2018-2019 Blog Posts

Friday 3rd May 2019
This week we have been...
This week, we have started our new topic - Blast off! We started by looking at the story 'Whatever Next' which is about a bear who visits the moon in his cardboard box. Then, we started thinking about the History of space and some famous people who have visited the moon. Miss Jones showed us a picture of Neil Armstrong and we were able to identify the key features of an astronaut and what happened when he landed on the moon.
Did you know that he put an American flag on the moon?
We have really enjoyed the start of this topic and we are looking forward to learning more about space!
Friday 8th March 2019
This week we have been...
 'Young readers!'
Following our trip to the West Midlands Safari Park, we celebrated 'World Book Day' in Year 1 and came dressed as a character from a Julia Donaldson book. Sarah came in to do a 'Snail and the Whale' workshop which was brilliant fun! We did lots of warm up activities and finished off by making our own whales and snails. Take a look at our costumes and creations!
Friday 8th March 2019
This week we have been...
Wow! What an exciting week we have had! On Tuesday, Miss Jones took us to the West Midlands Safari Park. We got on the coach at 9am and it took so long to get there! We sang songs and played games on the coach all of the way there. When we arrived, Miss Jones got off the coach and went to talk to the lady to let her know we had arrived and what to do next. We quickly stretched our legs (we had been sitting for such a long time) and then got back on the coach to look around the animals. The coach driver said we had to look out for crocodiles in the ponds! It was so exciting looking at all of the animals. Toby said, "Did you know that you will only get one male lion in a pack full of female lions?" We saw cheetahs, wild dogs, rhinos, elephants, zebras, giraffes and so much more! When we got to the camels, Lottie started singing 'Big Caravan' from our Nativity which all of the children joined in with. We don't think Miss Jones was impressed as she thought the Nativity days were over! Even the coach driver was picking up the lyrics!
After a long drive, we eventually got off the coach and went to find our room to eat our lunch in. We sat with our friends and shared stories about the animals we had seen. Luckily, Tabitha had written down everything so we didn't forget anything.
After lunch, we went to look at the reptiles in the 'Reptile House'. We saw a HUGE crocodile and a very, very long python. Next, we went into the bat house. Miss Jones asked if we wanted to go in (some of us didn't) as the bats were flying freely around in there. It was a bit scary but we absolutely loved it! Some of the bats were just hanging upside down on a branch. Alex said, "How do they do that?!"
Before we knew it, it was 1.30pm. It was time for our surprise! Miss Jones took us to see a sea lion show! It was fabulous! We clapped the sea lions and they could even clap too (with a little encouragement). They showed us some really cool tricks and we clapped, cheered and joined in where we could. Luckily, Tabitha wrote down all of the key facts for us which will be really helpful with our learning next week. When it was finished, we had just enough time to go into the 'Ice Age' part and the 'Land of the Dinosaurs'. Miss Jones took a picture of us all outside the entrance and we gave her our scariest roars! I think we scared her! When we were walking around, we were amazed by the size of the dinosaurs and all of the noises they made. We were so brave that we didn't mind too much - phew! As we arrived at the end, a lady was holding a baby dinosaur in a box. Some of the children who were feeling super brave gave it a little stroke. It felt very strange.
Before we knew it, Miss Jones said it was time to get back on the coach and go home. We were having so much fun we didn't want to leave but couldn't wait to tell our mummies and daddies all about it when we got home. We think Miss Jones was expecting a quiet coach trip on the way home but she was wrong!
We had such a fabulous time at the safari park and we were each given a little map just in case we want to take our families there soon and show them all of the fun things we explored on our day out!
Friday 15th February 2019
This week we have been...
 'Designers, Mathematicians and Bug Hunters!!'
Designers - We have finished our moving pictures! After creating our sunset backgrounds, we used black paper to create a silhouette background. We then used black paper to create our 'animal' to move across our settings. It was really tricky cutting out the animals (and we needed a little bit of help) but we are so pleased with our finished products! They are proudly displayed outside our classroom so please take a look when you come to see Miss Jones for Parent's Evening. We can't wait to bring them home!
Mathematicians - In Maths this week we have been looking at measurement. Did you know, you can measure using all types of things including your feet and unifix cubes! After being set the challenge of putting the class in height order (see pictures below), we had so much fun measuring distances between different places in our classroom using our feet. We even measured each other using unifix! We had to count really carefully because there were a lot of unifix to count!
Bug Hunters - Finally, to finish off our exciting week at school, we went on a bug hunt during Forest Schools using important equipment. We had to work well as a team and each person had a special job during our hunt. Here are some of the comments Miss Jones picked up during our bug hunt:
Claude, "Look at my worm Miss Jones. My worm is making shapes."
Jacob, "I'm the worm collector."
Claude, "He's really good at finding worms."
Pippa and Tabitha, "Miss Jones? Did you know that a spider's web comes out of his bottom?" (Girls are in fits of giggles!)
Toby, "Can you help me move this log boys? This is a good hiding place for bugs."
Pippa, "Let's keep together girls."
Friday 1st February 2019
This week we have been...
