Autumn Term 2 2022

Week commencing 5/12/22


This week we have enjoyed learning our songs for the carol concert (ready for Tuesday next week).

Next week, everyone is looking forward to constructing our Anderson Shelters, which will be made out of cardboard and more. Recently, we have been doing tests in preparation for SAT’S commencing in May. We have been making circuits including buzzers bulbs ready to go into our Anderson shelters. On Monday, we did our French and computing assessment. We also watched our video (linked to our History topic) from our new friends from the old people’s home (The Steppes in Nailsworth). Finally, we have made sure that we have brought our A-game for PE dance with Steff.

Written by Alfie L and George.

Week commencing 28th November 2022
This week's blog is a little different as the children have written comments to go on to it relating to what they enjoyed this week. I have chosen a selection to share with you...
Edith - This week (Friday) we did a debate in the classroom about pocket money and it was a new experience. I enjoyed it and really want to do it again (we are). 
Sophia - This week I have enjoyed our experiment with the circuits where we chose either a buzzer or a light bulb and we also added some more components. I have also enjoyed dancing in PE with Steph to the song 'Pump Up the Jam'.
Lorry - I really enjoyed planning my Anderson Shelter and in Science I am really loving making our circuits. I was flabbergasted when we did a debate which was about if you agree with if you think pocket money should be given out equally and I said no!
Will N - My favourite thing that I did this week was on Friday. We did a debate on 'Should Pocket money be paid the same in the UK', and I said yes. We were all shouting boo or yes with a deep voice and it was really exciting! 
Beatrice - This week I have enjoyed doing our dance with Steph and practising debating in class (like they do in the Houses of Parliament). We also did a Big Write on what we wanted to put in Room 101!
No name on the sheet (if you recognise the comment let me know!) - This week, we have done lots of work on the Carol Concert; we will sing lots of great songs. There has been a lot of extra practice, but it will definitely be worth it!
Week commencing 21st November 2022
We had a great week in St David's class. The highlights were starting to research Anderson Shelters in preparation for making one as part of our DT, Science and History project. We had two local councillors visit us on Friday as part of our REACH project this term - Wendy Thomas and Steve Robinson. They were so impressed with the questions that the children asked and how interested they all were. We are also starting to build some links to a local care home - The Steppes in Nailsworth - and this week we sent them a hello video from the class and some questions linked to WW2 - our topic.

Week commencing 14th November

An action packed week for us with lots of extra activities going on! We have been creating a newsletter for Anti-Bullying Week 2022 and the children have been working in small groups to do this. Furthermore, on Wednesday, we had STEMWorks come in and we took part in the Knex Gloucestershire Competition to build a machine suitable for sorting recycling. The children worked hard in their pairs - George and Lorry came 3rd; Ava, Jasmine and Emily came 2nd ; and Sophia A and Freya had the winning design. They will go on to represent us at the finals in Spring/Summer 2023. I have attached some pictures of the children in action.

We have moved on to Fractions in Maths and the children have been revisiting previous learning and building on this – many are showing great perseverance and are using their knowledge of tables or specific strategies to help them.

In English, we are considering persuasive text and focusing on the idea of Room 101 (a place to put things we find annoying or terrifying) – what would you put in there? Some suggestions from the class were war, jealousy, guns, spiders, nails scraping down walls etc! Also, the actions for our text map were great!

Roll on another exciting week in St David’s Class!

Week commencing 7th November

This week we were very busy preparing for our Remembrance Service. The children worked hard to create artwork for the hall; learn their lines; write poetry linked to war; and practise the two songs for our service. They particularly enjoyed going to create poppies with their reception buddies at the start of the week. Many people were able to attend on Friday and the children did an amazing job – Mrs Howells was moved to tears at one point! I am very proud of their respect and understanding regarding such an important day.

In between our Remembrance work, we have been busy focused on a different area of Maths – coordinates, translation and reflection. The children worked hard to understand all the terminology and how to accurately draw in Maths. They have learnt the importance of using a ruler for accuracy!

On Friday the children enjoyed their last basketball session as next week we move on to dance. They played mini games, and I was impressed with their determination to improve and build on their skills.

It has been a week of REACHing – keep shining St David’s Class.

Week commencing 31st October
A great first week back, after residential it had felt like we had, had a long break! The children have continued to impress me with their REACHing through Faith, Hope and Love
In Maths, they have carried on working on one of the more complex year 6 objectives - long division. They have shown resilience and progress with this as it does take a while to complete these types of calculation.
In English, we have finished our unit about suspense stories - there were some excellent ones crafted. We have now moved on to our poetry unit focused on war poems in preparation for our Remembrance Service which is at 10.30 on Friday 11th November.
We have had a few special events this week: the children watched the Stroud Book Festival live and saw John Agard (an incredibly famous poet) read and talk about his poems; the chaplaincy team were busy being commissioned; and the rest of the class got to take part in a parliament workshop linking up with London. 
We rounded the week off with a basketball session and some artwork linked to Remembrance. I am looking forward to sharing this with the school and parents next week.