2018-2019 Blog Posts

Tuesday 16th July 2019
Something to think about.
A blog from the Eco Committee Class Rep, Beatrice.
We won't need the heating on because in the summer it is very hot. If you put the heating on in summer it's not looking after the environment. We have been talking about turning the heating off in our Eco Committee meetings.

Thursday 11th July 2019


Wow! What a day! So yesterday we received a letter explaining that tickets had been sent out to certain schools across the country who were running a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory topic this term and inviting the children to visit the chocolate factory. St Peter’s Class got some of those tickets and today we went! What a fun packed day it was. As you can imagine we saw lots of chocolate, learnt lots about chocolate, played with chocolate and ate lots of chocolate. The children have had a wonderful day and I’m sure, despite the chocolate they’ll be tired tonight!



Wednesday 3rd April 2019
This week the class have been Scientistslearning all about the different parts of plants and their functions. This was building on their knowledge from their Forest Schools lessons and the Gardening they've been doing with Mrs Busby. They particularly enjoyed learning about the life-cycle of a Bean plant and the stages involved from seed to flower. We were even able to watch a time-lapse video of a Bean seed growing into a plant.
We have also especially enjoyed our Forest Schools sessions. We've done a variety of exciting activities, including making out own birds nests for a chicken's egg, although our favourite was the task of building our own wind-powered cars out of cardboard, straws, wooden axels and bottle tops! The children really enjoyed this challenge, which ended with an inter-table competition of who's could travel the furthest. We're really looking forward to next term!
World Book Day 2019
Our theme in Key Stage 1 was to dress up as a character from a Julia Donaldson book; the children and staff certainly didn't disappoint! We had some witches from Room on the Broom, some Singing Mermaids, plenty of smart giants (including a really tall one), some Charlie Cooks, Tabby McTat, a monkey from Monkey Puzzle, some highway rats, princesses (but no wizards), foxes, a little old lady, a scarecrow, Stick Man, Zog and even Julia Donaldson.
We started the day off with a drama workshop from Sarah, based around the story The Smartest Giant in Town and the children thoroughly enjoyed it. Later on the children wrote a set of instructions explaining how to be the Smartest Giant in Town with our tallest giant, Mr Hall.
We've all had a really good day and it's been lovely to see the children dress up and share their books.
Tuesday 26th February 2019
Class trip to Woodchester Park. Wow what an amazing day we had! For a start we were so lucky with the weather. The children enjoyed a walk down to the mansion where we had a picnic lunch. After, Georgia from Teaching Trees met us and we had an amazing afternoon of games, orienteering, learning about wildlife corridors, habitats and even building things out of wood in the forest. We were having so much fun even the cows were intrigued! I'm sure there'll be some tired children tonight.
BIG THANK YOU to those parents who volunteered to help out, without you it wouldn't have happened. 
Thursday 7th February 2019
This afternoon we have been Researchers by doing our very own RSPB Big Schools' Birdwatch. Following the children making their own bird feeders in Forest Schools the class spent an afternoon last week planning out the investigation. We decided to use the classroom as our hide and where best to place the feeders. The children have had a great afternoon waiting, watching and identifying the birds. They've seen Crows, Robins, Wagtails, Magpies and Pheasants to name but a few. They've logged their findings and we will use this data to further deepen our learning this term. 
Thank you to those who help support this by letting the children borrow your binoculars. I hope the children have shared this with you and you get a chance to spot some of the birds around your homes. 
Thursday 17th January 2019
Today we have been Geographers, learning about physical features. We did fieldwork outside where we were identifying the physical features around our school grounds and local landscape. Why not see if the children can identify some physical features around your home landscape.
Monday 17th December 2018
So the children have continued to enjoy being Story Tellers and even been sharing stories with family, friends and their pets in all sorts of places! Thank you to all parents and carers for your continued support with our Readathon.  
Wednesday 5th December 2018
The children are thoroughly enjoying being Story Tellers. They have been super busy this week rehearsing our nativity where they will get the opportunity to be Story Tellers for all you parents and carers.
Don't forget to log your children's reading on their Readathon sponsor forms. Also if you get 5 minutes take a look at the fabulous Read For Good Kids Page, it has lots of fun activities to do and also counts as reading! Just follow this link Read for good kids.
Monday 19th November 2018
We are story tellers! In light of our new topic, the children today have learnt that we're going to be taking part in a Read for Good sponsored Readathon. The children are thoroughly enjoying our class book The Enormous Crocodile and learning about Stories of Fear in Literacy. So this is just another way to encourage a love of reading and all the benefits that come with that.
