2018-2019 Blog Posts

I have been so proud of all of the children's achievements this year. They have continued to work hard ensuring they are the 'best they can be!' I hope you all have a well deserved rest and enjoy the summer holidays. I am looking forward to seeing all the children when they return to school. Well done St George's class! (19/07/19)

What’s Next?

This year, we have achieved our bronze and our silver certificate. We’ve discussed issues that have arose for example: turning the heaters off when the windows are open and turning off the lights when they are not needed. Going forward, we are planning to achieve our green flag which is the highest and last achievement we can earn. It has been a brilliant year for the Eco Committee and we hope the future members continue the hard work. (Emily 12/07/19)



Health Week

We have had a brilliant, fun-filled week in Year 4! We have been learning about all the amazing things the British Heart Foundation (BHF) does and where their donations go. To enable the BHF to continue their fantastic work, we have been practising different skipping techniques ready for our ‘Jump Off’ next Wednesday. It has been excellent to see all of the children improve their skipping ability throughout the week with some children practising and demonstrating some tricky skills.

On Tuesday, we all enjoyed Sports Day. All the children were supportive of each other and put all their effort into each activity and race - I was so proud of all the children for their effort! Well done to Hawks who won Sports Day overall!

We were lucky to have a karate session from Mr D’Arcy and Isabelle on Wednesday afternoon. The children learnt some different karate techniques and learnt to count up to ten in Japanese!

On Thursday morning, we had a Rugby session from Mr and Mrs Wright. The children had to work as a team to defend or attack the ball as well as practising their passing skills. Our favourite activity was practising to ‘bear crawl’. What a brilliant week we have had! Well done to all the children for their effort and always being the best they can be! (05/07/19)

What a Week in St George’s Class!

On Wednesday, we were lucky enough to watch the music concert. I was amazed by all the talent there was across the school and how confident the children were performing. On Thursday, we went outside and played a game of ‘Bench Ball’. This involved the children working as a team to pass the ball and see which team could get all the players on their bench first. I was so impressed with the children’s attacking and defending skills. They showed fantastic team work! After all that excitement, we then received a talk from David. He used to work in the police and he explained how the children could stay safe online. It is really important the children are able to recognise dangers online and how to protect themselves. We have a very exciting week next week as it is ‘Health Week’. On Tuesday, it is sports day and Thursday is the school picnic as well as some other exciting activities which are happening throughout the week! Well done Year 4 for continuing to always be the best you can be! (28/06/19)

During our God Matters lesson today, we recapped the seven sacraments. Then, we learnt about Baptism in further detail. We learnt the key symbols are water, light, oil, a cross, a shell and a white garment. We learnt about each of the symbols and their meaning. After that, we read a Rite of Baptism. The children were asking and answering thoughtful questions. We visited the church and looked for the symbols we had been learning about. Then, we came back and read the story of Noah’s Ark, discussing the meaning of it and the messages it conveys. (19/06/19)


In the Net Workshop

Today, we were lucky enough to visit Woodchester Primary School. We watched a play called ‘In the Net’. We recognised the Internet is a wonderful thing which provides information and you can play games although it can be dangerous. The children learnt what to do if they felt uncomfortable about anything online and how to keep themselves safe. (18/06/19)





This week, we have been learning about the digestive system. We have been learning to label the organs of the body, then we researched their functions. Next week, we will be writing the journey of food through the digestive system. During our maths lessons, we have been learning to interpret pictograms, bar charts and time graphs and answer questions on the data. In our literacy lessons, we have been learning to use rhyming couplets, similes, alliterations, description in our writing. Well done to all the children who handed in their homework. It was lovely to read the children’s favourite memories in Year 4. We also discussed what they have found challenging this year and their aspirations for next year. We are looking forward to the ‘In the Net’ workshop on Tuesday. I hope you all have a lovely weekend! (14/06/19)




First Week Back

It was a great week back to Term 6! It was lovely to see the children enthusiastic ready for the final term. This week, we have learnt about Judaism. We completed research about the celebration of Yom Kippur, then wrote a non-chronological report using our research to support our writing. We have been learning to translate shapes and been practising telling the time on analogue and digital clocks. It would be great for the children to practise telling the time at home to support their understanding. We have also been retelling a poem and completing VCOP. We have been learning to use rhyming couplets, similes and alliterations. The children have some great ideas for rhyming words. The children are looking forward to REACH Friday, learning and developing new skills. (06/06/19)




What A Final Week to Term 5 in St George’s Class!

