The Sunday Times Top Primary Schools in UK 2023 We are delighted to have been awarded 7th best school in the South West Region and 138th Nationally.

Autumn Term 2022

Autumn Term in Year 2!
Our Key Stage 1 Nativity
Our Nativity this year was called 'Stable by Starlight'. It was about Mary and Joseph who asked the Innkeeper if there was any room at his inn. He said "No" but then, he had an idea. The Innkeeper asked Mary and Joseph if they have ever slept in a stable. This was where the baby Jesus was born.
Elizabeth - "I liked the Rat-a-tat song because I liked the actions. I was an angel and I had to say 'Good will to all.' "
James - "My favourite song was the king song. I liked it because I had a special dance on the stage. I also liked the tune."
Lucy - "I liked the last song, the one where you will find the baby. I really liked the tune and the actions."
Austin - "I liked the angel song because of the actions. I was a king and I said 'Has it gone behind the clouds?' "
Julia - "I liked the narrators because they were mice instead of narrators. I liked it because you could do your dance, then your words and also your actions. We had to pretend to clean our ears!"
Seth - "I liked the shepherd songs because the angels danced in the middle in a circle."
Making Advent Wreaths
What an exciting week in Year 2! Nativity rehearsals are in full swing and the whole school can hear our beautiful singing throughout the corridors! We've even managed to make Advent Wreaths for all of the classes in the school. They were beautiful. We hope you like them as much as we do!
Advent Retreat
We have started our journey through Advent with an Advent Retreat. For the first time in a long time (due to COVID), we were able to visit all of the classes in the school and take part in either a small activity or reflection. We are preparing our minds and hearts for the coming of Jesus.
Remembrance - Solidarity
We have been thinking about Remembrance this term and have been looking forward to our Remembrance reflection in the hall. To think about our neighbours in the community, two children took some paintings to a neighbouring house to display in the window. This was in preparation for the Remembrance service on Sunday.
Outdoor Learning - Investigating things that are living, not living and never been alive
We have been using the outdoor area to do as much outdoor learning as possible this term. We love being outside! One of our lessons was to explore the outdoor area to find things that are living, not living and never been alive. We used our whiteboards to record our results and share them with our friends. After that, we then came back into the classroom to use our findings and explain why we sorted them in that way using 'MRS GREN' (We've been learning about life processes in Science). Take a look at our photos to see what we found!
We have been very busy in Maths since starting in Year 2. In Maths this week, we have been comparing our numbers, using a 'crocodile mouth' to help us. The crocodile always eats the bigger numbers.
We have also been taking away using compensation. We have been taking away using a multiple of ten, then compensating our numbers. It was super tricky but we got there in the end!
Beatrix - "My favourite thing to do in Maths is to take away tens. I like doing it because it's really easy."
Amberlee - "My favourite thing in Maths is when we take away 9. We have to take away 10 first and then add a 1."
Austin - "I like adding tens. I like this because you only add the tens because the ones stay the same."
In Literacy this term, we have been substituting our Frost Unicorn. We changed the Frost Unicorn to a Summer Fox. Our Summer Fox had a tiny horn, a body like a dog and it was an amazing orange colour.
James - "I really like doing our Big Writes. My favourite Big Write was the Frost Unicorn because I got to change it to the Summer Dinosaur."
Elliot - "My favourite thing in Literacy is when we were retelling a biography of David Attenborough. David Attenborough was born in London the same year as the queen!"
Physical Education
We love Fridays in Year 2! PE has been great fun this term, especially as Stef and Ollie make us laugh every week. One of our favourite PE lessons was the circus games. We had games to improve our balancing, circus skills and team building. It was so much fun! Mrs Guoite has used some of these games in her multi-skills club because we really wanted to play them again!
Outdoor learning - Food chains
Another lesson we did outside was learning all about food chains. Following a lesson in Science, we had to order our food chains using the pictures as prompts, making sure that the arrows were facing the right way - we wouldn't want any leaves eating the caterpillars! After that, we made our own food chains using our whiteboards. This helped us to then go outside and use the natural materials in our outdoor learning environment to build our own food chains. We had great fun and even continued to make these into break time with our friends!
Design and Technology - Wheels and Axles
Our first DT project in Year 2 has been 'Wheels and Axles'. We were really inspired by our recent visitors from the circus, so we made a carriage for the equipment and animals, using wheels and axles. First of all, we had to design our carriage, ensuring that it meets all of the criteria for the intended audience. We than made and evaluated these, suggesting what went well and what we could improve next time.