Chaplaincy Team

May 2021      The Rosary
May is the month of Mary. During this month we will be leading the whole school during class prayers to say a decade of the Rosary.
The chaplaincy team talked about the Rosary to their class and introduced the first decade of the Rosary - the Joyful mysteries.
During this month try and think more about Mary and how important she was in the life of Jesus.
March 2021
YEAR OF ST JOSEPH  - Dec2020 to Dec 2021
St Joseph is the patron saint of our school, our parish and by proclamation of Pope Pius IX Christ's universal church.
To celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Proclamation by Pope Pius IX, the present Pope Francis has declared this a special year to honour and pray to St Joseph.
As we celebrated St Joseph's day on 19th March the whole school spent the afternoon thinking of him, his work and how important he was to Mary and Jesus. Through this time of covid it has shown us the importance of 'ordinary people' who though far from the limelight offer partience and help to others every day just like St Joseph.
It is difficult to find much about St Joseph so the children though pf symbols that would remind them of him.
Reception became Carpenters, Year 1, 3 and 4 used the symbol of lillies in their art work . Year 2 were at home on teams and produced drawings of St Joseph while Year 5 , also at home , created beautiful prayers.
Year 6 created an amazing 'stain glass window' effect picture which hasnow been framed and put up on display. Work from each class has also been put on a display in the Reception area so any visitors to the school can see how important he is to us.
March 2021
St Joseph's Feast Day
We were not able to attend mass this year to celebrate this important Feast day in our school calender year, but this did not stop the Chaplaincy team from encouraging the school to still think about t Joseph and celebrate how wonderful he was.
The children in Year3,4 and 5 who are inthe chaplaincy team learnt and sang a hymn and all the children took part in a Liturgy about St Joseph. Please take a look at it on our school assembly pages.
February 2021
Lent Retreat
WE are very lucky here at St Joseph's to have such a committed Chaplaincy Team. We haven't been able to have many meetings but the children have still showed they are committed to helping the faith of the school by leading class prayers, writing their own prayers for the chidlren, looking after the class prayer table and taking on the responsiblilty of the Lent retreat with respect and maturity. 
We filmed the retreat so that the whole school was involved. Even though many of the Chaplaincy Team, were at home we were able to involve and film them through TEAMs. They managed extremley well despite Mrs B's ICT skills and the internet loosing connection just as we were recording!!
December 2020
Advent Retreat
Although the children had to stay in their class bubbles, the Chaplaincy team showed they could cope with anything we ask them to do.
Today we held our advent retreat in school. Instead of moving around the school in mixed groups, the children stayed in their classes but  used TEAMS to introduce each stage of the Advent journey. The chaplaincy team were still able to take part in the retreat by talking on TEAMS to each class. asking questions, encouraging children to talk and then setting a task for them to complete. It was a new experience for the Reception children who have never been involved in the retreat before but, they sat and listened really well answering questions when encouraged by the team.
Well done Chaplaincy for another great job! 
November 2020
Commissioning of the Chaplaincy Team
Things are certainly different in the world at this present time. Even more so at school! This year instead of Chaplaincy team going up to Bristol Cathedral to receive their badges from the Bishop, the children stayed at  school and took part in a virtual Commissioning Mass.
I was worried that the children wouldn't feel special as the mass is always a reflective time but, after talking to the chaplaincy team they agreed that it felt very special as their friends in class were able to join in the mass and understand more about what the chaplaincy team was.
The children followed the mass sheet and at various points in the mass we were asked to pause and our chaplains could then stand up and read. This meant that all the children took part in the mass rather than just one school.
When it came to give the badges out, this job was given to the class teacher and the children felt proud to receive their badges in front of their class mates.
October 2020
After an awful end to the year where Chaplaincy team missed setting up and organising the  Lent retreat and fundraising and I missed saying goodbye to some chaplaincy members who have helped me over several years , we are back hoping that despite being in different bubbles we may still help and encourage the prayer life here at St Josephs.
During Lock down it was lovely to receive pictures and prayers from the children and I hoped you enjoyed seeing them on our web page.
After settling back into school and getting used to different ways of doing things I was able to ask the children who would be interested in helping me again this year with chaplaincy and, how we could still organise and meet up within our bubbles.
I received lovely letters from the children, some I have put here on the web page and some  are up on display in the school corridor. 
I look forward to working together with the children.
Our new team welcome
Year 6
Summer, Isabelle, Leo
Year 5
Emily, Amelia, Maddie, Lola, Maya, Francesca
Year 4
Ava, Safia, Emily, Beatrice
Year 3
Orla, Rosalie, Pippa
May 2020
Thank you to the children that sent in pictures and prayers in support of Earth Day. Your pictures were beautiful, some of you using Gods creation to make them. Your prayers were very special and I have attached them for you all to look at. 