We were lucky enough to have a STEM workshop with Carole. The children had a fantastic time building robots and making them move. Thank you to all the parents who contributed which enabled the workshop to go ahead. We finished our moving pictures of the water cycle. They look fantastic! The children worked well in partners and as a team ensuring everyone finished their water cycle pictures! On Wednesday, we wrote up experiments about the water cycle. Some of us predicted correctly what would happen, some of us were shocked by our discovery. Then, we learnt about the three significant symbols in Pentecost and explained what each of them meant. We also drew some pictures which represent Pentecost. They were very impressive! In Forest School, we looked at what would happen when you freeze water, fruit juice, ketchup, mayonnaise and honey. We found out ketchup and mayonnaise wouldn’t freeze because they contain salt. Then, Chrissie made a fire and we had to predict what would happen to chocolate, wax, butter, margarine, ice cubes, cheese, pasta and plasticine once it has been heated. We then recorded the temperature of the solid once it turned back into a liquid. However, we found some of the materials did not melt. Then, we played the “Solid, Liquid and Gas” game where we had to form the different states. What a brilliant term we have had in St George’s class! Well done to all the children for their hard work! (24/05/19)



What a Week in St George’s Class!

This week, we have been designing and making levers as we are planning to create a moving water cycle picture. The children have been enjoying planning and creating their levers! Next week, we will start to assemble our pictures. In God Matters, we have been learning about the Ascension. The children had some great questions and contributions. On Thursday, we had a workshop with CAFOD. We were looking at things we can do to stop climate change, things that cause climate change and the effects of climate change. Then, the children created their own pictures, promoting “Zero to Hero.” During Forest School, we finished making our windmills out of plastic bottles. Then, Chrissie poured fruit juice, mayonnaise, tomato ketchup, honey and water into ice trays. The children had to predict what would happen to each of the liquids once they have been in the freezer. We cannot wait to see if our predictions were correct next week. We are looking forward to the STEM workshop on Monday! Another fantastic week in Year 4! (17/05/19)




Our Trip to Slimbridge Wetland Centre

What a fantastic day out! When we arrived, we were given a learning session about “What Happens to My Water?” The children remembered the sequence of the water cycle and the correct vocabulary. Then, we discussed where we thought water comes from and found out that the water is pumped from groundwater and surface waters into pipes and tanks, which eventually leads to our homes.  The children were split into groups, they had to test the Wetlands water using a PH level strip, then look at the PH levels to see if the water was healthy. Then, the children had to identify as many different bird species in the area, identifying the creatures in their water tray and plants in the habitat -using spotter guide sheets to help us. After that, we went to the otter talk where we got to learn about otters all around the world, how much otters normally eat, size of otters and watched three otters being fed. Then, it was lunchtime! The children enjoyed running around and playing on the equipment. After lunch, we fed the birds with some bird seed. Some birds ate the seed from our hands! We went and looked around the Toad Hall and went up the Observation Tower which was a 360⁰ panoramic view of the Wetlands! Well done to all of the children – their behaviour was impressive, which made me feel very proud of them all! Thank you to all of the parent helpers who assisted on the trip! We had a brilliant time! (09/05/19)




An exciting second week back!

This week, we started learning about the water cycle. We learnt how the cycle repeats over and over again. We learnt about how clouds are formed and where the water goes. Ask the children if they can explain the water cycle to you and what each of the following words mean: precipitation, condensation, evaporation and runoff. On Tuesday, we were lucky enough to watch year 2 perform a few of their country dances. We were impressed how quickly they had learnt the different dances. During our God Matters lesson, we looked at The Journey to Emmaus. Most of the children created a song or a poem to explain the events that occurred whilst the disciples were walking to Emmaus. I was so impressed with all of the children’s songs and poems. We even had a rap! In French, we identified nouns, verbs and adjectives and sorted the words in alphabetical order. We had an exciting Forest School session this week. The children were given an egg which they had to create a protective case for it, so when it is launched up in the air by a rocket, it would not crack. The children had a fantastic time working as a group to see if their egg could survive the rocket launch! (03/05/19)