The children can read anything from their school books, home books, library books, recipes, instructions, newspapers, adverts, comics, cereal boxes, other packaging and any other form of text that you can encourage them to read counts.
What's more is that the children will be raising funds for children in hospital and more books for our school.  You can find out more at Read for Good and sponsor children by following this link Sponsor a child.
This is such a great way to motivate children to read for fun. I'm encouraging the children to bring in their favourite books and share these with the class. I know I certainly will be! I'm really grateful for your support with this and hope you enjoy your children being Story tellers too!
Mrs Mann
Thursday 8th November 2018
Wow what a lot we've been doing this week. We're now learning about Stories of Fear in Literacy and the children have learnt the story of the Three Little Pigs. We've been continuing with our programming work in Computing, developing our skills and use of Scratch. They have also learnt about simple grid references in Geography where they were able to read, locate and add objects on a simple map.
This afternoon the children were Scientists. Having learnt about habitats they developed their understanding of this into microhabitats. We went outside to find some microhabitats in order to study what creatures may live there and why.
Thursday 18th October 2018
WOW! What an amazing afternoon we've had at Woodchester Park. So after a walk down to the mansion we had a lovely picnic lunch in the sun. Then the children met Georgia from the Royal Forestry Society for our Teaching Trees session and have learnt and done so much. They have played lots of tree games, found living things in their natural habitats, learnt about different tree types, made a natural musical symphony, created art with natural things and so much more.
I hope they have enjoyed the afternoon as much as I have. They were a pleasure to take and I'm very grateful to all of the adult helpers who joined us aswell. I'm sure the children will be really tired tonight, they have literally walked miles! (I know I am!).
Mrs Mann
Thursday 11th October 2018
This week we have been busy preparing and rehearsing for our Harvest Liturgy assembly. Wow! What an amazing performance by St Peter's Class and all of Key Stage 1 today. I'm sure you'll agree that the children were wonderful and it was a pleasure to watch them shine in front of parents, grandparents and family today. I'm so incredibly proud of them all.  Well done St Peter's Class.
Mrs Mann
Thursday 4th October 2018
This week the children were #litterheroes.
After our Science learning in the first week of term identifying things that were alive, dead and never been alive, the children discovered a lot of the never been alive items were actually litter. So the class thought it would be a great idea to do a litter pick around the school grounds. The children watched some other people Keeping Britain Tidy and joined the campaign in and around our school grounds. 
First the children had to check the route using an aerial photo and learn how to use the litter grabbers safely. Then we were off outside to be #litterheroes. We were so shocked at the amount of litter, and other things, that we found that we even sent an email to Mrs D'Arcy!
Monday 1st October 2018
Today in Computing we have been programmers. The children have had a brief introduction to code. They used an online source to change the code and programme various changes on a website. You can have a go at home too by going to Barclays Code Playground .
Thursday 27th September
This week St Peter's have again been enjoying being Geographers using interactive compasses on the iPads and aerial photos. The children had to locate where they were on the map using fieldwork skills and their knowledge of the school grounds. Then using the interactive compasses, they had to locate which way North is and Pin the compass on the map facing the right direction.
So last week the children have been learning Basic Skills in Computing. They have learnt how to log on properly, open a Word document, edit it and save their work. Then then completed their final edits on their Topic covers and sent them to the printer ready to be stuck on their topic books.
What another fantastic week we've had here in St Peter's class. The children have been working really hard in maths and literacy. We've had the opportunity to be scientists, geographers and even artists with Ms Busby. 
Take a look at some of the fantastic clay work the children have been doing with Ms Busy. They have been exploring, playing and manipulating the clay into shapes and sea life creatures. Then they were rolling it into balls that are going to be Rosary beads.
Wow! What an amazing start to Year 2 in St Peter's class.
During registration we received a special letter from Mrs D'Arcy explaining about how we're all going to focus on being ambassadors for God's world and inviting us, and the rest of the school, to be Explorers for the day at Bristol Aquarium. What a fantastic day we had.  We got to explore the aquarium, see different fish from fresh water and sea water habitats all around the world.  We even got to watch the rays being fed!  A great stepping stone into our learning this term.