Autumn Term 2

In our Reach activity, we are focusing on computing in the form of blogging. Each week the children in the class will be in charge of the blog. So now I would like to hand over to the wonderful children of Year 5, who take great pride and pleasure in writing about their week. 
Friday 3rd December 2021
Let’s take a look at Year 5 Antics:
This week we have been learning more French numbers, why don’t you ask us if we can remember any of them? Not only this but we had the chance to complete a crossword in FRENCH! During Literacy, we have been learning and writing the story of Beowulf, a historical myth and legend story based on our topic learning. In God Matters, we have been learning about Advent and the first coming of Jesus. The Year 2 children made us our very own wreath to have in our classroom. We have enjoyed drawing Viking dragons eyes…no we have loved it. Although we found it hurt our hands, due to all the detail. 

Thanks for reading!
Friday 26th November 2021
This is Year 5’s Class Blog:

This week, we have been learning about multiplication 10’s 100’s and 1000’s by numbers such as: 127 times 100 =12,700.  In literacy, we have been writing persuasive letters to Siobhan Baillie. Also we have been learning about notes in music such as A B C D E G and F. In topic, we have been learning about Anglo Saxons and Vikings, interestingly the Vikings believed in many Gods such as Odin Thor Frey and Freya. In Dear time, we have been reading ‘Viking Boy’ and ‘The Boy Who Biked the World’.

Thank you for reading.

Friday 26th November 2021

This week’s work:

This week, we have been focusing on Literacy, where we have been learning about modal verbs and subordinating conjunctions. We have also been using water colours to create our own wonders artwork based on the book 'We're All Wonders'. In topic, we wrote about the Vikings using some of our Literacy learning. We have also done a lot of handwriting practice in our spare time. Also on Thursday, we had an Advent Retreat ran by the Chaplaincy Team and we learned about the story of when Jesus was born.

 Friday 26th November 2021

All About our Week:

This week has been full of adventures and fun. We have learnt the notes to the song 'Here comes the ghost parade', furthermore we went deeper into our understanding of music. Some brave people, who had brought their instruments into school, played in front of our class (Year 5). Also we learnt about the Vikings and the Anglo Saxons in our Topic work. Fun fact: interestingly, the Vikings weren’t always ferocious beings, even though they were known for invading Britain. 

We hope you have enjoyed hearing about our week!


Friday 19th November 2021

What we did this week:

This week we liked making kindness beads as St Bernadette used to do. We did this because it was one kind word week.  We also enjoyed writing kindness poems and colouring them in. In math's, we have been doing column addition and subtraction with decimal places. Also in literacy we have been using subordinating clauses and main clauses but also modal verbs. This week was great FUN!

Friday 19th November 2021

This week we enjoyed…

Doing different activities such as:

Learning how to write a blog, GOD MATTERS and doing the kindness activities.  

We have been creating blogs to go on our school website. We are trying to keep you up to date on our learning and share our fun activities. St. Teresa’s class (Year 5) have been making these to let you get deeper into our learning.

During God Matters we worked with the Bibles and we read about the times Jesus healed people. We learnt about the healing of the blind man, 10 lepers and the paralyzed man.

Friday 19th November 2021


We have been doing VCOP and we did main clauses and subordinate clauses. In VCOP we have been learning about Emperor Penguins. In the summer the eggs begin to hatch as the sun is hot, however in the winter they can’t breed eggs


This term we have being dance move’s it is called banana, banana meatball we also learnt dance moves to re-create our very own flash mob. We did it in the hall so we had lots of space.


We were listening to 'We're All Wonders' where a boy only has one eye.

Friday 12th November 2021


This week we enjoyed doing GOD MATTERS and learning about Saint Bernadette and her visions of Mary. We learnt that she got baptised at the age of 2 days old, that she lived in France and she was a sibling of eight others.

We made the Receptions mini worlds out of cable reels, we presented them on Thursday afternoon one by one, they were all different there were jungles, race tracks, farms and islands. 

We hope you enjoyed reading about our week!