It was lovely to hear what the children got up to during the Easter Holidays! I hope you all had an enjoyable break. This week, we have started off our new topic, “Wet, Wet, Wet!” We discussed what the children already know about the water cycle and changing states, then discussed what they would like to learn and find out during the topic. First, we looked at a range of pictures and sorted them into solids, liquids and gases. Then, we looked at how the particles are different and how they spread further away when they become a gas. After that, we discussed and wrote a definition of a solid, liquid and gas. During God Matters, we focused on Holy Week and the events that happened. We looked at how the crowds' reaction changed from Palm Sunday to Good Friday and the reasons why Jesus was crucified. This week, we have also been making book marks. Reading is so important for children and it is fantastic to see the children enjoying reading books and discovering new authors. The book fair will also be open Monday and Tuesday after school in the hall. (26/04/19)




Last week of Term 4

We have had another busy week. We made string telephones and predicted what would happen to the sound when we increased the distance; then we tested our predictions. On Tuesday, the children looked at how Easter is celebrated in France, then they decorated an Easter egg and wrote a sentence in French to describe it. This week, we have been practising our times tables. It is really important for the children to practise their times tables at school and at home to ensure they are confident and fluent with them. On Thursday, we were lucky enough to watch Year 6 perform ‘Stations of the Cross’. We were able to see what happened to Jesus before his crucifixion. During Forest School, the children made a rattle using a ‘Y’ shaped twig, one elastic band and a selection of shells which had a hole in. It has been fantastic to make instruments using natural resources. Well done to Year 4 for another fantastic term and for working so hard. I hope you all have a lovely Easter! (05/04/19)




This week, we enjoyed predicting how far away we could hear a sound. We then tested our predictions to see how accurate we were. We then created a line graph to present our data. During our God Matters lesson, we looked at Jesus’ mission statement. The children then created their own mission statement, thinking about what values are important to them. In Forest School, we made harmonicas using wooden sticks, a piece of paper and three elastic bands. The children were able to change the pitch of the sound by moving the piece of paper. During our French lessons, we recapped phrases we have previously learnt. We also learnt names of pets and completed a survey in French of class pets. Another fantastic week! (29/03/19)




This week, we wrote a speech as if we were presenting an educational programme all about ‘Sound’. The children explained different types of sounds, how sounds travel and included an interesting fact. Afterwards, some of the children read out their speeches. They sounded interesting and informative! On Tuesday, we had a fantastic feast day! It was great to meet Bishop Declan, celebrate Mass and share our learning with him. In Forest School, the children looked at the story “We Are Going on a Bear Hunt.” (One of Miss Browning’s favourite books!) We looked at different sounds throughout the story. The children had to re-create their own story and sounds using natural resources. Chrissie was so impressed with the children’s imagination, creating a variety of sounds! Well done to the children who handed in their homework. It was great to read their adventure stories and see the children using their learning from VCOP and incorporating it accurately in their writing.  (22/03/19)





On Monday, the children enjoyed the Lent retreat. It allowed the children time to think, reflect and contribute ideas. During our God Matters lesson this week, the children thought about what they could either give up for Lent or change to better themselves. We looked at the story of the Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe and the temptations Edmund faced. We thought about how this links to the temptations Jesus faced whilst he was in the desert.

Thank you to all the parents who attended parents evening. It was great to celebrate the children’s progress! I hope you enjoyed looking through your child’s books and seeing what we have been learning. Next week, we are looking forward to meeting Bishop Declan and celebrating St Joseph’s Feast Day! (15/03/19)





What an exciting week!

This week, we started our new topic Crash, Bang, Wallop!’

First, we thought of different sounds we might be able to hear if we went outside, then we completed a sound audit to see if our predictions were correct. We were shocked at how strong the wind was, which impacted the noise level outside. We looked at different musical instruments and thought about how we could hear the sound and explained it to the class. Then, the children closed their eyes and one child would tap on the table and the children would have to point in the direction of the sound. After that, we tried it with the children lightly tapping on the table. We found children who were further away from the sound, struggled to hear it as the sound had further to travel. We also labelled a diagram of the inside of the ear, discussing how sound travels and enables us to hear.


On Wednesday, the children went to Mass and received a blessing. Well done to the children whose behaviour was excellent, setting an example to others. Next week, we will be looking at the celebration of Lent.

World Book Day

What a great day! The children looked fantastic in their costumes! We enjoyed a workshop with Katie where the children acted out the story of The Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare. Then, we wrote our own endings to the story. In the afternoon, we retold the first scene of the story and wrote it up, identifying the key characters.

