Spring Term 1 (2019-2020)

Friday 24th January - Outdoor Learning
Galileo! Within outdoor learning this week we were able to conduct some fair tests – looking at Earth’s gravitational pull and the air resistance we experience!

Before we ventured outside, we discussed some theories conceived by Aristotle and Galileo – followed by producing our own hypothesises. 

The children were then able to test and see, when dropping items from a consistent height, if the weight of the items would affect how quickly they fall.

All of the class recorded their results within a table. Simultaneously, using measuring systems, such as scales and tape measures, to ensure a fair test was conducted.

Following this, we watched a controlled experiment conducted by Brian Cox. Within his parallel experiment, he changed one major thing… He conducted it in a vacuum! This altered our thoughts on gravity drastically and we realised that air resistance is a huge factor on our planet!


Monday 13th January - Tim Peake
Class visitor - Here in Saint Teresa's class today, the children had a surprise guest visitor, named Tim Peake. The children were so very excited this morning when they set eyes on the life size astronaut, who had come to visit our classroom. Within our current literacy unit, we have been researching space explores - one being Tim Peake himself - and we are so glad he has came on a mission to Saint Josephs!
Miss C
Tuesday 7th January - We the Curious
Space explorers! Today Saint Teresa's class kicked off their new topic of Earth and Space with a visit to We the Curious, in Bristol. Year 5 most certainly had a jam packed day, beginning in our workshop where the children were training to become astronauts, experimenting what happens in different air pressures, testing out materials for space nappies, creating rockets and even controlling mechanical arms. What's more, we followed this by venturing out into space, utilising the on-site planetarium, travelling around our galaxy and beyond in 3D! I must say it was a fabulous and enriching experience, whereby we had lots of WOWs and excitement. To round off our trip, the children then got to explore the exhibits and really become scientists! 
Thank you for - as always - being such fabulous ambassadors for our school! 
Miss C