The Sunday Times Top Primary Schools in UK 2023 We are delighted to have been awarded 7th best school in the South West Region and 138th Nationally.


Mental Health Week 2022

We have been talking about Mental Health at school. The children have completed lots of activities to explore what it means to them.  
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We explored personal growth and how to be strong - we used the strength that we can find in nature to imagine what it looks like...

We used this Story Script for Mindfulness to image how something grows 

Imagine you are a water lily floating peacefully on top of a pond’s gentle waters (Pause)

The water feels warm form the rays of the sun.

You feel very relaxed and comfortable (pause)

Notice the fragrance of the water lilies around you.

They are your friends (pause)

Notice how light you body feels (Pause)

At the same time, notice how strong your roots are.

Feel how firmly they are connected to the ground at the bottom of the pond.

These roots help you feel safe and secure (pause)

Take in the warm rays of the sun

Imagine your petals slowly open one by one (pause)

Take all the time you need to open your flower (pause)

With each petal that opens, warm golden sunlight floods in and fills your heart with love and joy (pause)

Feel how the suns’ light and warmth expand throughout all of your body (pause)

Take a moment and feel the golden light travel and expand –

From your head (pause)

To your arms (pause)

To your feet (Pause)

And your toes (pause)

Take a deep breath out, send –

Peace (pause)

Love (pause)

And light (pause)

From your heart to the people around you (pause)

And to someone who you know needs extra love today (pause)

Take a moment to notice how you feel (pause)

Know that you can always come back to this place (pause)

If your eyes are closed, you can open them when you are ready. Feeling fully alert, yet very relaxed.