Spring Term 1 (2021-2022)

Spring 1, Week 3
Reception's focus text this week was 'What the Ladybird Heard' by Julia Donaldson. The children got to participate in many farmyard activities and particularly enjoyed our story tuff tray! The children continued to deepen their knowledge and understanding of number through our numeracy lessons. They were able to partition numbers and use this knowledge to write number sentences! The children were able to measure the height and length of farmyard animals using unifix cubes and designed farmyard animals using 2D shapes! Reception have been writing sensory poems and creating a map from the focus text in their literacy sessions, as well as learning new phonic digraphs and spelling tricky words such as 'was' and 'are'. The children thoroughly enjoyed creating a sequence in gymnastics, linking together their learned skills of jumping and balancing. Reception worked hard at making wonderful ladybird stones for their outside area during outdoor learning. The children can now use them in the future to practice their counting, adding, doubling and so much more!
Spring 1, Week 2
Reception's focus text this week was 'Tiddler' by Julia Donaldson. The children really enjoyed the under water theme and have been very creative. Reception knew that an octopus had 8 legs and made paper chains to help Miss Berry make a large octopus for their display board. The children have been busy making under the sea creatures during independent learning time. The concept of partitioning numbers was introduced to the children this week. They were incredible at representing, partitioning and adding numbers. I have been blown away by them all! Reception began learning a new trigraph this week - 'igh' - 3 letters that make 1 sound! I am so impressed by the children's reading and writing skills now. In literacy the children explored rhyme and correctly spelling high frequency words independently. The HFW fish have been added to the classroom display! The children were very excited to use the equipment for the first time in Gymnastics today. They looked at how to balance and jump off and over equipment, ensuring they do so correctly and safely. Outdoor learning was full of predictions and testing and as the children learned all about heavy and light, sinking and floating.
Spring 1, Week 1
Happy new year! Reception have been so busy in their first week back to school. This term the children will be focusing on 7 Julia Donaldson's texts - one book each week. This week's text was 'The Smartest Giant in Town'. Reception have enjoyed retelling the story through small world play, making animals and items of clothing from the story out of playdough, demonstrating understanding of the story through literacy work and so much more! The children have been exploring counting and representing numbers in numeracy. Reception had a lot of fun making boats during outdoor learning and testing them in water to see if they would float or not. The first session of gymnastics was a success as the children were confident in performing different balances, jumps and ways of travel. The children have been working hard in guided reading and phonics sessions, learning more tricky words and sounds to help them read and write! What a great first week back!