Autumn 2 2022-2023

Week beginning 21st November
As we start the run up to Christmas, our days seem to be busier and busier! But we are all still loving learning and are always REACHING to be the best we can be.
Last week we had Anti Bullying week. Our theme was REACH OUT and we were looking at all the different ways we could reach out and speak out to injustice in our community. Not only did we make pledges on how to REACH out in our school community, but we also made presentations about speaking out about environmental issues to save the planet. Mrs Carr loved our confidence and research, and our independent application of prayer in our presentations.
This week, Mrs Carr signed us up for a Times Table World Cup! We are in a little league and have managed to keep in the top 4. It has really opened our eyes to how much we NEED to learn our tables- whilst we are quick, we are not very accurate so we are independently pushing ourselves to be the best we can be in our times tables! We love knowing where we are in the league, and we are determined to do the best we can! The tournament ends on the 5th December so we have every chance to do our best and finish strong!
Next week we have our Advent retreat, shoe boxes to fill (we have organised what we need to bring in), the Times Table World Cup to finish, Advent liturgical season to start and to continue to be the BEST WE CAN BE!
Week beginning 7th November 2022
We are now in our second week back after half term and we have been sooooo busy!
From filling whiteboards with all our times table knowledge, to filling our pages with amazing Myth writing; we are pushing ourselves to be the best we can be!
We have started our new topic of Anglo Saxons and we are already fascinated with how different that period of history is to our own. We created our own timeline as a class, wrote questions we wanted answers too and compared maps of Anglo Saxon Britain to Modern Britain. We can't wait to find out the answers to our questions!
In Religious Education, we started our unit on Prayers, Saints and Feasts by exploring things to help us pray. It was a very calm and peaceful 15 minutes as we used candles (LED for safety!), crosses, bibles or just music to help enhance our prayer experience. The general feedback was that candles and silence helped us the most! 
In REACH, we have been looking at how microbes travel from person to person. We used oil and rice flour to "sneeze" on our hands. Some of us didn't wash our hands, some of us washed them for 3 seconds, some of us washed them for 20 seconds and some of us washed our hands with soap for 20 seconds. We then had to shake hands with our friends! As you can imagine, it was very messy but it showed a point- we now know how to stop germs spreading in our class!
After all, we have the attendance trophy to win....for the third time this academic year!
We can't wait to tell you about what the next 2 weeks have been like!