Governor Awards Sept 22-July 23

  • Reception
    In just the few weeks that this little girl has been at school, she has already demonstrated such a love for Religious Education. She is always respectful, listens carefully during lessons, and makes wonderful contributions to RE and class prayers. She goes above and beyond in RE lessons, regularly deepening her knowledge and understanding by extending activities, such as making her own bible and retelling biblical stories through her own drawings of key people.
    This little girl tries so hard to follow in Jesus’ footsteps. She has such a gentle nature and is an incredibly kind and loving child, who is always striving to be the best she can be. She is a fantastic role model to her peers, and we are very blessed to have her in our class. We are so proud of you, well done Luna!

  • Year 1
    This girl is a kind and caring girl who follows in Jesus’ footsteps. She joins in with Religious Education lessons and shares many lovely ideas. She has also produced some great pieces of work including writing her own psalm which I was very impressed with. She particularly enjoyed our lesson on how to care for God’s creation and along with some other children showed stewardship by deciding to pick up some rubbish off the school field. She is always looking out for her peers. She is very thoughtful and always lets me know if her friends are hurt or upset about something. This girl is a joy to have in the class and a great friend to lots of children. Thank you Winnie for being a special member of our school family and REACHing in all that you do.

  • Year 2
    I would like to give my Governor’s Award to a little girl who arrives in school everyday with a big smile on her face, ready to learn. She is kind, thoughtful and will always put the needs of others before her own, following in the footsteps of Jesus in every aspect of her school life. She is able to reflect beautifully during liturgical prayer and always has the confidence to share her own experiences with the other children in the class. During Class Prayers, she is able to join in with a range of prayer and understands the importance of these. Thank you Eliza, for being such a special part of our school family.

  • Year 3
    It is a pleasure to present this term’s Governor’s award to a member of St. Patrick’s class, who has been incredibly reflective, as well as being kind and considerate to those around him. His kindness has carried him through our first term and he always greets others with a smile. His empathy and work ethic has shown that he has undoubtedly been following in the footsteps of Jesus and been a shining light to those around him. He has been working especially hard in our RE lessons, thinking deeply about our key questions and writing some beautifully reflective and insightful prayers – especially for All Soul’s Day. Thank you to Edward, for demonstrating the values that are reflected within God’s image and likeness.

  • Year 4
    This young boy thinks so deeply about everything he does. In our Mission statement: Inspiring others to REACH through Faith, Hope and Love, this young boy embodies that in everything he does. With FAITH: He makes strong links with his faith in all his lessons, not just Religious Education. He references Jesus’s teachings often and it is a reminder to us all how to follow in Jesus’s footsteps. With HOPE: he sees the best in everyone, and will always encourage others not to give up. With LOVE: he brightens our classroom, shows care and love to us all and is a role model in class.
    Thank you, Arthur.

  • Year 5
    It is a pleasure to present this term’s Governor’s award to a member of St. Teresa’s class, who is both thoughtful and kind. This young girls persona mirror’s Mother Teresa’s words, “It’s not about how much you do, but how much love you put into what you do that counts.” She continues to show this trait not only in the way she leads her life but also in her phenomenal work ethic, pouring her heart and soul into her learning REACHing in all she does- to be the best that she can be. Furthermore, she has stepped up to challenges presented to her this term; enabling her to demonstrate her understanding in Religious Education, whilst confidently drawing on scripture and saints. Always remember to have faith in yourself, considering the words spoken by the Philippians, ‘I can do all this through him who gives me strength.’ Thank you, Orla for demonstrating the values that are reflected within God’s image and likeness.

  • Year 6
    This bright young lady has impressed me with her approach to Year 6 and her ability to be inspired through REACHing in Faith, Hope and Love. In Corinthians 13:4 it states, “Love is patient and kind,” and this person is 100% this as she always makes time to look after others, especially her Reception buddies. Also, whilst on residential she supported other children and filled her room with laughter and joy – it was a pleasure to see. She offers thought provoking suggestions in our RE session and her work shows a true understanding of the ideas that we have explored. When she writes prayers, she does so with a full heart and compassion towards all others showing how she is following in the footsteps of Jesus. She is a true role model for the school as she is one of the Eagle’s house captains; through this position, she can lead others and inspire people to be the best they can be. I’m excited to see what you achieve in Year 6 and I can’t wait to see you grow Isla.