Autumn Term 1 (2019-2020)

Friday 13th December - Reading Homework
Reading, reading reading! This was the focus of our homework this week in Year 5, aiming to read in bizarre places, from within a den, using a torch or even to an animal! I have been so very proud of all of the children and have enjoyed seeing them all take pleasure in reading - whilst also independently engaging in conversations about the reading of their peers! Thank you to all parents/carers for your support in helping with sending in images. I hope you enjoy looking at what Saint Teresa's class have been up to, as much as I have. 
Miss C

Tuesday 10th December - Outdoor Learning
Christmas, Christmas, Christmas! Over the past two weeks in Saint Teresa’s class the children have been creating festive natural decorations. To begin with the children were tasked with going outdoors and gathering natural resources to build their decoration with. Following this, the children then had to construct a template on paper, to use as a guide when cutting and laying out their sticks into the shape of a tree. Finally, the children were able to piece together their decorations – which we did have some trouble with. At first, we tried PVA but to no avail. However, we then tried double sided sticky tape, which seemed to do the job but soon realised we had to handle the decorations carefully!

Miss C

Wednesday 20th November 2019 - STEM K'Nex
Carnival float engineering - What an oustanding afternoon we've had here in Year 5, alongside Renishaw and STEM. Learning about what engineering means was where our afternoon session began and we soon moved into becoming engineers ourselves - creating a carnival float. However, there were multiple 'non-negotiables' that the children had to abide by, during this challenge. These surrounded their vehicle having more than 3 wheels, having a moving mechanism (preferably controlled by gears) and ensuring their creation was strong and stable!
It must be said, all of the children had a fantastic afternoon and overcame many challenges in order to meet the brief of the task. Some wonderful masterpieces were made (with some very intriguing themes) and it was so very lovely, from my point of view as class teacher, to see so much problem solving and team work taking place. Well done all - I'm am extremely proud of each and every one of you!
I also want to add a special well done also to our runners up (Rose and Naomi) for coming so close to placing in the finals. However, Zac and Samuel excelled across the afternoon and are very much looking forward to competing against other schools in the future. 
My final note is a very large thank you to all of you parents and carers for supporting us with this afternoon with such short notice. 
Miss C

WC 11th November Anti-bullying

Throw Kindness like Confetti Board Game! Within this week's anti-bullying sessions, the children have created board games to demonstrate their new understanding surrounding the topic, aiming to allow other children across the school to gain a better understanding of bullying scenarios and what they should do within that given environment.

During this process, the children were given the challenge of creating ‘chance cards’, which allow the players of the game to gain or deduct points from the final score (depending on the choices that they had made).

Year 5 were then given an opportunity to explore some of the other children’s games from within the class and see whether their new knowledge could gain them the title of champion kindness spreader!


Wednesday 6th November - Forest Green Rovers Fit2Last Day

“There was nothing that I did not enjoy,”  were words that echoed across all of the children’s feedback forms at the end of today’s engaging and hands on session at FGR! 

Yet again, visiting the club was such a brilliant learning experience for Saint Teresa’s class, whereby throughout the morning the children and myself delved deeper into the history of the club and what it meant for them to be considered ‘carbon neutral’ by the UN. What’s more we expanded and tested our knowledge of the vegan diet, whilst looking at a meat eaters eat well plate compared to that of a person with a plant based lifestyle. 

Following on from a busy morning, the children’s football skills were put into practise during a fabulous physical session based upon moving with the ball whilst also focusing on our surroundings. Designing and creating also took a pivotal role within our schedule, as the children were challenged with creating a new eco stadium (in a 15 minute times slot) out of scrap materials aiming to incorporate ideas they had discussed throughout their day. This was well and truly a hit with all, where our creative sides most certainly were put on show!

Finally, we then had a wonderful round off to our day whereby we had a behind the scenes tour of the ground. We even managed to stand in the FGR players’ shoes and visit their changing rooms! 

Once again, a big thank you to Saint Teresa’s class for their impeccable behaviour and engagement in the session - it was mentioned to myself on several occasions by members of the FGR staff. Well done all! 

Miss C

Monday 21st October 2019 - Forest Green Rovers
Forest Green Rovers Football Club kindly invited us to their grounds today. Saint Teresa's class were provided with the opportunity to dine with the FGR academy team and some local Nailsworth residents. We were able to taste some fantastic food, which you wouldn't have realised was vegan!  The dishes provided were a tasty lasagne (with a delicious salad, chips and garlic bread side) along with a mouth-watering cinnamon swirl  (or two) for afters!
Following this, we then had an eco tour of some of the grounds. Whereby the children got to ask many questions and grow their understanding of how the club is carbon neutral and eco-friendly - our tour guide was very impressed with some of the questions asked!
Great job Year 5! 
Miss C
Tuesday 15th October - Wycliffe STEM Day
Year 5 and 6 most certainly had a fabulous day today, experiencing all things STEM. To begin our morning, we had two very inspirational talks from Lizzie Daly and Mike Ford - where the children went on a 'wild adventure' and got to know the 'bloodhound' a bit better!
Following this, throughout the rest of our day, the children engaged in multiple workshops with differing members of Wycliffe staff, students and professional engineers. Some of these workshops surrounded: chocolate welding, card sorting, wind powered machines, wood work and bunsen burner fun! 
I hope you all enjoyed your hands on day as much as I have. 
Miss C
Friday 11th October 
What a busy week we've had here in Year 5 at Saint Joseph's! We started the week off with a 'rock' music lesson. It was fabulous to see the children really get into the spirit of singing and not worry about giving it their all! I managed to get a fantastic recording of the first section of our performance - the kids have revelled in watching themselves back!
'Harvest Samba' show time was also on the cards this week. Saint Teresa's have most certainly loved getting to grips with this song and have asked to perform it at any given chance. It's been lovely to have some brilliant feedback from parents and we hope you enjoyed the song as much as we enjoyed singing it! 
Miss C

Wednesday 2nd October - Painted Lady Butterflies!

