that you have to make sure that the other side of drawing a mirror line has to be the same as if you put a mirror there.

                                                                                Bye, bye!