Last week, Miss Jones asked us to bring in a picture book with moving parts. We were really excited to be able to share our picture books with our friends, exploring the moving parts and changing the way the pictures looked. Then, we started to design our own moving pictures, linked to our topic - 'The Lion King'. We couldn't wait to have Simba moving on our own picture and soon enough, we were able to make them. Have a look at the pictures below to see how we made our sunset backgrounds. Watch this space to see our finished products!
Friday 18th January 2019
This week we have been...
This week, we continued our 'Forest School' adventure by thinking about how we can improve the outdoor area to attract more wildlife to our school grounds. We started off by doing a questionnaire to see how 'Eco-friendly' we are (we are VERY eco-friendly!) and then went outside to start planning our area. Look below to see our plans for our school field!
Friday 11th January 2019
This week we have been...
Wow! What an exciting Friday! Today, we had our first Forest School session with Chrissie. We started off by talking about what we could see in the outside area and how we knew that it was winter. We closed our eyes and listened carefully to the sounds that we could hear. After that, we went on a ‘Winter Walk’, collecting things we could find of interest to discuss. We couldn’t believe how many different leaves and seeds we could find on the field! As we walked around the edge of the field, Chrissie described the different plants and spoke about them. We made sure we had our warm clothes on!
Monday 17th December 2018
This week we have been...
'Leaders in Faith'
What an exciting day! Now that the Nativity is over, Year 1 have been working hard to complete their Advent work in God Matters today. We started off by looking at the Christmas Story, making links to our own feelings of how we feel on a long journey. After retelling the story and writing sentences about it, we then moved on to thinking about how we can prepare during the time of Advent. We learnt all about the 'Christingle' and then made our own! It was very exciting and was very hard not to eat the sweets we were using to make them with! We hope you like them as much as we do.
Friday 7th December 2018
This week we have been...
WOW! What an incredibly busy few weeks. We have been working hard on our Nativity and have thoroughly enjoyed learning all of the new songs and dances. We are all very excited to perform in front of the whole school and our families next week - watch this space!
Friday 2nd November 2018 (Term 2, Week 1)
This week we have been...
We are very excited about doing cookery on a Friday this term! Today, half of the class (the other children will make them next week) made butterfly cakes using buttercream to decorate. We mixed the buttercream and used it for the top of our cakes. We must remember to wash our hands before cooking to get rid of any germs!
Miss Jones has also met with all of our mummies and daddies this week for a Parent's Evening. She told us that she was very proud of us all because we work very hard to 'BE THE BEST THAT WE CAN BE'.
Friday 5th October 2018 (Week 5)
This week we have been...
'Explorers and Geographers'
After writing our letters to Mrs D'Arcy to persuade her to let us go on our litter pick, we eventually went for our walk on Monday. We took our bin bags and 'litter pickers' out with us for a walk around the village. Together, we tidied the village by picking up all of the litter we could find. Most of the litter was outside the school so we are currently designing posters to raise awareness for the other children in the school!
Friday 28th September 2018 (Week 4)
This week we have been...
'Thinking about our Mental Health'
Today in our Friday session with Miss Jones, we started to discuss what it meant to be healthy and how this differs from having a healthy mind. We started by talking about times when we felt sad and times we felt worried, and we are beginning to understand that sometimes we have these feelings but don't necessarily know why. After that, we went in to the hall and practised some breathing techniques in our Yoga session. Did you know that if you breathe in a lot you can see the bean bag on your chest go up and down!
Friday 21st September 2018 (Week 3)
This week we have been...
This week, we had our first Music lesson in Year 1. We were shown a picture of a lady looking into a fish bowl and we had to imagine what she saw in her own aquarium by listening to the music carefully. When the music was loud and quick, we thought she could see big creatures such as sharks. When the music was slow and gentle, some of use thought that the lady could see smaller creatures such as fish.
We then responded to the music using our own movements. Some of use were fish and some of us were sea weed! When the music was quick we moved in and out of the sea weed quickly, then slowed down when the music did.
Lots of children asked for the music so they could listen to it at home, so here it is:
Aquarium by Saint-Saëns.
Friday 14th September 2018 (Week 2)
This week we have been...
'Writers' and 'Scientists'
What a busy week we have had in Year 1! We've worked really hard this week and have set a real example to our new Reception children in school. We started the week by writing letters to 'Greenpeace' asking for some more information about the different sea creatures we saw at the Bristol Aquarium. We were AMAZED that they actually replied to our letters and sent us all fact files for us to learn from. Using this information, we were then able to learn about the different animals, what they eat, where they live and whether they are carnivores, herbivores or omnivores. Miss Jones was blown away with our knowledge of these creatures and we thoroughly enjoyed learning new facts too.
Did you know?
'The longest animal in the sea is actually a jelly fish.' - We do!
Wednesday 5th September 2018 (Week 1)
Today we have been...
Wow! What a fantastic start to our new school year! As we arrived at school for our first day in Year 1, Miss Jones read us a letter from Mrs D'Arcy explaining that we are ambassadors of looking after God's creations, and that we need to go and explore God's creations by visiting the aquarium! We had so much fun - we even saw a small shark and an Octopus! After a busy day we can't wait to see what learning we will do throughout the term as a result of our school trip.