Autumn Term 1 (2021 - 2022)

Autumn 1, Week 5

This week the children have worked really hard, learning all about Harvest. They learned, practiced and performed the song ‘The Farmer Plants the Seeds’ and enjoyed creating their own Autumn tree pictures. After learning about what happens at Harvest time, Reception made hedgehog bread rolls. The children listened to and followed instructions, took turns and worked together really well. Reception learned the sounds ‘i, n, m, d’ and began segmenting and blending CVC words. The Funky Fingers station encouraged the children to build houses for the 3 Little Pigs. The children worked really hard practising writing their names. They are doing so well with it and I am so proud of them! Reception represented God’s creations using musical instruments, chose their favourite creation and reflected on why this was. The children thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the ‘Mini Marathon’ on Friday and were very excited to receive their certificates!

Autumn 1, Week 4

This week Reception began learning Phase 2 sounds in Phonics. They learned the letters ‘s, a, t, p’ and practiced the formation and the actions for each letter. The children practiced writing the letters in shaving foam and using chalk on the playground. Reception children practiced counting in a sequence, represented the story of ‘The Three Little Pigs’ and enjoyed learning about the season of Autumn by exploring colours in the outdoors. The children also enjoyed taking part in a ‘Creation Walk’ where they identified things around the school that are part of God’s creation.

Autumn 1, Week 3 
The Reception children have worked really hard with their sounds this week. They have been exploring the initial sounds in their names and have practiced writing these in many different ways, including in shaving foam, using chalk on the playground and writing on a whiteboard using magnetic letters to support them. The children have enjoyed learning more about the story ‘The Three Little Pigs’ and thought of great vocabulary to describe the properties of the straw, sticks and bricks. Reception had many opportunities to demonstrate their knowledge of patterns this week, copying and creating a variety of them. They even got to make patterned snakes using unifix cubes at the 'Funky Fingers’ station! Reception children were very excited to begin using the new road track in our outdoor area, demonstrating their super physical skills using a scooter!
Autumn 1, Week 2
The children have had another wonderful week at school. They have been exploring 2D shape and have enjoyed completing different activities linked to this, such as potato printing, attaching pegs onto 2D shapes, to practice their fine motor skills and creating 2D shapes using lollipop sticks. Reception did brilliantly, staying for lunch this week, and made myself and Mrs Hill very proud. In literacy the children have been using their sounds to work out what Billy Bear wanted to have for his lunch, as well as exploring rhythm and rhyme, singing songs, and using musical instruments and body percussion. Reception loved Miss Berry's "silly soup" song because the children could choose what items went into the soup - for example, a log, a dog and a frog, socks and a fox, a hat, a cat and a mat. Yummy!!
This week Reception got to meet their Year 6 Buddies. It has been so wonderful to see the care and support year 6 have given to Reception and friendships have already started to build. They have become really important to Reception and the children look forward to seeing them everyday. 
Autumn 1, Week 1
Wow! What an amazing first week at 'big school' the children have had! I am so incredibly proud of them and what they have already achieved in their first week. We have had smiles and fun each day and the children have quickly settled into our daily routines. Reception have explored sounds in phonics lessons, playing musical instruments and listening to sounds within our outdoor environment. The children have begun practising writing their name and numbers, as well as beginning to learn our school prayers. Friendships have already been built and PSHE lessons have encouraged Reception to talk about the things they like about their peers and school. The children have demonstrated so many of our class rules, including sitting quietly, raising their hand to speak, and lining up sensibly - I am so proud of you all. Well done Reception, I cannot wait to see you again next week! 
We are learning all the time!
Sometimes that means we get a bit messy!

In the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), learning is very practical and 'hands on'. Our classroom display shows that we will be developing our knowledge and skills through a variety of activities, sometimes resulting in our uniform becoming a little bit dirty. Please don't be upset with us about this - it just means we have had a wonderful day full of exploring and learning!