Forest School

On Friday, we enjoyed Forest school with Chrissie. In groups, the children thought of an animal and clapped the syllables of the word and thought about the rhythm of their clap to accompany the words for example: but-ter-fly.

Then, the children made instruments out of natural resources which sounded like the word they had been clapping out. The children used sticks and logs to create sound, used bamboo sticks to scrape and tap and some children used the leaves to create sound. In groups, the children played their instruments, contributing to a whole class performance. (08/03/19)





The First Week of Term Four


This week, we have been learning about Sikhism. We have been looking at Diwali and Vaisakhi festivities and the celebration of light over darkness. The children had some fantastic questions and contributions. In literacy, we have been looking at narrative texts. We have been learning about adverbs as openers, ‘-ing’ clauses, ‘who’ clauses and some children have been learning about relative clauses. During maths, we have been learning to tell the time on an analogue and a digital clock. It is a very difficult concept to grasp and is important for the children to keep practising this skill at home. In Forest Schools, we have been looking after our school field. The children walked around the field picking up litter. The children sorted their litter into groups of materials and found most of the litter was made out of plastic. The children suggested having an extra bin on the school field to reduce the amount of litter. All of the children enjoyed looking after our school and God’s creation! (01/03/19)





End of Term 3!

I cannot believe how quick this term has flown by! The children have worked so hard this term and very much deserve the break! This week, we have been asking questions about family members and learning animal names in French. Yesterday, all the children were spectacular in the House Singing competition and were all worthy winners! Massive well done to Eagles for winning! In Forest School, the children were learning about natural forms of energy. Chrissie taught us how to make a water wheel. The children had a great time making and testing them! I hope you all have an enjoyable half term and I am looking forward to hearing how you spent your week! (15.02.19)




Thank you to all the children who returned their homework. It was great to hear how the children spent their day enjoying the snow on Friday. This week, the children have been learning to multiply two-digits by one digit and three-digits by one digit. We have learnt new methods to help us solve these calculations. The children have been designing a toy, then they created their toy using the Scratch software. The children had to think about features they wanted to include in their toy and try and incorporate them on Scratch. The children inputted sound effects, enabling their toys to speak and move! Then, the children created a speech and presented their toy to the class and explained how it worked. In our God Matters lesson, we looked at the Transfiguration of Jesus. As a class, we created a poem to explain what happened during the transfiguration and how the disciples felt. The children had some excellent questions and contributions to our lesson. During Forest School, the children covered their lanterns in a material which is similar to Paper Mache, then decorated it using tissue paper. The children can’t wait to show you the final product! (08/02/19)




Friday 1st February 2019

It’s February already! What another great week we have had. This week, we have started our VCOP in literacy, the children have been learning to use different language features. Most of the children have been learning to use generalisers in their writing and writing complex sentences. Some children have been learning to use conjunctions as openers in their sentences and using fronted adverbials in their writing. In maths, we have been using our multiplication knowledge to divide numbers. It is important for the children to continue practising their times tables and the inverse operation. During our God Matters lessons, we looked at the story when Jesus was taken to the temple to get rid of his sins, where he was greeted by Anna and Simeon. The children had some excellent contributions and explained the meaning of the Presentation. This week, we have been learning about key historical figures. The children completed research on the individual, then created a fact file using the information they have found out.  How amazing was it to wake up and see all the snow! I hope you all have a great day enjoying the snow and a fantastic weekend!






Class blog by Pippa

This week, I have enjoyed learning my twelve times tables and completing our big write. I also enjoyed when we were designing our lanterns and making switches. I liked when we did the spelling test, as we were recapping spelling words we have learnt. I have also enjoyed show and tell at the end of the day, as it is very interesting. I am looking forward to making our lanterns in Forest School. (25/01/19)




Another fantastic week in St George’s class!

This week, we have been learning names of family members in French. We have been asking questions about families and learning to pronounce French phrases. The children blew me away with their memory of the names of animals in French. On Tuesday, we were adding body percussion to accompany an audio track. The children worked excellently as a group to try and improve their body percussions which accompanied the notes of the music, and their body percussions were in time to make the most effective sounds. We were lucky enough to participate in a drama workshop which linked with our ‘Electricity’ topic. The children had a fantastic time, articulating their words and practising chants with actions to help them remember the difference between series, parallel and open circuits. Next week, we will be learning to re-tell an explanation text about electricity. Our maths focus next week is re-call multiplication facts. It is so important for the children to be secure with their times tables, as it underpins most areas in maths. I am looking forward to another exciting week! (18.01.19)





Our First Week Back!

