The Religious Education curriculum at St. Joseph’s Catholic Primary is based on the Strategy ‘God Matters’ and staff refer to the RE Curriculum Directory as well as the diocesan planning guidance.The teachings of the faith are based around the key celebrations of the Catholic Church’s Liturgical year including Advent, Christmas, Lent and Easter, the sacraments, revelation of God’s word, Pentecost, the mission of the church, some of the saints and their good work, Feast days associated with key figures of the church and the some prayers including the Rosary. The pupils revisit the themes on a yearly basis. The children use biblical references in order to develop an understanding of the teachings of the church.

The school encourages children, staff and parents to participate in collective worship throughout the year. This ranges from daily school worship, seasonal celebrations which include Advent and Lent Retreats to Whole school and Parish Family Masses.

All children are encouraged to value and respect those around them and to strive through our school mission of Faith, Hope and Love to see Christ in everyone.

Pupils from all year groups are encouraged to take part in Class Prayers and the Chaplaincy Team take an active role as Faith Leaders in preparing and leading a whole school worship on a regular basis. The themes used for this worship are closely linked to relevant theme in God Matters relating to the church’s calendar.