Prayer from Ava  for Earth Day

 Dear Lord,

 Thank you for our beautiful world and for all we have in it.

I am sorry that we haven’t looked after it as well as we should of.

We pray for your guidance to help us care for all that you have given us.




Thank you for babies and we entrust them to Mary our Mother  for protection over them from conception to natural death

22nd April 2020
Today is Earth Day, an annual event celebrated around the world  to demonstrate support for environmental protection. First celebrated in 1970, it now includes events coordinated globally by the Earth Day Network in more than 193 countries.
Our Chaplaincy team were due to go back to St Peters High school today to work with other chaplaincy teams in the Gloucestershire area and St Peters chaplaincy team on activities to do with Earth Day. Unfortunately due to lock down we are unable to attend.
Mandy the chaplain  from St Peters has asked that we could virtually celebrate together.
Please watch the attached youtube video
I would like you to think of God's creation and how beautiful it is but how easily it can be destroyed. I would like you to create a picture of your favourite God's creation. You can draw it, paint it or collage a picture using different materials found inside your home or outdoors. It would be lovely of you could write a few lines about being thankful for the God's creation you have 'created' I. am hoping that putting all your thoughts together we can write a school prayer of thanksgiving.
 If you could either email me a photo of your picture to or put it on twitter but please email your prayer. I would like to send the pictures and prayer to Mandy at St Peters.
Could I have this by next Friday 1st May
 Thankyou and enjoy creating
It has been lovely to see that children have been thinking of the importance of Lent and Easter even while we have not been in school. Children have been reading the Easter story and making their own Easter gardens.
Safia went a little further and after reading the Easter story painted some of the Stations of the Cross with her mum. These are beautiful pictures and I wanted to share them with the Chaplaincy team. 
If you have anything that you would like to go on our Chaplaincy pages then please email them into school.
See if you can identify which stations Safia has painted.

Our Journey through Lent

Lent begins on Ash Wednesday and finishes on Holy Saturday. Lent is the season of reflection and preparation. It is a time when we could think about giving up something like Jesus did in the wilderness for 40 days and 40 nights or, to do something extra to help others.

This journey made by the Chaplaincy team help us to think about how we are and where we want to be, how by either giving up something or doing something extra will make us all better people and ready to celebrate the season of Easter, to help us find a new path to God.

The Chaplaincy team have come up with ideas/goals to help you for the next 40 days. Each day is new day so if you haven’t managed to follow an idea/goal on one day don’t give up, there is always another goal the following day.