What an exciting first week back! It was wonderful to hear all the lovely things the children got up to over the Christmas holidays.

This week, we have started our new topic ‘We Are Scientists.’ The children investigated different circuits, adding different components to a circuit, predicting and carrying out investigations. The children discovered metal is a conductor, as it allows energy to flow through a circuit, however other materials such as plastic and rubbers are good insulators, as they prevent the electricity from flowing.

In our literacy lessons, the children have made changes to their diary entries. Next week, we will be finishing the diary entry with the children’s modifications.

We enjoyed our first session of Forest School this term. The children made shelters using large sticks, tarpaulin and other natural resources the children found outside. They had to ensure their shelter fitted each member of their group and provided warmth and protection. All the children had excellent ideas and worked well to construct their shelter. Each group had a different structure, but they all looked fantastic and fit for purpose!

I am looking forward to next week, to see what else the children will blow me away with! (11/01/19)






What an amazing week we have had!

On Tuesday, the children were lucky enough to enjoy a pantomime workshop where they learnt the story of Aladdin, the key characters in the story and pantomime chants! After that, the children enjoyed a delicious Christmas lunch, pulling crackers and wearing Christmas hats. In the evening, the children were fantastic at the Carol concert. Thank you to all the parents who attended. We all felt very proud of the children! On Wednesday, we went to the pantomime. The children loved it and they remembered everything they learnt from the workshop. The children were excellently behaved and are a credit to St Josephs! Thank you to all the parent helpers who helped out on the school trip. As if the week couldn’t get any better, the children enjoyed their KS2 Christmas party Thursday afternoon. Thank you to everyone who brought in food! What another brilliant term we have had! I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year! (21.12.18)






We are nearing Christmas and the children are continuing to work hard and be the best they can be. This week, the children have been practising for the Carol concert. They are working so hard to ensure it is a fantastic performance! This week, the children have begun writing a report on Julius Caesar and the impact he had on Britain. During literacy, the children have been learning to write about characters feelings and reactions to events. We have looked at how other writers create different emotions during a piece of writing. In God Matters, the children have been learning about the significance of a Jesse Tree and we have been discussing some of the symbols meanings on the tree. For our final session of Forest Schools before Christmas, the children made Christmas decorations. We went and collected twigs from the school field, then we ordered them in size and had to tie string to keep the structure. They look really good! The children learnt the recovery position with Mrs Barron in their First Aid session. We are looking forward to another busy and fun-filled week next week! (14th December 2018)






Another busy week in St George’s class!


The children are practising very hard for the Carol concert, which is on the 18th December at 6:00 pm at St Dominic’s church. The children are looking forward to showing off their fantastic voices! In French, we have been learning the names of animals. Then, the children used French adjectives to describe the animal. We even had a go at writing the sentences and testing our partners to see if they could translate their sentences. On Thursday and Friday, the children were learning First Aid with Mrs Barron, they have learnt what to do if someone is choking or if they had fainted. These are excellent and valuable skills for the children to learn. For ten minutes before the end of the day, the children often enjoy sharing an object they have brought in from home with the class. Alongside this, I have encouraged the children to teach the class a skill. This week, we have learnt to say the numbers in Italian from one to twenty, we have learnt some Spanish and Polish phrases and even some magic tricks! I am looking forward to the new skills we are going to learn next week! (7th December 2018)





Another fun-filled week!


This week, the children blew me away with their understanding of Roman Numerals. They learnt to read them and are beginning to write and apply these skills to questions. I was so impressed! On Thursday, we went to Mass. It was wonderful to see the children being so respectful and mature regarding their faith. In the afternoon, the children were fortunate to participate in Advent retreat. The children went on a journey and visited six different classes. They all had thoughtful contributions and ideas. The children had a great time at Forest school constructing food chains and pretending to be an animal from the food chain! They all demonstrated excellent hockey skills, practising dribbling with the ball, practising defending and attacking, then putting these skills into game situations. Thank you to all parents who contributed to our Christmas hamper! It looks amazing and I am overwhelmed with your generosity! We certainly thought ours looked the best!

I hope you all had a wonderful time at the Christmas Fayre! 

