2018-2019 Blog Posts

Thursday 11th July
Wow we are tired!! Today we had a very enjoyable walk to Woodchester Mansion. The children behaved perfectly and listened to the best of their ability when walking along the road. Once at the mansion we meet up with Georgia who we spent the morning with. We went on a minibeast hunt, played a worm game, listened to a Percy the Park Keeper story and then built shelters for the animals in the woods.
Before we headed back to school we had our lunch and a little play at the mansion. We had a fantastic day and I'm sure we all slept well after our walk!
Tuesday 9th July
What a fantastic day we had at Wild Place. We began with a workshop taught by Paige and Rosie who took us minibeast hunting. We found butterflies, ladybirds, spiders, spider eggs, and many more minibeasts. We then explored Wild Place, seeing the giraffes, cheetahs, lemurs, zebras and many more animals. We were really excited to see the wolves but they were being shy and didn't want to come out today. We had a brilliant today and the whole class were impeccably well behaved. Well done Reception!
Wednesday 12th June
I spy a minibeast! What an exciting afternoon we have had. We explored the school grounds looking for minibeasts. We found worms, spiders, ants, slugs and many more minibeasts. We then came back into the classroom and drew pictures of the minibeasts that we found. 
Monday 21st May
Today we have been looking at symmetry (both sides are the same). We have made symmetrical butterflies and have explored the outdoor area to make symmetry. We have collected our own resources and then "made them the same" on both sides.
Tasting lettuce we grew in our outdoor area. 
Thursday 16th May 
What an exciting morning we had today! We were lucky enough to have a visit from our local PCSO Abbie. We were all very excited to have a visit from Abbie and were all on our best behaviour. Abbie talked to us about her job and how she visits schools and the elderly to make people feel safe. 
We asked Abbie lots of questions. One of the questions was "what is the radio for?" Abbie informed us that it is so she can hear other police officers across Gloucestershire so they can get in contact with her and she can also get in contact with them. Abbie showed us the camera she has attached to her vest so she is able to record peoples voices and different situations.

We were lucky enough to be shown around the police car and got to see the lights flashing and hear the siren, which was very noisy!!! 
Tuesday 14th May
What a treat we had this afternoon!! Rory, Megan and Tansy spent their afternoon developing a show. They were very excited and worked very hard to practise their show that they wanted to share it with the class. They set up seats and made us popcorn (grass and leaves). We were then asked to take our seats and prepare for the show. The three children were very confident showing off their handstands and cartwheels and we gave them a huge round of applause when it was finished.
Well done to Tansy, Megan and Rory for your imagination and confidence to stand up and perform your show!
Friday 3rd May
This morning in Forest Schools we looked at different leaves, flowers and plants that Chrissie brought in to show us. We then went on a little adventure to see what natural resources we could find. With these natural resources, we worked with a partner, and we made our own repeated patterns. Take a look at a beautiful repeated patterns below. 
Friday 3rd May
Thank you to all of the parents that attended our first 'stay and play' session. The children thoroughly enjoyed showing you all around the classroom, their books and playing with you. Your children behaved amazingly and were a credit to you all! Due to the success of the first session we will hold monthly stay and play sessions. Keep a look out for a next 'stay and play'!
Monday 29th April
Today we went on a walk around the school grounds to look for signs of New Life. We have been learning about the Easter story and how Jesus died on the cross for us. We looked at why we have eggs at Easter and learnt that they are to represent new life. We then discussed what new life we see at Easter, we were able to identify chicks, bunnies, flowers and lambs.
During our walk around the school grounds we noticed flowers growing and the leaves and grass. We could hear birds in the trees. We used the Ipad to take photos of the new life that we identified and didn't want to pick and kill and we collected new life that was on the ground to put onto our prayer table. We were very considerate to the new life that was growing.  
Wednesday 1st May 
This afternoon we had a letter from Supertato asking us if we could help make him a new cape. We all agreed that we could help so we set off to work. We thought about what we could put on the new cape, we also decided that we couldn't stick too much on because of his superspeed the bits might fall off. Some of us added string to the top of our cape so we could tie them up.
We loved our capes so much we kept them on all afternoon and even completed our daily mile as Supertato and displayed his superspeed whilst running! 
Take a look below at our fantastic capes. 