March 2020
Lent Retreat.
The children did another superb job during the school lent retreat. They assisted the teachers setting up the stations in each classroom and the teachers then talked to the children about each station and their input during the session. 
All the class teachers said how amazing the Chaplaincy team were. they listened, followed instructions and worked with the other children keeping them all on task.
Another great job Chaplaincy!
January 2020
Visit to St Peters High School
We were invited to St Peters High School to work together with their Chaplaincy team and other catholic school chaplaincy teams in the diocese. This was a chance to meet with other children and launch the Year of Communion. The children had to introduce themselves to the other chaplaincy teams, talk about themselves, ask questions and learn more about what other teams do in their schools. 
Mandy, the Chaplain of St Peters, set the children questions to think about...
What is a Community?
What do we have on common?
What do we need to build a community?
The children shared their ideas. 
December 2019
Advent Posada
As part of St Peters High Schools Advent preparation and the Year of Communion we were invited to participate in their Posada Prayer Service.
The custom of Posada originated form Mexico where two young people were  chosen to dress up as Mary and Joseph. They used to travel from house to house in their village telling people about the imminent arrival of Jesus and asking them if they would give them room. On Christmas Eve t would re-enact a community play and bring figures of Mary and Joseph to be placed in the crib.
Instead of children dressing up we were sent statues of Mary, Joseph and Jesus. The beautifully carved figures were made in Zambia.
he stautes visited different schools during Advent and we received the figures from The Rosary School.
Our Chaplaincy team had the chance to sit with the Reception children and show them the figurines an the Chaplaincy team lead the prayer.
December 2019
Advent Acts of Kindness Tree
Advent is a time of preparation where we prepare for the birth of Jesus. The children wanted to think of a way to encourage children to prepare and one idea was to do acts of kindness leading up to Christmas.
The children decorated boxes. Each box was then numbered and filled with a reading from a scripture from the Nativity story, one to go in their class prayer book and one by the tree. Also inside the box, as well as a little sweet surprise, was a little slip of paper with an act of kindness on for the children to do each  day. These were written by the Chaplaincy team.
Each day a member of the Chaplaincy team went with a child from a different class to the box numbered with that day and found the goodies inside. then the act of kindness slip was given to each  class for them to follow that day.
A lovely thoughtful idea to help all the children think of more  than just presents and Father Christmas!
November 2019
Advent Retreat
Chaplaincy were amazing toady during our school Advent retreat. They were put into groups of three and allocated a class. The children had to help prepare class area, set out resources and light the candles ready for the retreat. After they had watched the teachers first introduce the station they were then able to have a go themselves, talking to the children from all the classes, ask questions and get them to complete a task.
Mrs D'Arcy came around and watched each group and said how brilliant and respectful the children had been.
Well done Chaplaincy Team 
Elsa, Summer and Leo have written a piece about their day
Nov 2019
Chaplaincy Commissioning
Today was a special day for 8 of our chaplaincy team members as they were commissioned by Bishop Declan at Clifton Cathedral. They received a badge and certificate. 
We had a  lovely day, the children met  chaplaincy members from other schools around the Clifton Diocese and were able to talk to them and find out what other schools had been doing last year during The Year of Prayer. We are now looking forward to starting the Year of Communion.
October 2019
Education Mass
Isabelle and Leo attended the Education Mass on Tuesday evening taking up our school banner. They also handed over a cheque to Missio for £130.00 which was money raised by the Chaplaincy team this year.
October 2019
Welcome to a new school year and new members of the Chaplaincy Team. I am so pleased to welcome 8 new children to our team. 
We held our first meeting and the children were given their books to use during the year to write ideas down, prayers, challenges that are set and any thing that will help them during the year.
We  listened to a podcast sent by Bishop Declan welcoming the children and encouraging them to think of others during the year.
I asked the children to look at their class prayer tables and think of ways these can be improved and this is one of the things we will be looking at this year.
Important dates ahead -
Education Mass is on 19th October where Bishop Declan will introduce the Year of Communion.
Chaplaincy Mass at Clifton Cathedral 13th November
Advent Retreat - December

Lampedusa Cross

Prayer around the cross - ‘We are linked together in prayer to help one another.’

This is a special cross called the LAMPEDUSA CROSS. This pilgrimage cross has been entrusted to all pupils in our diocese. It left Clifton Cathedral in November during our Chaplaincy Commissioning and has visited each school in turn.

The crosses were originally made by Francesco Tussio, a carpenter from a small Italian Island in Lampedusa. When hundreds of refugees drowned off the coast of Lampedusa, he was moved to gather the driftwood from the wrecked boats and turn them into crosses, which he gave to the survivors as a symbol of hope.

As this cross has travelled around each of our schools in turn, it reminds us that we need to work to bring justice and hope to our world, to remember that God walks with us, even in difficult times, and of our need to pray.

We used different coloured card to write our prayers on. 5 colours for the 5 Continents. In the poorest areas of these Continents we think about their suffering, and how our prayers can give them love, hope, strength and perseverance to overcome the difficulties they face.

 WE will write our own prayer promising God how we will remember and help these people. Then link all our prayers together to make a chain symbolising ‘we are all linked together through prayer to make a difference in this world’.

