2018-2019 Blog Posts

Eco Committee Update
This term we have been trying to use less electricity to be more eco friendly. We are doing this by turning off lights and turning off the radiators when the window is open. Sometimes our teachers give us the job to turn off lights and radiators.
Written by Jack Brown - Year 3 Eco Committee Rep.
Summer Term:
The children in Year 3 are really excited to learn all about humans and animals in our new topic, called 'Pulse'. During this term we will be learning about humans and animals through looking at bodies and food and what makes a healthy diet. We will be learning all about how to be healthier and we have even tried taking our own heart rates to look at the affect of exercise on our bodies!
The children in Year 3 continue to impress me with their knowledge and approach to their learning and I expect we will have a great final term of the school year. Please take a look at some of the photos below form when we practised taking our heart rates and recording the results during a Forest School session!
First Holy Communion - Sat 18.5.19
Huge congratulations to the children in Year 3 who made their first Holy Communion last weekend. It is a huge mile stone and has been rightly celebrated by the friends and families of those who took this important step in life as a Catholic. We will be making a special First Holy Communion display in our classroom to help the children celebrate this mile stone, so if any children would like to display a photo of their celebrations last weekend or bring in anything they would like to display please feel free to do so. I will ensure these things will be returned to the children. 
Well done to the all of these year 3 children, who have shown real attention, knowledge, respect and joy through the course of their learning prior to last weekend, they have been a credit to our Catholic identity at St Joseph's.
In the classroom! (9.5.19)
We have been really lucky to welcome Mr Luce into our classroom this week. Mr Luce is training to be a teacher with the University of Gloucestershire. It is an exciting opportunity to have another adult in the classroom and the children are all very excited about him teaching some of the lessons ahead!
Year 3 is a welcoming and exciting class to be in so we are all confident Mr Luce will enjoy his time with us. 
We are currently learning about charts and tables and the presentation of data in mathematics, which the children are dealing with really well. We continue to practice and build on our calculation methods, not forgetting times tables too! All of our year 3 children have made some really great improvements in our maths learning and we really enjoy the challenge of maths in year 3. I ask all of our children to practice times tables at every opportunity - in the car, at the shops or just at home! 
Cricket on REACH Friday's!
We are still enjoying our REACH Friday's and we have been really lucky to have a cricket session, now the Summer term is here!
We have had Ralph coming in from Gloucestershire County Cricket Club to teach us some skills and drills to get get us enthused for this Summer sport!
See the photos for some of the action!
Edward Jenner Class Trip - Tuesday 2nd April!
Year 3 had a fantastic day at the Edward Jenner museum in Berkeley on Tuesday this week. The children went along full of knowledge about his life and work but were very keen too find out more and see the place that he lived and worked on his vaccines. The lovely staff there put on a great workshop for us, where the children created a cure for an ailment. This involved looking round Jenner's herb garden and selecting some ingredients before grinding them up in a pestle and mortar. We also had the chance to do a treasure hunt around Jenner's house, looking out for specific things to help the children learn more about what he did and what an amazing scientist he was. 
We need to say a massive thank you to our parent helpers who came along, our trips would not be able to be put on without, so thank you for giving up your time for the good of the children. Have a look at the photos below for some of the fun times we had on the trip!
We have had a busy time in St Patrick's class recently. The children have really enjoyed learning lots about Edward Jenner as part of our local history study. We are really excited about our planned trip too visit Jenner's house and museum next week - look out for pictures!
Fridays have continued to be so much fun at school, we have been taking part in our Forest School sessions with great enthusiasm. Most recently we made treasure maps by plotting routes around our school grounds with compasses. It was hard to measure and record but we persevered and made some great maps! See the pictures below.
Fri 16.11.18 - REACH Friday
We have been enjoying our REACH Fridays this term. Recently our Fridays have seen us building our knowledge and responsibilities in order to create our own St Joseph's magazine/newspaper. We decided it should be called 'Inside St Joseph's' and the children have been relishing their roles to put it all together. We need to keep working on the final design but we will be happy to share it with all the children in school when it is complete and hopefully raise some money for our school in the process.
Stay tuned on our blog for updates and see the pictures below of some of our keen reporters/artists/designers!
Mon 12.11.18 - Spread Kindness Like Confetti:
We had a big focus on RESPECT this week at school for anti-bullying week. The children have been great at picking out kind things to say about their classmates and used this as a base to understand that respect is shown by listening and empathising with others. We even coded our own respect messages in a maths cross-curricular activity. 
At St Joseph's we choose respect.
Half term!
Well, it has been a great half term in St Patrick's class full of fun! The children (and families) have made such a brilliant effort with the homework sent out last week, we were inundated with all manner of creatures made from recycled material! Please see the photo below that shows the children's (and adult's) efforts in our classroom, I think you will all agree they look absolutely great! A massive thank you to all of those that made the effort with this. It is a brilliant way to promote further awareness of the damage us humans are making to God's world and importantly has given us plenty of opportunity to discuss what we can do to improve things. Many thanks.
I really hope everyone enjoys their half-term breaks and I look forward to seeing everyone back at school next week, ready for learning.
Mr Walton.
St Patrick's Class - 4.10.18
We have been very lucky this week and have been bought a brand new camera to use in the classroom. We all have to say a massive thank you to the PTA for purchasing this for us and continuing to help St Joseph's with generosity and kindness. 
Below you can see a small selection of the photos from our class this week - these ones show our French lesson and the children enjoying learning and using our developing French vocabulary!
Thank you so much to the PTA, from everyone in St Patrick's class!
Fun Friday - 28.09.18
We had another lovely week in St. Patrick's class this week, topped off with another brilliant fun Friday! Part of our maths learning on Friday was taking part in rich questioning and problem solving exercises involving some 2D shapes. 
We have started preparing for our class contribution to the Harvest liturgy, where we celebrate the Harvest festival and give thanks to God for our produce and generosity. 
We have been perfecting our report writing in literacy this week, using our building knowledge of plants to help us write some really interesting reports.
Mr. Walton
25th September 2018 (week 4):
We have had another really busy week in St Patrick's class this week and last. We have been learning about writing reports in literacy and we have linked this to the rain forest, which has given us great opportunities to learn about plants around the world. Using some of the knowledge we are building, we have set up a class science observation using celery and food colouring - it would be great if you asked your children about this, as the whole class have been very excited about seeing some science in action! Keep an eye on our blog for updates on celery watch!
The end of our first full week back!
Well, we have had a fantastic full week back at school. In year 3 we have been learning the routines and procedures that see us all become fully fledged key stage 2 students! 