Tuesday 2nd April 
Yummy!!!! As we are coming towards Easter we made chocolate Easter nests. We worked in small groups to measure out the ingredients and think about what we needed to do next. We took turns at mixing the chocolate into the shredded wheat. We tasted shredded wheat and chocolate eggs along the way, do not worry these did not go in the mixture! Before we added the final touch of chocolate eggs we counted how many eggs there were in each bag and shared them out equally with the children on our table. We hope you enjoyed our cakes! 
Monday 1st April
This week in phonics we are recapping the trigraphs EAR AIR URE and learning ER. Please help us to practise writing these sounds at home. 
Monday 1st April
Today we made our first Easter gardens. We learnt how Jesus died on the cross and was then buried in the tomb and how he died for us. We then thought about how we could show this story and thought about new life and what it means. We knew that flowers, birds, and baby animals show signs of new life. 
We then worked in our house teams to make Easter gardens. We had a cross because "Jesus died on the cross", "flowers and feathers are new life", "the grass growing is new." Charlie thought carefully about how we could show the tomb and decided to use a small flower pot. Theo wanted to make the tomb soft with grass so Jesus would have been comfortable. Please take a look at our beautiful Easter gardens below. 
Tuesday 26th March
Today we have spent the afternoon being farmers! We have planted cucumber, beetroot, onions, potatoes, squash, courgette and lettuce. Once the seeds we planted we watered the soil to help our seeds to grow. Please keep a look out in our garden to see when our crop starts to grow!
We have also been getting very excited as the bulbs we planted before Christmas have now started to sprout and are beginning to open. We can't wait to see the array of colours that the flowers will bring to our garden! 
Monday 11th March
This week in phonics we are learning the trigraphs (three letters that make one sound) EAR AIR URE. Please help use to look out for these sounds in the environment. 
Friday 8th March
REACH FRIDAY!!! This morning we were back in our woodwork and outdoor learning groups. The children in woodwork worked with screws and screwdrivers and hammers and nails. We all made sure we had our listening ears on and worked with great determination to develop our skills with the hammers and screwdrivers. We all produced a fantastic piece of work and shared our work with the rest of the class. We made 'race tracks', 'a double decker house', 'a slide', and many more fantastic pieces of work.
Keep a look out for our woodwork as we continue to learn new skills.
Thursday 7th March
As we are all aware today is World Book Day. We thoroughly enjoyed coming to school dressed as our favourite Julia Donaldson character. We had a very exciting workshop with Sarah where we pretended to be Stickman, doing big and small movements. We then made our own stickmen that all looked fantastic. Thank you to Sarah for coming in. 
In the afternoon we listened to the story of Stickman and discussed how we thought stickman might have been feeling throughout the story and the different things he may have said on his adventure. We then thought like Stickman and wrote our own speech bubbles.
What a fun and exciting day we had!
Tuesday 5th March
Water, water and more water! Today we spent the day filling bottles, jugs, cups and mugs. We explored full, empty and half full. We had lots of fun playing and exploring in the water tray and sand pit.
Monday 4th March
To infinity and beyond!!! Today we were introduced to the topic of space. We started by looking at the names of the planets and what they looked like. We then worked together to use papier mache to create our own planets. We are going to spend tomorrow painting the planets and look forward to you seeing them at Parent's Evening next week.
Tuesday 26th February
We have been very busy this morning doing lots and lots of weighing!! We have been finding objects in the classroom and exploring the balance scales to see which objects are heavy and which objects are light. We had weighing scales in the mud kitchen which we've been using the weigh our ingredients for our mud pies. We then explored the homemade balance scales outside and what a lovely day we had to do this in. We have been working very hard finding heavy and light objects.
Monday 25th February 
Welcome back to the new term. I hope you all had a lovely and restful half term.
This week in phonics we are learning the sounds and actions OW OI UR. Please help us to look out for these sounds in the environment. 
Just a few reminders:
PE will be on a Wednesday this term. 
Please continue daily reading with your child at home.
Our topic for the coming few weeks will be space with a focus on the story 'Whatever Next'
Wednesday 13th February 
This morning we were learning about baptism. We took a trip over to the church to learn about the font and shell. We all had a look inside of the font and sat beautifully listening to why we are baptised. Orla was able to tell us that our godparents are "special people that look after us". Charlotte told us that we are baptised so we can be "part of the church". 