May 2019
We finally counted the money from the Missio  Boxes.This was our Lent fundraising  'Give it up or Do Something Extra'. Out of 160 boxes sent out we received 50 back. Thank you so much to all who returned their boxes. The children counted £311.00. 
£150.00 of this will go to Cafod and the rest will go towards Missio.
Today was the feast day of St Joseph. We were very lucky as Bishop Declan came to say our special mass.
After a lovely service he came around the school, talking to the children and then met with the Chaplaincy team who presented him with a gift of  print of a cross, in the theme of Jackson Pollock , created by the Year 3 and Year 4 classes.
The Chaplaincy team helped choose the hymns for the mass and sang 'Come and join the circle' accompanied by Mrs D'Arcy on the flute. They did an amazing job.
The Year 3 and 4 children then read the Bidding Prayers.
Well done Chaplaincy team.
Lent Retreat
Our Chaplaincy team are working very hard this term. The Year 5 and Year 6 children did a brilliant job setting up for the Lent Retreat in KS1. They organised the classroom for the teachers, prepared the resources and introduced the theme to the groups of children who came into the class with respect and knowledge. During the session they asked the children questions and when setting the children a task, helped the younger children with their writing.
Well done.
The children have been very busy today with lots of jobs that needed doing ready for Lent.
They were making Prayer boxes for the classrooms, for their classmates to use if they want to have a prayer said during Class Prayers or they wanted to class to think of someone in their prayers,
Next as a team they worked together to make a display. This is our fundraising for Lent in support of both CAFOD and MISSIO. 
Give Up for Lent is the Slogan. We  are asking the children to give up something for Lent and instead use that money to put in the Missio box to help other children around the world. If they are not giving up then we ask that they think about doing something extra for their family and friends. If they are given money again we ask that they think about putting it in the Missio boxes.
We will collect the boxes after Lent .
Chaplaincy Assembly.
Today the Chaplaincy team gave the morning assembly to the whole school about the Year Of Prayer, The Mission Prayer and our development plan.
They made a power point for the children to see and designed a prayer sheet for the Mission prayer.
The prayer was said together, and the chaplaincy team will take it in turns to go around each of the classes saying the prayer every afternoon after registration.
Our Prayer Promise
May all children
In the world
Share love
Share friendship and live
In the peace
Of God's love
Now and forever. Amen
December 2018
St Roses School in Stroud invited our Year six Chaplaincy members to come and visit their school and to learn 'The Lord's Prayer' in Makaton.
The school hall was decorated for Christmas and it gave us a special feeling being there  and meeting other children form different schools.
It was quite difficult remebering all the actions but I hope the Chaplaincy team can show the other children and we can use it when saying our prayer. 
During this Year of Prayer it is good to get together with other schools to pray.
We had a lovely morning, especially as we called in for jam doughnuts on the way back to school!
30th November 2018
Today was a special day as our new Chaplaincy members went to Clifton Cathedral for their Commissioning. They went with The Rosary School for the day. It was very exciting as many of the children had never visited Clifton Cathedral.
Betty and Kara took our school banner and paraded around the cathedral with all the other schools. There were over 900 children there!
The new  members received a badge and a certificate. We took our Prayer promise with us which Holly gave to the Bishop. This was signed by all the members of the Chaplaincy team promising to Pray for children overseas who are living in poverty. This was also to help us remember that this Church year is 'The Year of Prayer'.
We had a chance to talk with other schools, infact we met some past pupils who have moved onto Secondary School and it was nice to see how they were getting on and, that they are still Chaplaincy members in their new school.
It was a long but enjoyable service where we learned new songs and actions!
October 2019
Today I  went to the Education Mass. Leo and I carried the banner to represent St Josephs . The cathedral
was full up with lots of other schools who all came to celebrate the start of the new education year. At the end of  mass we all got a candle to take back to our schools.
By Isabelle
Nov 2018
In November our new Chaplaincy Team were invited to St Peters Catholic Primary School to a Mass with other school in the Diocese to celebrate 175 years of Mission Together. To honour children around the world who live out the Mission motto - 'Children helping Children' through prayers and sharing.
We made a Prayer Pole adding our own Prayers to it which we exchanged with another school during the service. This was to represent our children sharing faith with one another.
The children sang and read beautifully. At the end of the Mass we were given a special candle and a Prayer card.