Year 4
Welcome to Year 4's class blog. Scroll down to see and hear about some of the things we have been learning about and enjoying this Autumn term.
WC 6th September
We have had a busy first week and have settled into Year 4 really well. We started our new topic Planet Earth - looking at living things in Science and our world in Geography. We had our first REACH Friday back and half the class enjoyed making our own Venn diagrams and sorting living things, whilst the other half researched what we can grow in the school garden at this time of year with Mrs Daly.
Wow! What amazing creatures the children have created. We have loved looking at all the living things and discussing their features.
WC 13th September
Week two in Year 4 and we have been enjoying getting stuck into our new literacy and numeracy units. In literacy we have been looking at newspaper reports, their features and used drama to learn one by heart. In numeracy we have been looking at place value and number lines and created our own one in class with tape. We have also been enjoying getting into the school garden - wasp free!
wc 20th September
This week in St George's class, we've been reminding ourselves of colours and parts of the body in French. We've also been busy in the garden, whilst a group of us searched to make our own dienes out of natural materials. We then had to make four digit numbers and try and guess what everyone else had made.
wc 27th September
This week in St George's we've been looking at rounding in numeracy and our story of the Winter Dragon in literacy. We've been getting ready for our harvest assemblies for next week and enjoying a break in the rain for our outdoor learning and PE lessons where we were lucky to have one of our governors, Mrs Gwyer, join us. 
wc 4th October
We've been looking at negative numbers and Roman numerals in numeracy and describing a setting in literacy. We've also been thinking about REACH in God Matters and the purpose of having a mission statement. To finish the week though, we've been enjoying the outdoors again - as you can see from all the smiles! We ran a mini marathon as well as our usual PE and outdoor learning sessions. We all took home a certificate to celebrate completing it. Mrs Hares also joined in - but has some work to do if she wants to keep up with us!
wc 1st November
It's lovely to be back after half term and we have a lot to look forward to with new topics, events in school and hopefully lots of great work and activities to share with you. 
This week we started our new topic on the Romans. We had fun dressing up and learning about the Roman Empire. Mrs Hares - we mean, Empress Hares - also dressed up and joined in. We also learnt about the Romans in Literacy and started to learn a non-chronological report. 
Lastly, we were lucky enough to take part in Stroud Book Festival which celebrated all things books, and we heard readings and joined in with poet Alex Wharton. We found his poems very funny!
wc 8th November
We've had a great week in Year 4 this week. We have been carrying on focusing on the 6, 7 and 9 times table in numeracy. It literacy and history we have delved deeper into our topic of the Romans and non-chronological reports - which gave us another chance to dress up! We also had a meeting from our school council representatives where they explained their role in the classroom and school, how we can make suggestions and then we took a survey about school puddings.
wc 15th November
Wow! What a week we've had! We are loving our topic of the Romans and this week looked at what Britain was like before the invasion. We enjoyed role playing different figures in a village and then presenting to the class. We have also been busy looking and designing our own educational (times table) game in computing. This week we used Scratch to programme some questions for it. We’ve also been thinking about our well being for One Kind Word Week and have been doing activities everyday focusing on something different. 
wc 22nd November
We've had another jam packed week in Year 4. We've been learning about myths and legends in Literacy and used drama to help us learn King Midas and the golden touch. We've also been working on our educational game again - we're almost ready to start thinking about the design of it now. Lastly, this week we had our Advent Retreat. It was a lovely reflective afternoon thinking about how advent is the anticipation of Christ’s birth and what it means to us. 
wc 29th November
It’s been a very tuneful week in Year 4 this week. We’ve had music and we have been busy practising for our carol concert. We also got to work on the interface of our educational game and we think they’re looking great. Lastly we’ve been historians in History. We completed a market place activity, looking at all types of sources to draw out information about the Roman Army. We found that artefacts, artwork, archaeology as well as written accounts were all sources of information. 
wc 6th December
How is nearly end of term?! Despite Christmas fast approaching, we’ve been as busy as ever in Year 4. We’ve been looking at subtraction in numeracy, finishing our Roman mosaics in art, practising our skills in basketball in PE and learning a free verse poem through drama in literacy. We were also luckily enough to be visited by the Panto. They put on a fantastic performance of Sleeping Beauty and you might recognise some of the new members of their cast!