Wednesday 6th February
Today we continued with our theme of Chinese New Year. We each had a turn at tasting different Chinese foods. We tried chicken chow mein, egg fried rice, vegetable spring rolls and prawn crackers. We then had to decided if we like the foods but drawing a happy, sad or unsure face. We had great fun tasting the foods and we were all very brave when trying new foods that we haven't had before.
As you can see below it was yummy!!!!
Tuesday 5th February
Happy New Year!! Today it is Chinese New Year. The children enjoyed a delicious Chinese themed lunch and then this afternoon we learnt how the Chinese celebrate new year. We learnt that they clean their houses and then decorate their houses with lanterns. We all made our own lanterns. We decorated the lanterns with glitters and colours of red, yellow and orange - these were the colours that we noticed that the new years celebrations used. We also learnt that red means 'lucky'. We then had to listen very carefully to the instructions to cut the lantern, which was a little bit tricky but we did a fantastic job.
Take a look at the lanterns that we produced below.
Monday 4th February
This week in phonics we are learning the sounds and actions AR OR IGH UR. Please help us to look for these sounds in the environment.
Monday 28th January
This week in phonics we are learning the sounds and actions OA AR OR IGH. Please help us to look for these sounds in the environment.
Friday 25th January
We are on Reach Friday again. Today we took part in their Reach Friday activities, with half going outside for outdoor learning and the other half staying indoors to complete their woodwork. 
During outdoor learning we listening to the story of Stickman and made our own stick houses. We collected sticks and leaves and used string to tie our houses together. It took a lot of resilience and patience but we all kept going and produced some fantastic houses! 
During woodwork we continued to practise using the hand drill. We all concentrated and showed great strength when making the holes in the wood. We also used the sand paper to ensure the wood we were using was nice and smooth, so we did not get any splinters. This week we were introduced to hard wood. We used the screwdrivers and screws to screw into the hard wood. It was a lot trickier than the bolsa wood but we showed determination to get the screws into the wood.
Take a look below at the pieces of work that we produced in woodwork this week. These are also on display in our classroom. 
Tuesday 22nd January 2019
Land Ahoy!!!!!
What an exciting day we had today! All of the children came to school dressed as pirates. We began the day by showing our costumes to our friends by going on a parade around the school hall, we were all very impressed and amazed with each others costumes. We then started the day with a letter from the pirates in a bottle explaining that they would like to see our fantastic writing. So we set to work and wrote our own letters in bottles and left them hanging up for the pirates to collect.
After our busy morning writing letters we made out own pirate ships. We received another letter from the pirates who explained it can be a little bit boring on the ship when they aren't sailing so they wanted us to make them toy ships to play with. We all accepted the challenge and set to work on the ships for the pirates. We were very creative and worked extremely hard on the pirate ships, they are currently on display outside of our classroom. Please take a look the next time you are in school.
After our lunch we were given a challenge of completing a treasure hunt. We were split into two teams and it was a race to complete our hunt and make it back to the classroom to find the treasure. We all worked very hard within our teams and took turns to read the clues around school. We showed cooperation and team work to make it back to the treasure chest. Inside the treasure chest was gold, lots and lots of gold!!!
We finished the day by reading a pirate story. We all had an exciting and fun day!!
Monday 21st January
This week in phonics we are learning the sounds and actions AI EE OO (short - as in 'cook') OO (long - as in 'moon'). Please help us to look for these sounds in the environment.
Friday 18th January
We are getting so good at woodwork! We began today by sanding our pieces of wood to make sure the edges were smooth so we did not get any splinters. Some of us continued to practise with the screwdriver and moved onto attaching a bottle top to the piece of wood with a screw. Take a look below to see our finished products!
This week we were introduced to a new tool, the hand drill. We are now able to safely and correctly use a hammer and screwdriver so moved onto the hand drill. We took turns at tightly holding the drill to drill a hole into the piece of wood. It was a very strong piece of wood and tricky at times but we were very resilient and kept going.
Keep a look out to see what tools we are introduced to next!!
Friday 18th January 
Stick Man, oh Stick Man beware of Reception! This morning in outdoor learning we listened to the story of Stickman. We then went on an adventure to find suitable sticks to make our own Stick Man. We then worked with resilience and determination to tie the sticks together. Some of us found it a bit easier to use elastic bands to tie our Stick Man together. We felt very proud of our completed Stick Man.
