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Autumn Term 1

St. Teresa's Class Blog
Autumn Term 1
Week 1: WB 4.09.2023
Having settled into Year 5 life, we have delved straight into Music learning the song 'Livin' on a prayer' demonstrating our core value of confidence
Not only this, but we have blown Mrs. Hathaway away with our amazing writing in English showing how we REACH in everything we do! We loved seeing how happy Mrs. Hathaway was with our big writes demonstrating how much we already know; she couldn't stop smiling. We are definitely ticking the ACHIEVE box from our REACH values already.
We cannot wait to take on everything Year 5 has to offer. It is obvious we often get carried away with our learning and forget to take pictures; however, never fear we have a plan to help Mrs. Hathaway to capture all the fun and amazing learning we have and will get up to. 
Enjoy looking through a few pictures below, where we demonstrate how we aspire to REACH through everything we do.
Week 2: WB 11.9.2023
Our minds were blown this week, when we used the apparatus in our PE lesson. You can tell from our faces that we had lots of fun developing new skills. When it came to balancing and using our strength, it was clear we needed to draw on our REACH values to help us persevere and show resilience as we mastered different skills.
Furthermore we showed our Virtue of Love. In gardening, we helped to clear and nurture new life, whilst loving being outdoors taking in the fresh air. Take a look at our antics below!
Week 3: WB 18.09.2023
This week, we have loved creating our own fantasy stories based on the opening to Alice and Wonderland. Mrs. Hathaway loves to read our work out loud, bringing our writing to life. She inspired us to mirror how she brought some our our writing to life by getting us to read our stories to our table developing our prosody.
We were tasked with creating posters, that we used to go on a Co-Creator's March(climate protest). We went around the playground and field and then shared our motivating speeches based on our jobs as stewards of the earth with the class.
Channeling our Virtue of Love, we discussed what makes us special and unique. We talked about how each of us is important and has something to offer. We then linked this to the message from God that we are all made in his image and likeness
Take a look as us reading our own stories to each other below. There will be more photo's to follow....