Autumn Term 1 (2022 - 2023)

Autumn 1, Week 7
The final week of autumn 1! Wow, what an incredible first term at big school! I am so proud of all of my children. Reception have had a wonderful last week, exploring items in the outdoor environment and learning more about the season of autumn, developing their imaginatively, creativity and curiosity through play at independent learning time and learning all about Hinduism during our week of 'Awe and Wonder'. The children loved learning about the story of Rama and Sita and worked together to identify acts that are good choices and acts that are bad choices. Reception were interested to learn that Hindus tell stories, such as 'Rama and Sita' to teach one another life lessons, for example, that good will always triumph over evil.
We really enjoyed having another mystery reader in this week, and the children adored their focus story. They cannot wait for more mystery readers next term! In literacy, reception have been reading and writing CVC words from the story 'The Three Little Pig' and continue to develop their letter formation and correct pencil grip. In numeracy, the children have been exploring the number 7! They are so clever, and I am so proud of every child.
Well done Reception, I look forward to sharing another wonderful term with you - have a lovely half term!
Autumn 1, Week 6
This week the children continued to explore the story 'The Three Little Pigs', retelling the story, creating actions and making story roads to deepen their knowledge on this text. In Religious Education, Reception focused on prayer and saying thank you to God for everything that has been created. The children made their own prayer of thanks and prayed these prayers at the Prayer table. 
The children were really lucky to be able to see their buddies again. Both year groups ran the mini marathon together and then shared some independent learning time together to deepen relationships. All children really enjoy their buddy time and cannot wait to spend more time together!
Autumn 1, Week 5
This week the children have been learning their harvest rhyme for the Harvest Liturgy. They have been practising so hard and have been looking at the rhyming words in the rhyme. The children are very excited to perform it next week! In Maths, Reception have moved onto exploring the number 6. During independent learning time the children have deepened their number knowledge by completing number 6 activities through play and exploration. We were lucky enough to go on a walk around Nympsfield village to identify natural and manmade features within our environment. The children were so well behaved and had so much fun exploring the area in which they live. In Religious Education, the children have been learning about the creation story. Reception have learned the wonderful things that God created and enjoyed retelling the story through the toys in our tuff tray. Well done Reception, you are super stars!
Autumn 1, Week 4
This week the children have started learning to read and write CVC words. They have been recognising and writing their name and continuing to form their letters correctly. Reception have enjoyed learning their 'sound of the day' and have been working so hard to read and write them whenever they can! In science this week, the children went on an autumnal colour walk, finding things in the outdoor environment that matches the colour card they were given. Autumn is such a wonderful time of year, full of beautiful colours and the children really enjoyed exploring this.
This week we had show and tell, wheelie Wednesday and Mystery Reader! They were all so much fun!
Autumn 1, Week 3
This week the children began learning their Phase 2 sounds! They have been amazing at practising the formation of each letter in various ways, such as in sand, on whiteboards and chalk on the playground. The children have been learning about initial sounds in words and identifying these. In science the children have explored the 4 seasons and went on an autumn scavenger hunt! The children have enjoyed learning about their families in Geography and playing on the log trail during REACH time. What a busy first full week at school! Well done Reception, I am so proud of you!
Autumn 1, Week 2
This week, the children stayed for lunch! They have done so well eating in the hall with the rest of the school. Reception began looking at the numbers 0 - 5. They have been singing songs, counting dinosaurs and continuing to trace their numbers, trying as hard as they can to form them correctly. The children have also been identifying rhyme in stories and have loved practising robot talk with Bob our class robot! Reception identified the initial sounds in their name and then tried to find objects around the classroom that began with the same sound. During their REACH activity today, the children listened to a story about being a good listener and discussed what we should do at school to show good listening - "legs crossed, eyes looking, ears listening and our lips are zipped!" Reception were then introduced to their new special friend, who they decided on a name for - Star. The children told Star how to be a good listener and told him that they were going to be his special friend and look after him whenever they saw him. Star is looking forward to having another session with the children during REACH time next Friday.
Autumn 1, Week 1
Wow, what an amazing first week of school! I am so proud of how well the children have settled into 'big school' - they have all been amazing. This week, the Reception have been learning school and class rules, making relationships with teachers and peers and have been exploring their environment, both inside and outside. We looked at circus animals and made animal paper plates. The children have been practising tracing numbers and their name, as well as mark making and drawing pictures in different ways! The children have loved listening to our stories each day and always ask for a story to be read to them during snack time! 
Due to the sad news of The Queen passing away, the children made crowns to celebrate her life and we discussed some of the amazing things she has done for us over the years. Reception knew that the Queen was a very special lady. Well done for this week Reception, I can't wait to continue being your teacher this year and helping you learn and grow.