Please take a look through our hard work!
Keep a look out for our woodwork photos to see what we have been making in woodwork this week.
Friday 11th January
What a busy and hands on Friday we have had! We were introduced to our first REACH Friday and thoroughly enjoyed it.
Half of us spent the time outdoor listening to the story Stickman and then learning how to safely use sticks, ensuring we are carrying them with either two hands on each end or with one hand and pointing down to the floor.
The other half spent the time doing woodwork. At the beginning of the session we all had a go at using sand paper as our wood was a bit rough on the edges and we didn't want to get any splinters. As we have got very good at controlling and using the hammers we were introduced to the screwdriver and how to safely use it. We learnt how we have to ensure we are always concentrating at looking at the piece of work that we are working on and we also learnt how to hold and use the screwdriver. 
Keep an eye on our blog to see what skills we are learning over the next few weeks.
Wednesday 9th January 
Today we have been learning about part and whole. We were introduce to the 'whole object' and know that it is whole if all of the pieces are there. We were then introduced to 'part' and know that it is part if there are pieces missing. We enjoyed learning about part and whole through fruit. Then we were given the opportunity to explore part and whole by cutting up our own pieces of fruit. Please take a look at the photos below that show us carefully fruit the whole fruit into smaller parts.
Once we had cut the pieces of fruit we then had the opportunity to sort the fruits and pictures of fruits into part and whole. We did a brilliant job!!
Please take the time to question us at home so we can show you how good we are at knowing the differences between part and whole.
Tuesday 8th January
What muddy hands we have!! We spent this afternoon learning what plants need to grow and then had a go at planting our own bulbs so we can grow daffodils and tulips. We worked together to line up the string so we have a straight line of flowers. We then planted our bulb and watered them to help them on their growing journey.
After we planted our bulbs we were a little bit worried that other classes might come along and dig them up, so we decided to make signs to stop other children from digging our bulbs. We hung the 'do not dig' signs around the planting bed. James and Jed decided to write 'do not dig' and a big cross (so the other children will know to stop) on the floor in chalk to ensure nobody would dig up our bulbs.
We now have to make sure we get enough sunlight and remember to water our bulbs and they will begin and continue to grow just like us!!
Monday 7th January
Happy New Year!  Welcome back to the spring term. We hope you had a lovely Christmas and New Year.
This week in phonics we are learning the sounds and actions CH TH NG. Please help us to look for these sounds out in the environment.
Thursday 3rd January 
Please take a look at the Literacy Learning in Partnership booklet that has been attached, your child will also received a copy in their bookbag next week. The booklet has ideas and activities for you to do with your child at home to develop their reading and writing. It also has ways to develop your child's gross and fine motor skills which are fundamental in the development of early writing. 
Monday 10th December
This week in phonics we are learning the sounds and actions Y Z ZZ QU. Please help us to look for these sounds out in the environment.
Friday 30th November
St Mary's Class would like to say a huge thank you to the Reid Family for donating their building station to our class. We have had lots of fun building and making sleighs for Santa on it.
Tuesday 27th November - Road Safety Week
Look at us go!!! We were all very excited this morning, arriving into school on our scooters and couldn't wait to get going on them. Before we went out on our scooters we learnt how to safely cross the road, we learnt to 'stop, look, listen and think'. This is very important because we want to make sure we are safe when we are out and about with our families. 
Although the rain was not on our side today half of us ventured out and battled the weather! We took turns driving down the road that we drew onto the playground and using the 4 key words that we learnt to cross the road. We all managed to cross the road safely!!
Please keep a look out for the photos of the rest of us learning how to safely cross the road.
Monday 26th November
This week in phonics we will be learning the sounds and actions j v w x. Please take a look out for these sounds when out and about during the week ahead.
Friday 23rd November 
What an exciting morning we had in Reception this morning! We began the day by looking at photographs of dinosaur fossils and discussed what we thought fossils were. Samuel was able to say that they are "made from rocks". After looking through the photographs we set to work to make our own dinosaur fossils.
As we were using food supplies we had to make sure we washed our hands, Sidney told us all "so we don't get germs and get poorly tummies", we then rolled our sleeves up and got work! We all listened carefully to the instructions given to us by the grownups and added flour, salt, water, and coffee to our mixing bowls. We all took it in turns to mix up the ingredients and then worked on our own fossil. After the dinosaur was printed into the mixture we passed them over to our adults who very carefully put them into the oven. We weren't allowed to put them in the oven because it was too hot so we had to make sure we were all safe!
