Autumn Term 2 (2022 - 2023)

Wow! What a wonderful term Autumn 2 has been! The children have worked so hard and I am so proud of every single one of them!

Literacy in the Early Years

Each week the children have looked a new text, linked to their winter topic ‘The Snowman’. These texts included:

  •          Santa’s New Sleigh
  •          Christmas Cookie Day
  •          Sparks in the Sky
  •          The Snowman
  •          Ten Little Lights

Reception have moved on from mark making and are beginning to write the sounds they have learned from their phonic lessons and guided reading sessions. Each child has begun to learn the skills to start representing stories, write simple instructions, describe characters, write Christmas cards, write a wish list to Santa, sequence parts of a story, identify and match rhyming words, read and write CVC words and retell stories through actions and repeated phrases.

Maths in the Early Years

The children have worked hard to develop their counting skills and deepen their knowledge of number. Reception have looked at counting numbers up to 10 and developing their understanding of what a number is. They have explored counting objects, recognising that counting objects can begin with any in the set and the total will remain the same. They have developed an understanding that the total amount of objects in a set will stay the same, even if objects are moved around, as long as no objects are added or taken away. The children have explored sizes and shapes of objects and discussed whether this makes any difference to counting. They understand that the last number counted represents how many are in the set and have learned that you can count things that happen or that you hear, as well as understanding that objects that have been counted are still there, even if they are no longer visible!

Understanding the World

Our Key Stage 1 Nativity

Our Nativity this year was called ‘Stable by Starlight’. The children did such an amazing job singing, acting and dancing. Also, how sweet do they all look? Well done Key Stage One, I am so proud of you!