 (16th December 2018)



Our Wonderful Week

This week, we had a wonderful week! On Monday, we did our topic lesson. We had lots of maps and we had to find Roman settlements ending in –caster, -cester and –chester. There were no Roman settlements in our local area ending in –caster. On Tuesday, we had another topic lesson, we had to create a fact file about Rome and Stroud. I liked drawing the flags. On Wednesday, we used the laptops to create our topic front cover for our Roman topic. On Thursday, we had a God Matters lesson. We had to label the picture of St Teresa and explain what her prayer meant and how we were living out her words as a catholic. I am looking forward to Forest School with Chrissie. Forest School is when we do outdoor learning, fun activities and learn more about nature. What a wonderful week! I hope it is even better next week! (Rose, 23.11.2018)



Spread Kindness like Confetti


This week, our focus has been to ‘spread kindness like confetti’. We discussed what bullying meant and identified different types of bullying. We also recognised how our words and actions can affect others and the importance of thinking of peoples feelings. The children created a friendship token and when they identified an act of kindness, they gave their token to that person. The person who received the token had to write their name on it and they could pass it on when they saw an act of kindness. The children are still passing their friendships tokens around and looking to see which names appear frequently. The children were then given a name from someone in the class, which they then had to write something positive about that person. The children shared what they had written. The children recognised the impact it had to hear something positive about themselves – some of the children said they felt proud of themselves and didn’t realise what other people valued about them. Some of the children have suggested introducing five minutes at the end of the day, where they have that time to recognise and say something positive about another member of the class. On Tuesday, the children wrote a set of class rules and explained how they can demonstrate the REACH ethos in the classroom. For our final activity, the children wrote a campaign to be ‘The Sad Solvers’. The children were campaigning for children to have a positive break and lunch time and if they do not or they have a problem with a peer, they can see pupils in year four and they will help to solve their problem. It was fantastic to hear all the wonderful ideas the children had with some children stating, “Without bulling, the world can be a better and happier place!”


“Last week, we had a surprise because we had our spaces changed so we could sit next to different people. We also learnt grid references and pretended to make a new area in Nympsfield which we then wrote the grid references for it. The next day, we learnt to use map symbols and drew a map of our new areas. On Friday, we learnt hockey skills in PE and started using hockey sticks. At Forest School, we used a map and grid references to practise orienteering skills. Once we located each grid reference, we had to answer a maths question. Then, we did a carnival workshop, learnt carnival dances and made music with new instruments. I’m looking forward to our next PE lesson, practising hockey skills and learning more.” (Leo)






First week of term two!

What a fantastic first week back we have had! It was great to hear about all the wonderful things the children got up to in half term.

This week, we have been creating and constructing 3D pyramid food chains, using aerial photos to identify places, then we designed and drew our own map including a key. We had an amazing time in Forest school, we were orienteering and using our maps and grid reference knowledge to help us with locating maths questions around the school field which the children had to answer. In English, we have been learning to use different punctuation in our writing. In Maths, we have started to focus on multiplication which required us to use our place value and addition and subtraction knowledge.

It was great to see and meet all the parents at parents’ evening. It was fantastic to share their learning with you. I am very proud of all of the children for their hard work and progress so far.





Our Special Visitor


Wow! What a fantastic visitor we had today! Zac brought in his pet snake to show us, he’s called Sid. Zac presented a non-chronological report, so we learnt that Sid is an albino corn snake. He lives in a vivarium and is fed a frozen mouse once a week. The children got to touch the snake and hold him. He was not a slimy texture which we all expected! What a brilliant experience! A massive thank you to Zac and his parents for bringing him in to meet us!

Friday 12th October 2018

The children have had a busy week practising for the Harvest Liturgy. They were fantastic and a massive thank you to all the parents who attended.

In our topic lessons, we have been learning about food chains. We learnt to create our own food chains, then label the producer, prey and the predator. The children were brilliant at this!

In literacy, we have been re-telling a journey tale. Ask your child if they can re-tell part of the story to you with the actions. They always come up with excellent actions to support the story, which helps them write it.

The children were great in PE, where they practised multi-skills which they could implement in game situations. Despite the weather, the children enjoyed forest school where they were orienteering and learning how to use key symbols on a map.

The children have enjoyed planning their trips to their chosen destination. Today, they chose their hotel and planned a day trip, ensuring this visit was in their budget. Some of the children have planned to meet Ronaldo!