20 minutes went by and the oven went "ping". We knew then that our fossils were ready!! Please take a look below at the fantastic fossils that we created. We were so proud of ourselves!!
Wednesday 21st November 2018
We are getting so good at measuring!!  This morning we spent the morning looking at measurement. We were measuring the length of objects in the class by seeing how many unifix long they were. Megan found out, "the book is 15 unifix long" and Tansy found out, "the pen is 7 unifix long".
Some of us were finding objects that were taller and smaller than the piece of paper that we were given. When asked Charlie found out that the dinosaur was smaller than his piece of paper. He was then asked to find something bigger than his piece of paper. He responded with "that's easy peasy, I am bigger!" 
As we were enjoying measuring so much Miss McCarthy showed us how to draw around each other. So we took turns to lie on a piece of paper and draw around our friends. We labelled our life size cut out and took to work finding things around the classroom that we taller and smaller than us.
Please take a look at our pictures below to see the fun that we were having whilst measuring this morning. 
Tuesday 13th November
So today we were introduced to woodwork. We were all very excited and couldn't wait to get our hands onto the tools. Some of us explained how our grandparents and parents had these tools at home. We first discussed the safely instructions involved with using the tools and then went straight to work. We worked in small groups of two to learn how to hammer a nail into the wood. It took a lot on concentration and resilience to complete the piece of work.
Olivia completed her piece of woodwork and stated, "I am very proud of my work. Proud like peacock!"
Keep a look out for what tool we are being introduced to next!
Thursday 8th November 
Wow what a busy day we have had! We discovered early this morning that there was a problem in St Mary's Class, the marbles had gone missing and we only has 18 left. We were all very concerned as to how we would be rewarded for our fantastic learning and behaviour. Some of us decided to write letters to Mrs D'Arcy to ask if we could have more marbles in our classroom. But some of us didn't think this was sufficient enough.
After a long thought we decided to make posters for the missing marbles. We thought hard about what needed to go on our posters, a picture, the words 'missing marbles' and a telephone number in case anyone found the marbles. Once the poster were complete we stuck them up around the school to inform the other children of the problem that had occurred in Reception. Please take a look below at the missing posters that we produced.
If you have seen the missing marbles please can you return to St Mary's class so we can again be rewarded for our fantastic work and achievements. 
Thursday 4th October
St Mary's Class would like to say a huge thank you to the PTA for our new class camera. We were very excited this morning when Miss McCarthy showed us the camera. We then  spent the day taking photographs of each other and of our learning. Keep a look out for photographs of learning!! 
Wednesday 3rd October 
A big thank you to those parent's who attended our phonics evening. They were given an insight into the teaching of phonics and how we deliver it at St Joseph's. If you were unable to attend please take a look at the PowerPoint below.
Tuesday 25th September 
Wow we are tired!! We had our first PE lesson today which the children thoroughly enjoyed. They practised getting themselves dressed into their PE and then back into their school uniforms. We then went into the hall to practise balancing on different parts of our bodies, including one leg, two hands and one leg and on our tummies. Please look through our photographs to see our impressive balancing skills. 
Just a reminder PE will be every Wednesday from next week so please make sure all PE kits are in school. 
Monday 17th September 
What a busy day we have had in Reception today. The children completed their first full day and had a busy morning learning a new sound. We had our first phase 2 phonics session and the children thoroughly enjoyed learning the 's' sound, along with the action and a caption to help write the letter, 'slither down the snake'. We then went onto the playground and had a go at writing the 's' sound. Please take a look at our fantastic writing from this morning. Keep a look out for what sound we are learning next!!

Monday 10th September

What a fantastic start to the week we have had, with all the children coming in with smiles on their faces!

This week we will be continuing to explore the learning environment and understand the routines and expectations of the school day. We will be practising our counting and developing our fine motor skills whilst working with small objects. 

Much of our work in this early part of the year centres around personal, social and emotional development, as the children learn to listen to each other, work as a team, share and negotiate peacefully. 

This week we will be staying at school for our lunch and finishing at 1.30pm. We will escort the children onto the playground where they will wait their turn to go to their adult. We looking forward to enjoying our school lunch!