Unforgettable, is one of the only words I can use to describe the opportunity we have had (here in year 5) to watch caterpillar larvae change into chrysalides and then emerge as beautiful Painted Lady Butterflies. Amazingly, we have raised and fed our very own butterflies, finishing this journey off by releasing them into the wild today! The entire transformation from caterpillar to adult butterfly has taken about five weeks and has been such an extraordinary thing to watch. Here are some ace pictures, which I am sure, will make you giggle as much as they did us!

Miss C

Friday 27th September 2019

Here in Year 5 we’ve had a busy week and have been grappling with our understanding of different life cycles of animals. Throughout our topic learning so far, we have looked at how elephants and penguins change from birth through to adulthood. But this week our focus was the poison dart frog. The children were in awe at how such a tiny animal can go through such huge changes and what’s more how unbelievable some of the hurdles they overcome, in order to survive, are. 

In addition to this, we have had the excitement this morning of our first butterfly emerging! The children are so very excited and are looking forward to seeing what developments may happen throughout the rest of the day and over the weekend.  

Finally, to round off our week off, we braved the temperamental weather and went outside for outdoor learning. Within the lesson we were looking at physical features across the UK and made a map out of natural resources.

Miss C

Friday 13th September - Butterflies 

Butterflies galore! Here in Year 5 we’ve had such an exciting week, whereby each and everyone of us has gained a small caterpillar. One of the objectives facing the children this year is to understand different life cycles and what better way to understand the life cycle of an insect, than seeing it right before our eyes? It must be said, Saint Teresa’s class have revelled in the process so far of seeing our tiny caterpillars over double in size. We cannot wait to see what progress they will make next week in their journey to becoming a butterfly. I’m sure a lot of the children have their fingers crossed that we see some chrysalis over the course of the next few days.  

Miss C

Wednesday 4th September - Noah's Ark Zoo
First day back and what a fantastic, hands on and thrilling start to our term and topic of Planet Earth we have had today... 
For those of you that don't know, Saint Teresa's class (alongside the rest of the school) travelled out of the county to Bristol, visiting Noah's Ark Zoo. We shared thrilling experiences as a new class, getting hands on with cockroaches and snakes, watching lions prowl their territory whilst coming up close and personal with the land's largest land mammal - the elephant! 
I am so glad the children could dive into our new school year with such a positive and engaging start. I look forward to seeing some of the creative 'masterpieces' that will be produced by the children after visiting such an enriching environment. 
Myself and Mrs Ferris would like to praise the children again for their excellent behaviour whilst out today. It was a pleasure to be in the Year 5's company.
Miss C

Thursday 8th August: Pax - Sara Pennypacker

Pax - When choosing my summer reads, faced with an array of books in front of me, Pax stood out due to its 9+ rating (making it perfect for Year 5) and its short impactful blurb, which left me with already so many unanswered questions.

After reading the book, I must reinforce Pax was not an easy read. It has some very emotional scenes, which were consequences of a war-torn country. Because of this, I would recommend parents read this book prior to their children to ensure it is suitable.

Overall, this is truly a profound and moving story, intertwined with sadness and heart-wrenching situations. Yet simultaneously filled with nurture, kindness and compassion. I fell in love with the key characters across the book and this read teaches us a lot about unbreakable bonds between those we love.

Miss C

Wednesday 31st July: The Explorer - Katherine Rundell

The Explorer: A completely absorbing story of four children whose plane crashes in the Amazon jungle. Utterly alone and learning to survive, using common sense and good luck, the children encounter many perilous challenges and hurdles ahead on their path. 

It must be said the detail in the book is just wonderful and the writing most certainly whisks you away into the world of the Amazon. You could say this is your usual survival story of brave children but the events lead to a surprising discovery which brings in some big questions about the impact of mankind on the environment, ultimately weaving in themes  and ideas that make you think about how your behaviour can impact upon the  world around us.  

Again, this is another brilliant read and the ending leaves you wanting to discover more. If you’re wanting to be transported to somewhere magical this summer, be sure to give this a go!

Miss C

Tuesday 30th July: Pog - Pádraig Kenny 

Pog. This book was my first read of the summer holidays and from the moment I read the first page, I’ve been hooked - taken on a journey, whilst wanting to grapple more with this fantasy adventure full of the most powerful and raw emotions. 

Full of twists and turns, this is a story where memories have the power to destroy and cause pain, or uplift and create joy. Which of these prevails is up to the children and their fury friend, Pog.  

Crammed with creative descriptions and imaginative vocabulary, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the story with it's epic battle and touching final scenes. If you’re looking for something to get your teeth stuck into this summer, I’d definitely recommend picking up this touching tale.

Miss C