There has been plenty of maths happening this week, working really hard on place value and trying out some new and exciting games to help our maths learning. One of our favourites is called 'back to back' maths - why not try it at home now you know how to play!

We have been re-telling text maps of a report about the rainforest this week in literacy, which has been great to support the learning we have been making in science all about plants. We had a really fun science lesson this week, where the children acted out being 'busy bees' pollinating flowers - it made all of us laugh!
Keep an eye out for more blog posts coming soon.
Mr Walton
Our first blogs, written by the children.
Please note - the work put on here by the children will be selected by Mr Walton. It is my intention to ensure all of our children will have one of their blog posts published on here throughout the year.
"After the long summer holidays we came back to school as year 3. It was a big surprise while Mr Walton read out a letter. We were going to be ambassadors for God's world, so we were going to have a visit to Bristol Aquarium! Wow! What a great surprise, I couldn't wait to get there! 
At the aquarium it was colourful from top to bottom, every room was filled with fun and every fish was fantastic! I continued through the aquarium, feeling excited. There were a couple of talks about fish and I couldn't believe how the people working at the aquarium recognised all the fish. 
I had a great time at the aquarium and I hope we have more surprises like that!" - written by Francesca (11.09.18)
Fun Fridays!
We had our first fun Friday in our first week back and it was really enjoyed by both teachers and children alike! In Year 3 we had the opportunity to do some outside learning with forest schools, we did some agility work in PE and also developed our design skills in DT. 
We are looking forward to further fun Friday's, when the children also have their REACH reward time. It is as important as ever for all of our children to REACH to be the best they can be.
Our First Day back!
Wow! What a start to the school year! The children came to school excited as ever to start another fantastic year at St Joseph's in year 3 and were welcomed with a letter from Mrs D'Arcy inviting us on an exciting school trip to Bristol Aquarium. We loved our first day back and we have taken the opportunity to write some blog posts about our experience. Look out on this blog for updates, direct form the children!