With Miss Busby, the children were gardening and learnt to plant the seeds to grow their own cress. We can’t wait to see the final outcome!

We are looking forward to another busy but exciting week next week. We will be learning about the Hindu faith in the afternoons. We also have a very special visitor on Tuesday afternoon!

Well done to all of the children for their hard work this term, who are continuing to impress Miss Browning.




Another fantastic and busy week we have had in St George’s!

This week we have been practising for the Harvest Liturgy. All the children have collectively written a poem, we cannot wait to share it with you next Thursday at 10:00.

We have also completed a school audit to see how we are helping the wildlife and what we could do to prevent any dangers to living things. The children thought of some excellent ideas to ensure we continue to look after God’s creation! In God’s Matters, we were looking at stewardship and we created a job description for being a stewardship of creation.

On Wednesday, the children were creating their own times table games using Scratch. They were brilliant at programming their character to ask maths questions.

The children have worked hard in literacy finishing off their non-chronological reports of their mythical creatures. They wrote great reports including; an introduction, what they eat, what they look like, their habitat, what they do and an interesting fact ensuring they included all the conjunctions we were learning.

Well done to all the children who completed their homework, there were excellent descriptions and drawings of their creatures and I thoroughly enjoyed reading about them.

We are looking forward to another exciting week next week.

My Exciting Week!

This week, I have enjoyed writing a non-chronological report about polar bears. We wrote about what they look like, their habitat and what they eat. It was fun to learn interesting facts about the mammal.

I also enjoyed using Venn diagrams. We grouped a range of living things arranging them into omnivores, carnivores and herbivores.

On Fridays, I look forward to REACH time; I have been playing football and going on the climbing frame outside. I enjoy PE, where we were playing football and learning different skills. I am looking forward to next week’s lesson.

I have been successful and worked hard to move onto planet maths!

Written by Fitch (27.09.2018)





Our first class blog written by year four!

Every week, there will be a new blog written by pupils in St George’s class. I am hoping by the end of the year, every child will have written a blog, so it can be published on the school website.


My Wicked Week!

This week, I have enjoyed our music lesson as we were rapping to a rhythm. We made sounds with our mouths, which made the sound of a drum.

Also, we have made our cauliflower cards. I liked it because we were able to do lots of cutting and ripping paper, and then we stuck it on the angel. They look really good!

On Wednesday, I went to Forest School’s afterschool club. We made a den out of logs and leaves. Also, we made a bug home for all the wildlife. Then, we picked some blackberries, as we were going to make blackberry tea, however we ate them instead. They were scrumptious! I also managed to rub two objects together to make a spark.

I enjoyed the Bristol Aquarium trip where we saw the stingrays. My favourite animals were the seahorses, electric eel and the octopus, which was bigger than my head!

Written by Amelia (20.09.2018)



Another busy week we have had in St George’s class. We have been discoverers this week, grouping animals and incorporating maths into our Topic by using Venn diagrams.

For an hour on Friday, half the class are outside gardening with Miss Busby, learning about different plants.  We can’t wait to watch them grow over time contributing to God’s wonderful creation.

The other half of the class are with Miss Browning. During this session, we have been learning how to budget money.  In pairs, we were given a different continent and researched the countries within that continent, then choose a destination which we have to plan a holiday.  We have been given a budget to spend which must include the accommodation, food and plan a day trip. For some of us that was very tricky, as we were looking at some luxurious places to travel to, so we had to ensure our calculations were correct and research different accommodation which fits our budget!  We have been using geographical and math skills within this session. 

In the afternoon, we are lucky enough to be taught PE by sports coaches. Our skills are improving in jumping, skipping as well as learning attacking and defending skills - which we put into practise in some fun games!

After that, we become explorers in our Forest Schools lesson. We have been exploring the different types of trees in the school field and identifying trees and plants that grow fruit.

We are all looking forward to another exciting and inspiring week!







What an exciting and busy first week back, as our new class St. George! The children received a letter from Mrs D’Arcy explaining the whole school were going on a school trip to Bristol Aquarium to explore God’s creation. We had a fantastic time discovering different marine species in their habitat; we also listened to a coral reef talk where we saw a leopard shark! We had a wonderful first day back and are looking forward to deepening our learning in our new topic- Planet Earth.

A big thank you to the parent helpers who came and helped on the trip. Well done to Year 4 for representing St Joseph’s so well with their excellent behaviour.