Autumn Term 1 (2020-2021)

Wednesday 23rd September
Tuesday 22nd September
The Bake Off!! Today marks the start of the bake off and reception certainly got in the mood. We spent the afternoon making measuring, rolling, weighing and cutting to make ourselves yummy biscuits. We had flour EVERYWHERE! Once our amazing biscuits were in the oven we helped to wiped the tables down and wash and dry the equipment we used.
Monday 21st September
This afternoon we had our first PE lesson! We arrived to school very excited that we were wearing our PE kits. We spent the afternoon outside showing how amazing we are at catching, throwing, kicking, balancing, jumping and hopping.
What a busy afternoon we had! Take a look at the photos below. 
Monday 21st September
This week the children are in ALL DAY! Please arrive at the drop off gate at 8.45am and collect your child at 3.05pm. They are still in group A and B  so group A are Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and group B are Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.
Please send your child to school with a water bottle, hat and apply sun cream at home.
Keep a look out for pictures of what we have been up to during our full days in school.
Monday 7th September
What brilliant children we had this morning!!! The children were so brave saying goodbye to their grown ups and smiled their way into school. I was very proud of each and every one of them!
Remember that schools starts at 8.50am, please do not arrive in the line until 8.50am as the Year 1 children need to come in first. This week your child is finishing school at 12pm. Please send your child to school with 1 piece of fruit as the fruit delivery has not arrived but we do still have milk.
Thursday 3rd September
I would like to begin by welcoming you all to St Mary's (Reception's) Class page. I will be updating this page regularly and letting you know what we have been up to in school. 
What a lovely transition afternoon we had today. The children came in beautifully and were all very brave! They then spent the afternoon mark making in the sand, painting, manipulating playdough, exploring the resources in the art area, showing how good they are at counting and building houses out of Lego.
I look forward to welcoming Group B for their transition afternoon tomorrow from 1-2.30pm.